Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...






Wow! Congrats :tada:


Baby Billionaire (Romcom Teen Fic)=362 (+68)

Mistress Honeycomb (Teen Fiction)=1019 (+88)

Girl Guy Theory (Short Story teen fic)=659 (+116)

Rich Dogs And Poor Cats=219 (+22)

Miss Winter Prett=438 (+25)

My Graphics book is now at 2.8K reads! It’s close to reaching 3K!


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


My new teen fic, My Messed Up Romeo, has 43 reads. I don’t think thats bad since i just published it two days ago!


That’s really good! Keep up the momentum.


Crystal Queer - 309
Ellie’s Adventure - 304


been a month since i last checked in…

‘Tonight, We Shine’ has 2068
‘Life Update’ has 51


Last Christmas: 4,430
Winter Wonderland: 30


Condom Fairy - 238


Princess In Hiding - 261

The Girl Next Door - 535


My interest is peaked LOL


Escaping from them - Currently 360


Painting Our World : 297 <3 :’)))


LOL Because of the title?


Mine only has 70 :grimacing: :grimacing:


My first complete story on wattpad, the Tumultuous Dana Clarke has 96,8k reads. My new one, twenty to nevada has 27reads :sweat_smile:


LOL yup. Definitely makes me question what it’s about.


Oof, well now that I’m uploading SAS again, thought I’d do an update: 1.71k

I feel like I’ve beeb growing very slowly compared to before and I’ve lost most of my readers :weary: It’s alright though, that’s karma for putting it on hold I guess. I just wanna finish uploading already and move on :joy: (even though I have to write a sequel for it, but that’ll come after a break)