Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


My books complete and it’s called Bad Reputation. It has 4,702 reads.


Ahhh thank you so much! If you do read it I hope you enjoy it!


What?? Now The Girl Next Door has 553 reads!!


The Perfect Snow has 1899. I expect this’ll pick up during the holidays as it’s a cozy winter story :slight_smile:


Crystal Queer - 374
Ellie’s Adventure - 307


Matt’s Divorce = 1972

17 parts posted so the next reader or two will bring it over the 2k mark.




I have almost 2k on Becoming Bad and 12k on Midnight! :heart_eyes:


tuesday & max has 610 reads and eleven months has 760!

almost a month later, tuesday & max has 1416 reads and eleven months has 974! :partying_face: :partying_face:


that’s awesome!


Congratulations! that’s amazing!!

Different Worlds = 15,933 reads. Grateful for everyone who’s read my novel :smile:


thank you – yours is awesome too, wow, well done! :heart_eyes:


Your title Tuesday and Max sounds interesting! I might give it a read :smile:


thank you so much!


Baby Billionaire (Romcom Teen Fic)=478 (+184)

Mistress Honeycomb (Teen Fiction)=1429 (+498) :partying_face:

Girl Guy Theory (Short Story teen fic)=693 (+105)

Rich Dogs And Poor Cats=259 (+62)

Miss Winter Prett=522 (+109)

They’ve grown SO much over the past 28 days. Also, My Graphics now has over 4.5K reads :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7

That’s awesome!!


The Girl Next Door finally hit 604 reads! I’m so happy and grateful for all of the reads!


Thanks :smiley:


I’m honestly on a bind with my reads.
My story, Dylan’s Infinite Journey to Find Himself has 280 reads, and half of it is probably from me. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong but I’ve been updating it so much. it actually has sixteen chapters already but the ittybitty readership is really bumming me out. :frowning:


Olivia & Ricky’s Odyssey to Rock Bottom is at a nice round 7600.

Last Thursday I got 350 reads in one day. That was completely crazy and not normal for me at all!