Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


I have 69 reads for my book but I don’t update it much or anything so I’m not exactly shocked by my low total.


Yeah, you really have to be on top of your updates to get reads.
I update every Friday, and have done so for over a year. + A sneak peek from the chapter goes up on Wednesday.
I believe I’ve placed on tags ranking lists because I keep a tight schedule and have done so for a crazy long time. And it is thanks to those rankings that I’ve gotten readers.


Well teaching, keeping the wife happy and real life in general tend to interrupt that kind of schedule. If only the assignments would grade themselves…


Haha, I hear ya.
A year ago, I found a house I wanted to buy. So I decided to sell my apartment (luckily it basically sold itself) and bought the house. Then I obviously had to move and all that jazz. It was chaos and I did go on a semi-hiatus, meaning I uploaded when I could, for the month I took over the house.


Did that this summer lol.


I only posted my new teen fiction story last week but I’ve been inactive for over a year so:

Break My Heart- 10 reads :grinning: (and at least 3 of them are me since annoyingly, whenever I respond to comments, another ‘read’ is added)

An old story of mine which I haven’t updated for a year has 133 reads and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay like that until I update again. But my focus is with BMH at the moment.


tuesday & max has 1416 reads and eleven months has 974!

so happy to say this, but since my last post, tuesday & max has reached 5.8k and eleven months has 1k! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


stick with it! i’m sure your readership will pick up soon! :blush:


That’s amazing well done! I saw tuesday and max the other day and added it to my library. Am looking forward to reading it :blush:


thank you so much - for the congrats, and for the library-add! i hope you enjoy it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have 2,19k on Becoming Bad and finally 12k on Midnight:heart_eyes:


Baby Billionaire (Romcom Teen Fic)=579 (+101)

Mistress Honeycomb (Teen Fiction)= 2094 (+665) :partying_face:

Girl Guy Theory (Short Story teen fic)=810 (+117)

Rich Dogs And Poor Cats=281 (+22)

Miss Winter Prett=587 (+65)

They’ve grown SO much over the past MONTH. Also, My Graphics now has over 7.2K reads


Twenty Three Years - 2,104 Reads

I haven’t updated Twenty Three Years in months (because of exams), and i don’t think I’m going to continue it. But I have a new teen fiction book I’m going to publish next week Friday :smile:


Crystal Queer - 535
Astral Adventures - 41
Ellie’s Adventure - 311


The Girl Next Door - 685 reads

And I published a new book, The Library Pact, which only has 4 reads. It just has the summary and the cast up, and I’ll probably publish the first chapter on winter break.


That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen - 2.9M


My danish YA novel “Se Mig” has 198k reads at the moment, which is pretty good considering there aren’t too many danish readers on Wattpad.
I want to either translate it or write a completely new story in english but I’m not sure my english is good enough.


Hello friends! :grinning:

Here are some of my numbers on Wattpad:

FYI, they are stories about fashion blogging:

Bonjour Girl: 86 K reads

Bonjour Girl, the sequel ( soon the be renamed Bonjour Shanghai); 1,6 K reads. :heart:


As of right now, the only story I have has 22 reads. I was expecting less honestly because I joined Wattpad two days ago! So I’m actually kinda excited haha.


Wow, congratulations and welcome to Wattpad! I wish you the best of luck on your writing journey :sparkles: