Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


Hey, congrats! I just joined some hours ago :'v do the reads come naturally? I have no idea how to explore on this platform


That hasn’t stopped native English speakers from writing trash. Give it a go. You can use websites like Grammerly to help you out and I’m sure the folks here will help you as well.


The Girl Next Door - 706

The Library Pact - 10

(I also haven’t published the first chapter for The Library Pact, so seeing 10 reads is super big for me)


but since my last post, tuesday & max has reached 5.8k and eleven months has 1k!

25 days later and tuesday & max has reached 10.8k and eleven months has 1.1k!

my poetry is clearly slowing down, bless it, but that’s okay. poetry is such a niche thing. :shrug:


My book, “Where Life Takes Us,” reached 67k reads a few days ago! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! You’re clearly doing something right (:


Almost at the 100k milestone! That’s huge!


Wow, I have already 2,5k on Becoming Bad (300 reads in one month? wow) and 13k on Midnight (1k in 28 days) I’m so grateful!


You don’t count lol. (just kidding) Wow, I wish I had this much. Congrats!!


Wattpad counts it XD Thanks!


I started my book, Life, Love And A Little Coffee, in May of last year and have 11.k reads on it, which is awesome. The first book I had on here took two years to hit that, so I’m extremely excited this one is getting so much of a response. A lot of the readers are very gracious with leaving comments as well, which is my favorite part.


I have – hold on – an unbelievable 98 reads on A Story Of Irene Rosier.
Who wants to be my 100th read? hehe


Wow!! Can’t deny I’m a bit jelly


i have 12 on my new story Burning Blue, but it’s only the introduction lol

the first chapter goes up tomorrow and i’m super excited


My serial fiction, “Beechwood” has 4,985 reads – just fifteen shy of 5k! But that’s only for the prologue and the first three chapters… I post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Excited to see if the momentum keeps up!


206 reads! I’m so happy, lol​:joy::joy:


Nice, you are getting there


My book, De-Hiraeth has 527reads! So far so good!


You are good, keep writing​:smile::smile:


Thank you!:blush: