Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


Thank you! I know, I’m really happy with the progress it’s making so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I’ve been working on it for a few years now and it was really slow in the beginning. I’m sure you’ll get there too soon as long as you stay dedicated to writing your book :relaxed::heartpulse:


You’re giving me hope!
p.s.: 4 days later I’m at 273. Yay! :smiley:


I just started my book Forgotten Love and it has 97 reads. I am so excited to start this journey and can not wait to see what it brings! :smile:


Best of luck to you.


Cake Toppers: 7555
Erin’s Mistakes: 746
Wedding Bells: 70 (Ironic that my series of three all start with 7 and are 3 different steps in the pyramid of numbers XD)

Leprechauns: 2102

Deer: 1264

The Christmas note: 567


Up a thousand reads since I last answered nine days ago!


91 reads for Red Light. I guess I should start chapter 7.


Eleutheromaniac is almost at 13,400 reads. I started writing it in 2017 and I just started updating again after a long hiatus.

His Last Hope is getting closer to 4 million reads every day – but I wish some of those numbers would bounce over to Eleutheromaniac as I plan on self publishing it in the future and want to get as much feedback as possible.


Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind is my first wattpad book. I started it January 3 of this year and is in 392 views. I guess it’s not so bad for someone who figured out wattpad existed a month ago… :slight_smile:


Mirror Me (Book 1): 1249 reads
Mirror Majestry (Book 2): 69 reads
The Mirrorbender Compendium: 26 reads
Algebra Flowers: 14 reads

I guess it’s not bad being that I’ve been here since september of 2018. Most of those might actually be of my own doing. Hope to get more reads this year that are not me clicking to edit my work.


His Beautiful Secret - 592

Protecting Olivia - 61

Hopefully, they will increase with time but for now, all I can do is pour my heart out and hope it connects. I do have to admit that it can get discouraging.


I’m up to 124 views. Yay…


25 days later and tuesday & max has reached 10.8k and eleven months has 1.1k!

24 days later still and tuesday & max has reached 15.3k and eleven months has 1.2k! so pleased that people are enjoying the story so far, it’s really motivating me to continue and get it finished!


keep pouring! people will find you :smiley:


I’m 72, Don’t worry there will be time when we as well shall bask into the sunlight. I’m sure of it. I-I;m s-sure of it:sob:


My current book, Fallen Angels, has hit 62k. I find there will be times it will be climbing in reads or the charts and then all of the sudden plateau.


Just update it on a regular basis and then comment on other people’s books and they usually return the favor.


I will!


My title is cliche but uhm

The Bad Boy And Me
Reads - 420