Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


19 days and 3 chapters later, Burning Blue is now on 73 reads


Yay, that is awesome! Congrats! :smile::heartbeat:


Update: 23 days later I’m at an unbelievable 875 reads which means my story has grown by 900% in just three weeks. HOW?!?!?! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:




So that’s how it works? Thanks for getting out of your way to advise me.


No problem. Good luck with your book.


That’s awesome!


My book is “Writings of a not so typical teenage girl” I think it has 100 reads atm


Thanks.Same to you:)


Congrats! :heartbeat:


Nice going!


Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind - 1,175 reads
Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story - 124 reads -> this one has been slower in getting views.


I just completed my first story wattpad. It did not get much views and I am already planning to give up.
Crimson Love:737 reads


Now, I have 3,2k reads on Becoming Bad (almost 800 reads in one month, wow) and 14k on Midnight (1k in one month as well) I’m very grateful because my books are growing fast and I can’t thank enough for all of this :star_struck:

Guys, remember reads take time. I’ve been on Wattpad for so long and just now I’m seeing some results on my stories. Keep going and don’t give up :wink:


Wow! Congrats :wink:


Incredible!! Congratulations and remember to keep going :relaxed:


That’s amazing!




No shame to admit I am sitting on 145 reads for my story lowlove, half of which I believe may be my own because I check every chapter a few times after I edit stuff lol.
It’s okay though. I know numbers aren’t all and patience is part of growth and all that stuff.


Congrats! And I love the positivity (: