Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


The Peacemaker- 218 views. But I’m sure most of those are me going back and editing and stuff. . . I have 37 “votes” over 13 chapters and I know that 13 of those are me voting on my own chapters since I found out I can do that. . . .


Chasing Forever Down - 293k reads

My two new ones:

With The Band - 196 reads
Cross Me Off Your List - 111 reads

A little less impressive as the first hahaha


I’m writing my first story right now: Venice Guy - 203 reads
(also a Marvel/Tom Holland story but I don’t know if that counts as a Teen Fiction story) Spiderman Before Homecoming - 15 (I just started on that one)


I’m up to 138 reads on Red Light…


24 days later still and tuesday & max has reached 15.3k and eleven months has 1.2k! so pleased that people are enjoying the story so far, it’s really motivating me to continue and get it finished!

month or so later, tuesday & max has reached 20.9k and eleven months has 1.4k! :partying_face:


142 on un-living :blush:


Well, 3 months later, I’m at 253. Slow progress is still progress I guess.


So I’m writing my first teen fiction book ever its called Letters To Mars and just posted it a couple of days ago and it already has 10 reads it only has one chapter up right now though.


I’m on 286 :joy:


Well done, that’s so good! Welcome to Teen Fiction haha!


Thanks so much :smile: I’m so excited to be stepping out of my comfort zone and start this new adventure .


No problem! Starting a new story is always so exciting, and I hope it goes well for you :smiley:


Last post, Dec 18 2.9M
Today, 3.7M (although, I’ve 14 parts away from a 200 part book :p)


currently, Girls Online has… 10 reads!! a new record!!!


Be Mine, Juliet: 5 reads. Bleh.


Oh my gosh I need to dig through and find my last post to see where I’m at…


Till Tomorrow Comes

last update - 2019-03-16

120 reads



The Girl Next Door - 752

The Library Pact - 34


Nice! Did you post the first chapter for The Library Pact?


Yeah, I’m slowly working on the second chapter but I also haven’t had the time.