Share stories that are just starting!

Share stories that are just starting and have a manageable amount to read to catch up.

Write down what is appealing to you about the story.
Your own or other peoples stories are both fine.

I only know english, so I’d like stories in english.

It’s a lot easier to follow ongoing things, so who knows, I might end up reading something I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

(Theres a lot of rules for these threads, so sorry if I missed one.)


Demon-Killing Sword

It’s got 15 parts up, but they’re 1k each, so it’s still a relatively short work. If I was putting it up by chapter, it would only have five parts. A dark/high fantasy about a journey to defeat the demon king. If you’re looking for fantasy, it might be your thing!

Blurb: A century ago, the demon king drowned the world in miasma. Demons everywhere went mad. Peaceful shopkeepers tore apart their human patrons. Child demons devoured their human friends. No longer could demons speak. They had become mad beasts intent upon killing.

With no other recourse, humankind retreated behind a wall and sent forth their strongest heroes, wielding the demon-killing sword. It was hoped that this sword could even slay the demon king, source of the miasma.

All was in vain. The heroes failed. The sword was lost. And so a hundred years pass, until a scrappy part-demon scavenger finds the ruins of the sword. With rabid demons beating at the walls, she sets out across the wasteland of a once-vibrant land to defeat the demon king and carve a new fate for all of humanity.
Part Journey to the West/Saiyuki, part Volsunga saga/Nibelungenlied.

If you like westerns or fantasy, then definitely check out by @thatCalamity. It’s not too long and it’s an excellent action-packed read.

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The Cursed Twins

There’s only the prologue for now if that’s ok? :slight_smile:

Summary: Twin Witches; one who wields the power of light and the other who possesses the power of darkness. A tradition of their coven arises when they are born and one of the twins has to be sacrificed, in order for the coven to grow stronger. When they turn 18, Alina and Adie run away to escape the curse that would soon befall them, if they don’t complete the ceremony.


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It’s done, but the whole book is less than 2K words :slight_smile:

An enthusiastic fetus, a rebellious hound, an android child for sale, ‘rain’ that brings Happiness, a game that claims to be the key to world peace… the connection?

Cavemen. Perhaps, humans have never left their Cave. Perhaps, Humanity is doomed to witness the same woes, the same horrors, not in a world of stones and bone spears, but of androids and artificial rain.

Filled with plot twists, this mostly-minute-long-reads collection explores the immutability of our nature. Through cross-section story pairs, it draws parallels between snapshots of the Past and Present (“Cavemen” section) and of the Future (“Androids” section).

And if you’re interested in a longer read:

Would you murder a man only to eat his flesh? Would you kill seven women to wear their skins?

Little Jane would do anything to go to Heaven when she dies. She never swore, never forgot her prayers, never spoke aloud, like any good Brimstoneburg girl, and never lied, not even to save her beloved sister.

Who would have thought that this timid girl, who feared God and mortals alike, would grow into a cannibalistic murderer who skins people alive for self-interest?

In this satirical metafiction, Jane’s self-proclaimed cynical confidant swears to tell only the truth about her brief, but vivid existence. Her story is not only about a descent into madness, but also a battle against class differences, racism, sexism, and social prejudices.

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My first book on here, just starting, and a quick, manageable read with only about 2000-3000 words per chapter! :wink: It is a werewolf story, so you may not like it, but it’s worth a try anyway.

New Blood

Averil Winther, a quiet, withdrawn teenage boy, wakes up in a hospital bed with IVs poking out of his arm and ugly scars all over his body. Strange details swim out of his memory about the dog attack that nearly killed him; the creature’s size, its lengthened paws, its upright posture. But he’s sure it’s just the trauma, right?

But on his first week out of the hospital, Averil’s mental state starts to transform. Once a meek-mannered kid, he’s now becoming more territorial over his personal space and belongings. At first he brushes it off as hormones, until his new behaviors start to become too difficult and too strange to ignore.

He wants to attack people who even mildly annoy him, he feels an inexplicable urge to give chase after the track team kids and tear them apart with his bare teeth. His senses are heightened, he feels a pull to the woods, he wants to get on all fours and roll in the mud and scream his heart out to the moon.

Averil discovers a whole new world underneath the pleasant veil of the safe suburban town he’s lived his whole life in- a world that he’s now a part of. And on top of that, he has to come to terms with his new primal urges to hunt, chase and kill. Who does he trust; his newfound pack-mates or the doctors?

A werewolf story focused on a more emotional, sincere, genuinely impactful version of wolf-hood. No romance here.

I’m working on many projects at once. I’ve got two series started.


This is book one but I just started writing book 2 of 7. I love creating my own creatures and fantasy worlds. I also started creating illustrations for my story and a map which is a lot of fun. And for funsies made spinoff books including a monster guidebook and a compendium of artifacts, people, legends, and beasts.

After a frightening incident leaves her family shaken, Hope Martinez promises her mother to never look at a mirror again.

Three years later, Hope stands between two worlds - the world of her mother, a contrived and constricted set of rules ignoring their family’s Hispanic heritage and abolishing all things reflective from the home, and the world of her abuelita, which is said to contain a mysterious power that members of the family are fated to discover.

When high school bullying and peer pressure start pushing Hope’s limits, she finds no other choice but to gain normalcy and break her mother’s promise. She soon discovers a hidden magical world beyond her reflection, one filled with strange beasts, enchanted cities, and flying walnuts. Why would such a wonderful place be kept from her? The reason - Hope’s family has a terrible destiny waiting to be unleashed.

Link: Mirror Me (Book 1)
Mirror Majesty (Book 2)
A Mirrorbender’s Fieldguide to Monsters
The Mirrorbender Compendium

Then I have my comedy murder mystery series involving a nun who loves to dig up trouble. She is a blast of a character to write about. Just finished book one and starting on book 2.


Merry Sister Mary is the world’s most happy-go-lucky nun, and where the nuns are concerned, possibly the worst. She has none of the qualities reserved for a traditional lady of the cloth: a fear of water, an odd relationship with an umbrella, and no talent in teaching or nursing, yet Sister Mary believes she has a special God given power, laughter. Such a belief has led her to be kicked out of her convent in Chicago for accidentally flashing a group of churchgoers and deemed in desperate need of reform. She is sent on a bus to a stricter convent in New Orleans, Louisiana, but in a drama fueled twist, God has different plans for the joyous nun. She is to solve a murder.

Link: Merry Sister Mary: And the One and Only Killer
Merry Sister Mary: Two Can Play That Game

Lastly I have my young reader scifi adventure book. I modeled it off of James and the Giant Peach and a Wrinkle in Time with an Aladdin twist.


Eddie Eversby is an orphan after her astronaut parents are killed during a failed launch to space. Now living with her cruel aunts who enjoy making her do pointless chores and serve them like a maid, Eddie finds her greatest joy to be with her friends making claymation videos. She thinks her life will be forever miserable until a small meteor crashes into her room.

The glowing rock is the heart of a star and the essence of a wish. Coveted by the creatures of the universe, wishes are good money on the black market. A strange man appears attempting to bargain for Eddie’s wish in exchange for an intergalactic adventure. As the two discover the beauty of the cosmos, an evil djinn sets his sights on Eddie. She learns that when the greatest star chooses a young girl from Earth to have the most powerful wish, the whole universe is bound to take notice.

Link: Eddie on the Edge of Everything

My story is a teen fiction romance. I hope you enjoy it. I have quite a few chapters out but it is still relatively new and ongoing. :relaxed:

Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you.”

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved


Enjoy! I appreciate your support!

I also recommend If Only by @TheKalopsia, Inning of Love by @anonymouss18 , and Wielders: Protectors of the Realms by @ChloeShepherd810


Nathan, Tiffany, and Anthony are only teenagers, the only thing they should have to worry about is school and not if their friend is dead or alive. It’s been months since their friend Crystal Sanchez disappeared, and the three teens have been struggling to take control of their lives. One day, Tiffany discovers something that turns their world upside down. Little do they know danger is lurking nearby.

There are currently five chapters.

I just have published two chapters each one with 1k
It’s a revenge story, but unlike others I tried to not make the MC a crazy guy who thinks of himself as the superior person, but instead he knows that his actions are wrong and keeps a moral code

Abyss King
Long ago there used to be a hero named Max, he was famous in all the world and his name was a symbol of justice, but one day, he was betrayed by his friends, and thrown into the abyss, a dimension full of darkness and monsters, 4 years later, he is back, and seeks nothing more than revenge


I just posted part three of the story today! It’s an urban fantasy story with angels, demons, vampires, and werewolves.

Being a half angel isn’t a walk in the park when you can sense everything and see everything bad that is to come. It especially doesn’t help when Maria’s closest ally is a vampire, something she was taught to fear, yet her every intuition keeps screaming at her to trust him

Maria starts having visions she can only assume are a glimpse into what is to come, giving her a dreadful feeling that it isn’t just her life that is in danger. Everyone is in danger, and if the visions can’t be solved, everything as she knows it will come to an end.


On the edge of achieving fame, rock musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story:

Thank you for reading. Enjoy.

Hi! I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my fairly new story. It just started and I really hope I could get it out to the community.

Here’s a quick blurb:
How dangerous can prey be?

Sent to assassinate King Merlin, Jiyu was walking straight into the lair of the most powerful hunter. She was doomed to die, but for a vicious reason, King Merlin spared her. Instead he seized the chance to make her a living tool under his command.

War raged in the shadow yonder, children mysteriously disappeared from the land and trains after trains of coincidencial occurrences took place all at once. Jiyu knew that the only way to stop the chaos was for the prey and the hunter to finally join hands.

But, there was not a chance they could work together. Not unless Jiyu managed to tame the untamable to bow before her.

Genre: Fantasy-Romance


I hope you’ll enjoy!

My story In the Dark is about to start. I’ll be releasing the first chapter on June 17th, and when posted, it’ll get two updates per week (once on Mondays and once on Fridays). It’s a murder mystery, too.

Asher Banning had great times with his parents and brother, Mason. But things stopped being wonderful after his mother died. Three years later, now in college, Asher does everything he can to move forward. That is, until, his best friend decides to use Asher’s old family vacation house as a reunion spot for all their friends.

His friends get together to help him not feel lonely for the holidays, but when they find some of their friends’ dead bodies, it all goes downhill and bump in the night. Asher’s curious mind wants to know what’s happening and most importantly, if someone is after them.

Bloodlust by @sarakbeeksma recently started. It currently has two chapters and it’s a fantasy novel.

In the dark-elf haven of Edhil, Toril Galanodel finds herself a murderer. Her attempt to protect herself and her illegitimate half-sister ended in bloodshed and jeopardized her family’s good name.

To remedy this, her father sends her away to a military camp in Hanol. However, even Toril’s simple military life becomes upended after her friend Mars, moves on to higher training, leaving Toril behind.

Now torn between a desire to find her friend, autonomy from her past mistake, and the chance to build a career, Toril has to choose her identity and path.

And determine if she exists only to kill.

And if you’re interested in historical fiction, you can check out Patience by @Davrielle. The story started in January, however, there are six chapters to catch up on.

The year is 1913. Nineteen year old Millie Gray has an opportunity of a lifetime-- to work in a wealthy household in London, England. She is ecstatic that she has the job, but she has a secret that no one must know about at any cost, or it could cost her the position. If that wasn’t bad enough, her new employers have so many rules and one of the rules is absolutely no romantic relationships. It means immediate dismissal without a reference upon discovery of any kind of romance. She seems content with this rule at first – until she begins falling for someone she should not. But when something tragedy strikes, Millie must make a choice between her desire and her family. It is a choice that will change her life, and the man she loves – forever.


Thank you so much for recommending Bloodlust!

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No problem! :blush:

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Read it at =>

From a piece of human waste, a boy is raised to be an elite killer - all for the sake of his padre. Padre is the man who saved his life, who gave him meaning. Padre is also the boss of the American-Italian mafia, one of the most wanted men during his time. As he grows older, Pinocchio, as he comes to be known, he must make a crucial decision. Fight as Padre’s puppet until his death…or cut off Padre’s strings.
A/N: Any violence or names in this book are fictional. I do not condone violence. It is merely to give the reader better ideas and experiences of the characters in this book.
Updates every Tuesday!

Thanks girl!! :heart:

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Thanks so much!! :heart::heart:

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Hi! I’m in the process of writing a medical fiction story that has mystery, adventure, love, and a whole lot of character development. I love stories with deep characters with intricate pasts and am especially partial to those with strong female leads. The story focuses on a doctor who takes on a research fellowship to solve a medical mystery. I’m going to try to update it as often as possible.

I have 5 chapters up right now and more in the works:

Would love to hear any feedback if you get a chance to try this out :smile:

Title: Dewdrops

Genre: General Fiction


A doctor who hates patients.

No other description suited Anthony Stanton better than that. Arriving at the esteemed Manifort Hospital, Anthony has only a single goal in mind: to complete his three-year research fellowship in the States and return as quickly as possible to England. However, as he steps into the lobby, little does he expect the adventure that awaits him, filled with heartbreak, unspeakable demons from his past, and a young girl, who will change his life.



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This is an original retelling of Star Wars set on Earth. It is filled with adventure and humor. Readers have told me how fun and entertaining it is. It really is a love letter to the franchise and sci-fi and fantasy.

Blurb:Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, lives a young man named Han Solo. With no real goal in life and working odd jobs around town just to get by, Han believes his existence will forever remain mundane and ordinary. However, when a spaceship crashes in the desert, Han will soon find his life become just a little more interesting…

Across The Stars is an original retelling of a classic story that has impacted pop culture for over 30 years.

Desiderium is not what it seems. At first, it looks to be like a romance but will slowly evolve into horror. The main character is a tragic villain who suffers from a Messiah complex. Readers will question if his motives and actions are justified after having to watch the same woman die over and over.

Blurb: Benjamin Peters has lived through many eras of history, including some of the worst outbreaks ever recorded. He has seen the plague come to reap the souls of thousands. Not just once, but twice. He has witnessed the illness brought forth by an industrialized world.

He has known a time when disease ran rampant and there was no hope for a cure.

But most of all, Benjamin has come to learn the art of killing. And it is all for the woman he was forced to watch die over and over; the woman he believes he is destined to save.