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This is technically the last paragraph I wrote, which was last night at 2 am

By the time Phoenix and Scathach got to the club, the place was packed. “Drinks are on you, just like you said they would be,” Phoenix said as people stopped to cast wary glances at them when they saw the silver symbols on their silky vests.


This is a bunch of little paragraphs… does that count?

Moving as fast as he could Falquin yanked his bedsheets off of him. What he saw made his skin go pale and his stomach turn inside out. His breath caught in his throat.

“No,” he whispered, looking back up at Tenlash. “Where is it?”

Tenlash bowed his head. “I am truly sorry.”

“No!” Falquin fought to get up, but didn’t have the strength. “Where is it? Give it back!”

“Falquin, calm down,” Tenlash said, rising halfway from his seat.

Shadows were dancing in front of his eyes, and he collapsed back onto his bed. The world was growing dark.

“No, no, no!” he moaned. Tenlash put his hand on Falquin’s chest as if he were still afraid he’d try to run off.

He was right, Falquin realized as he slid back into unconsciousness. It was too late. Impossible. Everything he’d hoped and dreamed of had just been shattered on the floor. The Red Falcon’s career brought to an abrupt and untimely end. Severed from reality. Severed…

Just like his leg.


GRAY COULDN’T FEEL the soreness in Indigo’s legs, like burning, aching gelatin. He couldn’t taste her dry tongue. He couldn’t smell the swampy air ahead of them–a mixture of moist earth, withering plants, noxious air, and animal carcasses in decay. With Indigo’s heavy eyelids drooping, gaze obscured by the dark of night and her long hair falling forward, he could barely even see.

So he listened.


Uhhhh… well, this is awkward.

Welcome to my fifth ever kiss scene

“Kiss me now,” she purred, and their lips were together again. Dunyasha’s hands were on her hip and her neck, and Aysel’s were buried in her soft, beautiful hair. She gasped as Dunyasha leaned forwards to leave a chain of kisses down her neck. Aysel let her head tilt back and smiled delightedly as Dunyasha opened her mouth and let her tongue trail softly across her skin.

I’m learning that when you write about a couple of the same gender, pronoun use becomes extra important because you need a way to tell them apart lol


““I’m also not a Lost Boy,” pointed out Beatrice. “And the pirates don’t know me as well, since I can’t fly.” Now that the matter of flying had been brought up, they began to wonder how they were going to get to the boat, and now that the pirates were acting so lax, they began to fear the absolute worst for Peter and Tink.”


Here is my last paragraph, and it’s likely that I will erase it as well as its chapter and the previous 3 because it’s a mess full of inconsistencies.

The immature features of Leïv’s face fades away, suddenly giving way to an expression that couldn’t be more serious as he turns his gaze to Virgo.

“Actually, now that I’m here, it turns out that I to have to talk to you, it’s pretty urgent.”

“Not today,” she replies curtly, “I’ve had enough visits for the day. Come back tomorrow, and maybe I’ll listen to you.”

“I think it’ll interest you.”

“Without wanting to disrespect you, I strongly doubt that anything coming from you can arouse my curiosity.”

“We bet?”

He pulls from one of his bracelets a thick piece of folded paper that was hidden there. He unfolds it before the eyes of his sisters, revealing a huge page with golden reflections, completely blank, and whose one of the sides, damaged, seems to suggest that it was torn from a book. But not just any: a memorial book, a special collection psychically related to an individual and his mind. A collection that only Panna, through her powers, has the opportunity to reveal. And if a page is torn off… It’s not a good sign.

“I would like to know why it was in my home,” Leïv says in a deep voice.

There’s indeed enough to wonder : the badge at the bottom of the page, whose green color is unveiled by the reflections of gilding in the sun, certainly can’t determine exactly who is concerned, but proves that its origin collection belongs to one of the three Earth Goddesses: Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.


Do you know what a paragraph is? :joy:

I’m not sure why the action is in italics, but overall I really like it. I love how the Earth Goddesses were named after zodiac signs. The emotion and mood is clear in the scene. Nice job :slight_smile:


Well, it’s part of the paragraph. It just seems longer here XD

The action is in italics because here it helps me to read better, since we can’t space more than one line. Otherwise I would just have spaced more between action and dialogue. The habits ^^

Thanks ^^ Actually there’s also the Leo God in this scene, and Panna is the Virgo Goddess.


Oh, I see. It’s Fantasy, I assume?


Yup !


But as I said, this paragraph will probably be erased. The simple fact that the torn page is still existing is an inconsistency, since it’s supposed to disappear when torn off.


Ah. Well, good luck then! :blush:


Thanks, it’ll be hard for sure XD


So you like zodiac stuff ?


Like the part where your zodiac sign dictates your personality and shit? I like reading 'em, but I’ve never believed in them.


I don’t really believe also, especially since I have a twin brother so everything that should correspond to me should correspond to him too (like “Capricorn spend money wisely”) and it’s not the case at all (I’m a thrifty, not him), but it’s funny X)


Yeah ik. Random question, what MBTI are you?






There was a faint red flash, and what remained of Arlen’s dark vision spell showed a spray of blood, so much blood, his blood, arcing through the air. His sight blurred. Even before he hit the floor, everything had already faded to black. But hey, it was every guy’s wish to be killed by a pretty girl, wasn’t it? I hope she was pretty.

…My MC is an idiot.