Share the last paragraph you wrote


I didn’t know what you were talking about so I had to make research. It’s more known as the 16 personalities test here, so I didn’t recognize your name X)

It’s INFP for me. You ?


INTP. Sorry for the late reply by the way!


It’s okay ^^


Regret, terror, it filled and shook her body, she wanted to scream but no sound came, her throat soar and dry. The other Grandmasters stood before her, Peyton’s face flared red with anger, an accusing finger pointed towards her, and then she shattered, she became shards of glass against the stone floor, the halls filled with water, and dark eyeholes observed itself through her, angry whispers rung in her ears; murderer, blood-traitor.

It’s just one of those days :woman_shrugging:


really? How come?


tied to a wooden pole? :smiley: made me crack a smile for some reason


I love it!


This is a really good description!


I like it!


Hahah yes she’s stuck to a pole in year 900 and some :slight_smile:


oMG… I really feel for the character, I like this!


I am so bad at writing kiss scenes, but I think this is a really good attempt! I read somewhere that to write an awesome kissing scene you have to incorporate the five sense: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste! I’ve been using this trick and my scenes have improved greatly!


I really like it and you should defiantly not delete your work! I keep it in a separate word document to go back to it and take what I like!
Also I think it is better if you take away the “Without wanting to disrespect you” because it will sound more powerful and imposing!


haha, i like how you’ve incorporated some humor into this!


i love it! it is so powerful


awesome, great incorporation of humor


My paragraph won’t be insanely interesting, but here goes.

I laid there for a while, not sure if my eyes were open or closed, when the bouncing returned. My tail once more lit up my small container, which had become even warmer. Muffled voices sounded outside, different than the ones in the room that had been my home for many years.


Actually I want Panna to be less imposing X) She’s actually naked in a bath with one of her sisters for a therapy to get rid of her anger and rancor against another, which is working very slowly. She’s used not to appreciate some of her siblings - including Leïv - so she has to try to be polite.


Thank you! :blush: And ooh, I never thought of taste! Weird tip, but I think a good one, because kisses do taste a certain way and vary depending on whom you’re kissing :joy: I’m going to try to incorporate that!!!


I do that too, but with this scene, it may be impossible since it exists only to introduce Leïv and the mystery of the torn memorial page he found and of its owner, which is actually impossible since this kind of page disappear when torn off.