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“Very well,” said Yara, “and what if anybody gets captured? What do we do then?”

“That’s what flash grenades are for,” replied Sareth, loading his Scar-L and fitting a 4x Scope to it. “Kill as many as possible, don’t have any mercy. These are not zombies that they’ll come at you shambling; these are humans, dangerous and deadly. They’re not killing you because they’re blind slaves to some virus; they’re killing you because they think it is fun.”


“Goff sent me.” was all he could say.
“That’s …the sorcerer?” The big one asked. He had furrowed his brow. His eyebrows were dark and bushy and angry. They knitted together now.

“It seems we’re complete then.” The scholar answered, smoothing over his collar.

“We’re all going to die.” The smiling man snorted. His hair was so light it could almost been white in the light of the rising two suns. “No offense.”

“None taken.” Garan Mirk agreed. And as they hopped on a cart filled with cabbage to start an epic journey, Garan Mirk wanted to speak a curse himself.

I mean, he’s not wrong.


Trying to transition from this one…

Xi sat down preparing to meditate before the battle, but the archer tapped him on the shoulder. “Psst, they are two days out at least. The land’s so flat here, you can see your dog two weeks after it ran away.” Clearly, he was destined to go into his first battle with the bloom of embarrassment painted on his cheeks. Afraid, he thought whistfully, can’t I just be afraid like everyone else?


I’ve done some more writing and now my last paragraph is:

“Suddenly the mellow and smooth sound of trumpets pierced the room and an eerie hush fell over the room. My father sat down next to my mother and the priest took his place. The trumpets were replaced by the traditional piano music, a sad and desperate tune supposed to portray the tragic love story of Fortuna and her lover Discrimine, the very first soulmates. It is said that when Fortuna was murdered her soul split and tried to merge with Discrimine’s, only their love proving too powerful broke his soul killing him too. Their souls then separated into millions of tiny pieces and have been creating soulmates ever since.”

Tell me what you think!


Here’s the last paragraph I wrote from my current WIP, about a boy about to be lost in the backcountry with a monster. His grandfather is warning him that something’s out there.

“It didn’t need to. I was trapped out there three days, unable to move. I heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and felt things that weren’t there. It had its fun with me. It ate my fear for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with several snacks to hold it over, and I willingly gave it everything I had. By the time they found me, I was a gibbering mess. I think it liked taunting me. Teasing me with death, but letting me suffer instead.” Bitterness crept into his voice and he pulled a flask out of his jacket, pouring it into his mug until it reached the lip. He took a long drink. “The only way it could have known your grandmother’s voice was to hear it. All those hikes she and I took in these mountains. It watched us and it remembered.” Using his cane, he rose to his feet, rubbing his hip with his free hand. “You come back to me safe, boy. We don’t owe these mountains anymore blood.”


This is the last paragraph of Chapter Three of my new WIP, The Alpha’s Flame. Slowly making more progress every day.

The woman that had carried me spoke up again. “It seems like my theory is correct. She’s alive.”


IDK what your story is about but that line would make me check it out! That’s a great piece of dialogue!


“Farmers, magistrates, shop keepers, priests, everyone… they all have to work together to keep society moving. We must all work together to keep Woodhearst thriving. The hunting ban that Mayor Terrin placed over Edirk Forest, you’re seeing first hand right now how it affects us. Every last person in Woodhearst. And every last person here is counting on us and people like us… farmers, to make sure that there is food on tables and commerce still running through the veins of the market. Should we fail in our part then Woodhearst’s taxes to Baron Harwood would be short and in turn that would affect the Baron’s taxes to King Theodorick.”

This monologue has been a long time in coming. It’s not perfect by any means yet but I feel like it’s a good foundation for something quite decent!


Someone appears to be not dead. Or not non-living. Who knows? :3

Thanks though <3


Seems like Woodhearst’s people are in a tricky situation


" Ihella , esir. Ihella, esir!" A woman chanted as candle light flickered and danced inside the tomb.

Laughter that sounded as beautiful as wind chimes danced around her tauntingly, a breeze ruffling the hood of her cloak. " Ihella, sevlesruo nosirp ruoy morf uoy pir nac ew dna tsenniht si elav eht nehw noom lluf eht litnu, ssertsim ruo, uoy ot ecifircas ot eunitnoc llahs ew, txen eht ro thgin siht esir tonnac ouy fi. Htgnerts uoy sevig ti sepoh ni, gnireffo ym tpecca!" She shouted as someone cut the throat of the man kneeling before the sarcophagus, hands and feet bound, eyes blindfolded and mouth gagged.

His blood poured out and into the carvings on the sarcophagus, the candles went out and everything around then shook violently.

If you cannot understand what is being said, just read backwards


Yes but now I’ll have to check out the rest of the story to see how that particular person ended up being not dead or not non-living to find out.


It’s a small town that’s main commerce revolves around farming and hunting in the nearby forest. The mayor put a ban on hunting because of something dangerous lurking in said forest.


Here’s the tail end of a fight scene I recently finished writing:

Charlotte lifted her sword one last time, ready to plunge it into Isabella’s face. The frightened Paladin lifted both hands up over her head to shield it from imminent doom. Instead, a loud, satisfying crunch of flesh and bone echoed around the mountainside as Charlotte instead plunged her sword into the woman’s belly. The howling screech of pain out of Isabella’s mouth as the sword pierced all the way through her torso was even more satisfying.


Huh, I don’t do mine like that :joy: I like it


Huh, come to think of it, I do feel like it’s somewhat clunkier and wordier than it should be. Oh well, I’d like to think it gets the imagery of the fight scene across anyway.


Ah, sadly, the story isn’t out there yet. I am either waiting until I have 10 chapters or I’m going to try and finish it.



Soon then! Hopefully!


Take another looks at the repetitions. You doubled up on ‘plunge’ and ‘instead’ in a very near proximity.


Yep! I was fairly embarrassed right after posting when I realized… I haven’t gotten to editing that part of my story yet. But, you know I don’t try hiding my mistakes and I’m sure at least a few people I’ve roasted in my review analysis service would like payback :slight_smile: