Share the title of your story and we'll try to guess what it's about!

It’s really easy: share your title and we’ll tell you what we think it’s about!

Please, be nice to fellow writers and always share what you think the previous title is about and leave your own title. Chatting is fine, but don’t forget the purpose of this thread!


I’ll start: Everything I Wanted to Say But Never Did

A girl who died and the person is reading their journal OR a girl who is reminiscing about a lost love.

The Definition of a Hero

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Someone who is learning that not all heroes are famous or have superpowers

The Girl with Golden Eyes

Someone who has a special power or ability that becomes obvious when their eyes glow gold?

Only the Twisted.


A feel-good story about people whose life doesn’t exactly go as planned, but they try to make the most of it (either friends or a romance)


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Sounds like a story where two neighbors get to know each other by talking over a wall, or a prisoner and a free man

How about my newest book, The Clockwork Negotiator

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Tough one! What about a man who’s in charge of time and is open to any requests, as long as you pay the price he asks (most of the time not money, but something the MC really not wants)


A boy named Elliot who probably faces some tragedy.

The Things We Kept

Sounds like the MC has a secret last with another MC and someone’s trying to find out what it is or the MC kept something they shouldn’t have and it’s causing a problem

Title: Taking down Queen Bee

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I think it’s a high-school drama about taking down the most popular girl in school.

Title: Dragon Bones

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I think it’s a high fantasy novel that entails searching for or discovering the ‘Dragon Bones.’ I assume it’s a legendary object or something that your protagonist direly needs. Maybe, it’s a mix of action and adventure too?

Among the Fallen

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Maybe a fantasy that has something to do with angels or demons.

Survived by Secrets


I think it is about someone who either has kept a lot of secrets and it helped her survive from something. or everyone has kept secrets from her in order to protect her?

Adina And The Fanged Beast

A story about a girl named Adina and a… fanged beast. Or perhaps an unruly person? This title doesn’t really have any other implications, so yeah.

Untellable Secrets

Silver: Target

It sounds like a love story about a girl with a deep dark past and a guy who seems super innocent but he has a deep dark past too.


I have no idea what ‘Aĉaĵego’ means. Maybe something about some type of monster? I could see that being the name of some supernatural creature.

Descent into Madness


Sounds like it might be about someone who goes through some sort of event that causes them to go crazy/insane


Fifty Shades of Gray except it ends with the girl telling the millionaire to screw off.

The Things We Kept