Share the title of your story and we'll try to guess what it's about!


Thank you! Wishing you luck on They Could Never Guess…getting major mystery vibes lol.


My Inner Thoughts


Hello! You are supposed to comment on the person above you and guess their plot. In this case, it’s They Could Never Guess by @dystopial


Something that has happened and its so secret that no one will guess what it is???

Mine is shadow murderer


Oh ok… But I think its about this one person that everyone loves but going towards the climate off the story this person can go on a really dark path of killing or self hate something like that. But they still put on this fake mask and plays to be ok and the same person like they always been. But its getting harder and harder


Interesting thread, here is one for ya guys.


Title: Caught In Between Two Blondes


Oh you are so close to the nose! Definitely witchy. Less bayou and more New York urban, but there’s definitely clan rivalry and a threat that, if not contained, will spill into the human and bring life as we know it to a planet-exploding end.


I’m not usually one for vampire stories, but this is genuinely intriguing. Also, your title is excellent! =D Reminds me of the thief clan in Scott Lynch’s novels The Gentleman Bastards.


Going to put a title out there

His False Identity


Seems like somebody’s living a double life, but their lies are starting to catch up with them.

In Search of Jericho


Someone or someplace called Jericho needs searching for?

What goes around comes around


Someone is getting revenge and it is best served cold… so someone is dying. XD

The City of Crows and Blood


It’s a city filled with killers and their fight against the law.

The First of Her Name


A new queen taking over in unusual circumstances

Twenty Questions


Characters who meet and fall in love by asking each other twenty questions throughout the story, like a game?

In the Dark.


Either horror, or someone is being excluded from some big secret that affects them in a major way.

Daughter of the Sea


Sounds like a siren book or the daughter of a sea god.

My title: A Mess of Mystery ((I feel like Ive talked about this one alot recently on here but oh well))


A murder mystery but everyone trying to solve it is incompetent.

By the Edge of the Sea


This made my day because thats exactly how Id describe it :joy: guess the title fits