Share the Wordcount for your fantasy novel or current WIP



First novels are always a pain in the butt! I remember mine well. Still have them on file. But I’ve a lot since then and now first books aren’t such a problem for me. What challenges me–sometimes–is breaking through that glass ceiling into new territory with future books (like my Demon Blade novel) and realizing that a lot has changed in the years since I began Book 1.

So I feel your pain on the typos and such. I spent a lot of time–on the side–doing “clean up” of my manuscripts because I hate a typo/mistake filled novel. So I edit as I go, and then go back and do some further touch ups.


Yeah, this is stuff I should have done a long time ago, my REAL first complete book, SoD (Survive or Die) is a little worse for wear than Legend book 1 (which I started the latter a little after the former)


I know that feeling all too well. lol


I have no idea the total word count of my story I save them all as separate docs. But I know I never publish anything unless it’s around 3.5 k words. So far the story is 49 chapters long.

does quick math

Okay so the rough estimate would be about 171.5K words…heh…

This is scary for me because I’m still in what I’d call the very beginning of the story Dx