Share the Wordcount for your fantasy novel or current WIP



First novels are always a pain in the butt! I remember mine well. Still have them on file. But I’ve a lot since then and now first books aren’t such a problem for me. What challenges me–sometimes–is breaking through that glass ceiling into new territory with future books (like my Demon Blade novel) and realizing that a lot has changed in the years since I began Book 1.

So I feel your pain on the typos and such. I spent a lot of time–on the side–doing “clean up” of my manuscripts because I hate a typo/mistake filled novel. So I edit as I go, and then go back and do some further touch ups.


Yeah, this is stuff I should have done a long time ago, my REAL first complete book, SoD (Survive or Die) is a little worse for wear than Legend book 1 (which I started the latter a little after the former)


I know that feeling all too well. lol


I have no idea the total word count of my story I save them all as separate docs. But I know I never publish anything unless it’s around 3.5 k words. So far the story is 49 chapters long.

does quick math

Okay so the rough estimate would be about 171.5K words…heh…

This is scary for me because I’m still in what I’d call the very beginning of the story Dx


So I just checked and mine is currently at 13,513 words. I’m usually someone who goes way way WAY over the acceptable word count for pretty much anything, so I’m pretty proud I managed to get as far into the story in these (comparably) few words as I did! Twilit Mage was at about 130k IIRC, which, according to all I’ve seen, is definitely too long for the genre.

(Which is why I’m so relieved to see everyone’s word counts are really flippin’ high. Whew.)


mine first draft is about 55,000 words at the moment and I’d say it’s 3/4 done. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo, so there are some scenes I skipped due to lack of inspiration, and there are some scenes that I know need to be added, so hopefully it’ll be a more decent length soon (I’m hoping to hit 75,000 since I know that’s more of a usual YA book length).


My draft is a little over 61,000 at the moment, but I’m editing it now so it’s probably going to be a bit longer. It’s sequel is at about 41,000 words and I’m about 3/4 done with it, maybe less


For my first ever book, I am still a high schooler, I did 170K words total (about 6K per chapter for 25 chapters,) I take pride in that as I’m only a junior and not a professional author. I think that is decent - I hope so.


Here’s an update to my word count. I just finished the epilogue for A Prince’s Errand and it clocked in at 325,732 words. Now to send it off to my editor to whittle it down.


My co-written project so far


I’m still editing the first book, this one,it is done. I’ve started books two and three and they are shaping up to be just as long. I just checked my progress on books 2 and 3 (they are being written simultaneously for reasons) They are both at an average of 35k.


Grazing the Sky is about 157,000 words :slight_smile: seven years of writing and about 18 years of development!


My final edit for Fogbound is coming in at just over 151,000 of Dystopian Steampunk Fantasy…

OK, Updated to 145,000 after third (and hopefully final) edit.


Does it count as Fantasy if it is categorized as Action but has magic in it? If so:

Ignore the notes, especially if you don’t like swearing


130,000 and barely started :slight_smile:
Kidding, I’m maybe 1/3 of the way through. I’ll probably hit 400,000 by the time I’m done the series, which I call a series but which is really just the chronological arcs of one epic book.

Edit: And the 130,000 is already draft five (and a 40% reduction from draft two), so a large chunk of my editing is already done!


Jesus, man! over how long?! i do something like 3000 a week and I’m 27,350 for Holy Blight ATM and its stressing me ALL THE WAY OUT. Berserk was supposed to be 100,000 but it felt done at 60k so now its part one of three.


I’ve been working on it for six and a half years. Call it a disease lol. I think I hit a purge stage with writer’s block and demotivation and such about three years in, then got past that, so now it’s like a second home that I absolutely love spending time in. I know my characters better than I know half my friends, haha.

It was a bit out of control for a while, but that’s since resolved. I know the ending and most of how I’m going to get there, so now I’m just looking forward to the rest of the ride!

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Well I wish to evolve into you after a while. That sounds like an awesome place to be in. (Also thanks elephant seals give me life)