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Sinopsis: “Después de soportar años de maltrato, sentí que no podías más, tenia que protegerme, al costo que fuera”
Espero les guste, es nueva pero iré subiendo capítulos seguidos


Thalia Reyes, the daughter of a notorious CEO, is kidnapped during a heist in one of her fathers banks by a gang of thieves. Their leader-Santino-decides to give Thalia a choice;

She can either give up or fathers company or die.

The decision she made next was one that will change her life forever.

The Final Downfall

Amneris Topanga and Colt Kymmer were lost in the battle against Tara Kymmer and the Terpolite army. This allowed for Tara to gain several items needed to release the Dark King. She does not have many left to find. All that stands between her and the destruction of the multiverse is the remainder of the Lyriumian Court. What difference can eight immortals make?

Having decided that both finding their missing members and the items before Tara are the priority, the Lyriumian Court splits up. Some go after the remaining items while the rest go searching for Amneris and Colt. The only problem with this is that Tara has the same idea. She sends her allies after them, attempting to stop the Court in their missions.

The battle between Lyriumia and Terpola is slowly reaching its climax for the first time in five thousand years, which was when the last major battle of the Forgotten War was fought. Without someone who has power on par with that of the Dark King, the Lyriumian Court knows that they don’t stand much of a chance. What’s worse is that Tara is in the lead! She has more items and is beginning preparations to break the Dark King out of Negative Space.

With their strongest member missing in action and having split up, the Lyriumian Court can only hope for the best or, better yet, a miracle to bail them out of this one. There is one thing in common for both sides, and that is one question.

Who will win, the Lyriumian Court or Tara and the Dark King?







Without thought I reacted. Swinging my fist back I moved forward to connect it with Miles’ jaw but Ryder grabbed me by the arms and pulled me backwards. Likewise, Miles’ friend Sergio restrained him as well. “It ain’t worth it, Chase,” Ryder whispered in my ear.

“Stay the ---- away from me, Miles,” I warned him, shoving Ryder back.

“Oh no, Chase,” Miles retorted. “You best stay far away from me, —wipe. Otherwise, we might have some words you ain’t gonna like.”

“Bring it, Miles,” I taunted him as Ryder pulled me from the room. “Bring it.”

Title: Redacted
Genre: Action
Status: Ongoing
Updates: Weekly

When a job offer requires you to be dead in order to get hired, would you still lay your cards on the table and roll the dice?

Constantine Ivo H. Calinga died exactly two weeks after his twenty-first birthday. According to the people who had attended his one-day wake, he was known to be a lot of things: an intelligent kid, a top athlete, a charming young man, and a talented musician⁠… and while most of them viewed his death as a waste, Ivo saw something else entirely: an opportunity. In a job where your assignments will be no longer limited by the constraints of the law and the government, how far will you be willing to serve?

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Ofttimes, in war, civilizations do things they would not have thought themselves capable of when at peace. Young men and women become trained killers and are sent to places from which they may not return, alliances are forged with those once considered unsavory and barbaric, and weapons once thought cruel are used regularly.

Things were no different for the Unity.

When the might of the Earth Expanse was laid out before them, no charismatic leader stepped forward to speak for calm and panic filled that void. A result of this panic was project Rudis, a program that stole gifted children from their families and enhanced them into the Flamma, augmented soldiers like nothing seen before.

Amongst them was Kali LaCroix. She suffered through ten years of Rudis’s cruelty, then fought for ten more years till the Expanse was brought to its knees. Now she lives as a civilian in a society where most fear her and many consider her a monster. Her own family, despite trying to love her, fails to understand her after two decades apart. But questions still remain about the true nature of project Rudis, questions with horrifying answer

And now victory has brought another leadership vacuum, and the people behind Rudis don’t care what they have to break to come to power. even if it is the new peace.

The Relentless: Among the Willows
Genre: Historical Fiction, Western, Mature
Author: John Eastlick
Characters: Wyoming Slim- a slave left for dead on a quest to set right the death of the one he loved, Hart Grissom - a pastor turned bounty hunter in search of vengeance
Rating: Mature

A gritty tale of vengeance set in the Old West. A perfect story to kick off your dusty boots and sit back and enjoy with an ice-cold sarsaparilla.
A tale of vengeance, blood and justice, and the thin line between them. How far can a man be pushed before his soul turns truly black? What depths would you reach to avenge those taken from you? How far would you go to obtain all that you desire? And what would you do to protect the ones you love? After years of searching for the men who wronged him, Wyoming Slim confronts the hate consuming his soul as he seeks justice against them.

The story is about worlds that exists outside the Earth realm that are part of a outerdimensional hub called “Realmia” that acts a bridge to other worlds. The denizens of Realmia once lived in peace until a strange dimensional rift appeared. What came out of the rift were monsters bent on destruction and chaos. The monsters that attacked the people were following the orders of their king, Malice Khan. Now that he couquered Realmia, the surviving Realmians went to the Temple of Phados to pray to the gods to help them out in their darkest hour.

Meanwhile on Earth, two fourteen-year old boys named Jason and Malcolm are on a school field trip to the forest. They are enjoying the time away from school with their girlfriends, Melissa and Karen. Their other friends, Harvey and Rebecca are enjoying spending time with their friends. When the six of them are having a picnic near a tree, a dimensional rift appear before them and monsters attacked them. Jason and Malcolm fought back to save their friends, but all was in vain. The monsters rounded them up and takes them to the portal. For some reason, the monsters decided to discard both Malcolm and Jason between dimensions. Just when all hope is lost, the boys became engulfed in light. They are soon brought a realm that exist outside Earth and Realmia where they meet a spiritual being named Phados. He explains to the boys that the monsters who have taken their friends work for the usurper Khan who feels that their friends posed a great threat to him. However, Phados have a solution. In order for him to them rescue their friends, the boys must become the heroes to save all worlds of Realmia. Phados gives them devices that can transform them into the Heroes of Realmia. With the huge responsibility of not only save their friends, but all of Realmia.

Together they don their costumes as their superhero aliases, Hyperlad and Stridus. The Super Realmian Fighters are born!