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(a new cover is currently being made)

Description: People always thought that Riva Phadnis was either a goddess or a stone. It was not only because of the way she looked, but also the manner in which she carried herself. She had perfect grades, a bright future, high ambitions and a god- gifted composure to never panic in any situation. That is until she learns that she is a Wanderer that can travel to another world in her dreams. A world that is filled with war, bloodshed, demons and a mysterious baritone Prince on a conquest.

Composure? Right.


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It’s probably no coincidence- the day the girl appears at the door of their home is the day the Unmaskings begin. Madeline and Noah Torrez are normal citizens of Phaonix- except that Noah flies around as Lazero, laser-shooting superhero, in his spare time.

The two siblings decide to investigate what’s been going on, and unmask the supervillain who’s been unmasking the superheroes of Phaonix City- but at what risk?


~My younger sister is… probably out of her mind. Probably (though don’t tell her).
~It’s for the best that she doesn’t have powers.
~The Unmasker has to be stopped (though not necessarily by me)
~Even if I’m Phaonix’s #63rd superhero, I’m going to do everything I can to help.
~The other Madeline is actually pretty cool.
~Justin Hart should refrain from using his Caps Lock.


~My older brother is an idiot (though don’t tell him I said that).
~He’s also a love-deluded fool.
~The world is probably doomed (see points One and Two and also Unmasker).
~I’ve got to unmask the Unmasker- powers or no powers- and my over-concerned brother isn’t going to stop me.
~I wish I had powers
~Justin Hart needs to lay off his Caps Lock.




The Spirit Veil

Ever since she was born, Aurora Diaz has had a gift. That gift is the ability to see spirits. She’s gone through life with this as a normal thing, her cousin, Arthur Diaz, by her side with the same ability. Together, and with their spirit friend, Lydia, they guard the Spirit Veil - the barrier sperating the worlds of the living and the dead.

One day, the three come across an ancient scroll linking to Lydia’s life before she died. The scroll comes with a warning: there is a date where the Veil can be broken every ten thousand years. This date, they find, is within the next two weeks! Much faster than any of them would have guessed.

When another version of the scroll is found on a dig, it is soon stolen by a spiritualist eager to prove that there is life after death. Aurora, Arthur, and Lydia set out to stop them before the greatest secret is unleashed upon the world of the living.


Million Dollar Island




Vera spends her nights streaming VR games for a small audience. Her dream? To become big enough so she can quit her miserable day job delivering packages. But in a world where everyone lives a life on the internet, the competition among streamers is fierce and Vera has trouble getting enough subscribers for a sustainable income.

That is until a new game is released that offers everyone a chance to get rich while playing. ROBINSON is an extremely competitive Island Survival game, where players can earn real money by finding rare treasures on the enigmatic and hazardous map. The main prize? Five million dollars for the player that manages to get the ultimate loot: the egg of the Shadow Serpent.

Vera gathers herself a team of fellow gamers and joins one of the ROBINSON servers, where they compete against thirty-five other players to hunt as many treasures as possible. Obsessed with the chance to become a millionaire, Vera loses herself in the virtual island and her never-ending goal to gain more viewers on her stream. She spends money she doesn’t have on lootboxes to increase her chances, and as she ventures deeper into the dangerous island, she digs herself into a financial nightmare she can only climb out of by winning the game.


"That’s all I need; to break a hip while trying to sneak out to see a man.

Agnes’d never let me live that one down. And Gloria, down at the beauty salon; forget it. Goodness, that news would spread like wildflower throughout the entire community center if she ever found out what I’m about. Not to mention, if Jimmy heard I’m seeing someone, he’d never play Rummi with me again. We’ve always been just friends, but still. It’d be a lot of drama, believe you me."

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Josephine Washington is a woman who has never had control over her life. Not only did she have to leave her home, her ‘boyfriend’ Adrian Wells forced her to join a world-renowned girl group, for fame and fortune. The public only see what they want to: the popstar with the perfect family and life, they don’t see the pain and suffering she endures. As a rising star, Josephine fights for herself and for her music.

Everything changes when she meets fellow singer Katrina Watts. What happens when she lets it slip that she knows Josephine’s secret? What happens when Josephine finds a new meaning in life from an unlikely source?

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Title: Remnant Book One

When Ethan wakes up in the middle of a forest, he feels lost. He has no memories, no idea of where he is, and there’s no reason for anything. After discovering a place full of other teenagers like him, Ethan feels reassured.

Until the day it all starts to go downhill.

When Cyrus, the leader starts acting weird, and a strange new Hatchie arrives, Ethan and his friends struggle to unravel the clues buried deep underneath all of the lies, told and passed around.

Mysterious tattoos, blackouts, a strange “glitch in the system”; Ethan’s abnormal dreams and visions reveal the dark and brutal truth of their existence in this world.

What they never expected was in front of them all along.

In this remote, profane world, secrets are merciless and dangerous memories linger. It’s a game of life and death — who dies … and who survives.

Top rankings gotten:
#2 in Dystopian
#5 in Forest
#15 in Escape

First place winner of the 2019 Lotus Awards in the Adventure/Action category!

This story is a work in progress and rated mature

Link —>

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Hey, I just posted the first chapter for this one! :yellow_heart:

Title: Redacted
Genre: Action
Status: Ongoing
Updates: Weekly

When a job offer requires you to be dead in order to get hired, would you still lay your cards on the table and roll the dice?

Constantine Ivo H. Calinga died exactly two weeks after his twenty-first birthday. According to the people who had attended his one-day wake, he was known to be a lot of things: an intelligent kid, a top athlete, a charming young man, and a talented musician⁠… and while most of them viewed his death as a waste, Ivo saw something else entirely: an opportunity. In a job where your assignments will be no longer limited by the constraints of the law and the government, how far will you be willing to serve?

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The 3rd Planet saga

Hundreds of years from now we have spread out in space. Humankind thrives on a terraformed Mars, in orbital cities on Venus and in pioneering colonies on Jupiter’s moons under the unified banner of the Solar System.

Enclosed habitats reach the stratosphere with stacked cities. An omnipresent and benign artificial intelligence operates in integration with our nervous system. Fusion reactors provide infinite energy, and gravitational drive engines allow men to dominate their solar system.

Captain Newton’s future as an officer at the Solar Armada seemed bright and predictable. Maybe a little too predictable. Everything is about to change when an unprecedented cosmic event shocks the solar worlds.

 A spectacle of light and energy that will shake the foundations of our civilization. A call that cannot remain unanswered. Mankind will pursue the trail of life and be forced to look into an unforgiving mirror. We will undertake a journey that will shape the future of our species across time, space and beyond. A defining moment like others our ancestors underwent, but this time we will not be alone.

Learn more about this new saga at


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The Relentless: Among the Willows
Genre: Historical Fiction, Western, Mature
Author: John Eastlick
Characters: Wyoming Slim- a slave left for dead on a quest to set right the death of the one he loved, Hart Grissom - a pastor turned bounty hunter in search of vengeance
Rating: Mature

A gritty tale of vengeance set in the Old West. A perfect story to kick off your dusty boots and sit back and enjoy with an ice-cold sarsaparilla.
A tale of vengeance, blood and justice, and the thin line between them. How far can a man be pushed before his soul turns truly black? What depths would you reach to avenge those taken from you? How far would you go to obtain all that you desire? And what would you do to protect the ones you love? After years of searching for the men who wronged him, Wyoming Slim confronts the hate consuming his soul as he seeks justice against them.

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Pain is the only thing Sienna has ever known, it’s the price of being alive. For years the two distant shores of the island have been cut off from one another, the water too dangerous to venture through. But the ‘Main Land’ holds opportunity and the promise of power and wealth Sienna’s father wants more than anything. She is sent on the long and life threatening journey to the end of the island where she can cross to the other side and claim the land in the name of her father. But the city under the mountain holds more than she bargained for and she’s throw into the life of someone who makes her question everything she thought she knew…


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Adventurers in the Forest, by Caliope

An adaptation of the old fantasy-adventure stories, except that eight adventurers have answered the call rather than one.

The town of Stonebridge is in danger. An ancient doom is coming and only one object can be used to fight against it, to protect the town. Unfortunately, it’s the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. The missing pieces of the hammer can be found within the threatening shadows of Darkwood Forest, where all the deadliest creatures live. The adventurers must work together to find the Hammer of Stonebridge somewhere in the forest.



Blurb: What happens to a man when he is torn from everything he knows? Ian McClintoc, a detective from D.C., must find the answer to that very question when a routine investigation takes a horrible turn. Lost, battered, and broken Ian must do the impossible: survive and find a way to return home. And Ian is so very far from home. But he is not without hope.
When he awakens in a strange world help arrives in the nick of time. Though is a very unexpected form: an elven ranger. Valethalassa Therrae, and her shadow-wolf companion Mal. She guides Ian to the fantastical city of Landorei and to a seer. There Ian’s quest begins; retrieve a magical scroll that will send him home.
But all is not as it seems. The mysterious Harlequin Court seeks to use Ian for their own ends. Fighting, friendship, magic, monsters, mystery, laughter, tears, revenge, war. Let the adventure begin.


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