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Inter-Universal Protectors: The Final Downfall

Amneris Topanga and Colt Kymmer were lost in the battle against Tara Kymmer and the Terpolite army. This allowed for Tara to gain several items needed to release the Dark King. She does not have many left to find. All that stands between her and the destruction of the multiverse is the remainder of the Lyriumian Court. What difference can eight immortals make?

Having decided that both finding their missing members and the items before Tara are the priority, the Lyriumian Court splits up. Some go after the remaining items while the rest go searching for Amneris and Colt. The only problem with this is that Tara has the same idea. She sends her allies after them, attempting to stop the Court in their missions.

The battle between Lyriumia and Terpola is slowly reaching its climax for the first time in five thousand years, which was when the last major battle of the Forgotten War was fought. Without someone who has power on par with that of the Dark King, the Lyriumian Court knows that they don’t stand much of a chance. What’s worse is that Tara is in the lead! She has more items and is beginning preparations to break the Dark King out of Negative Space.

With their strongest member missing in action and having split up, the Lyriumian Court can only hope for the best or, better yet, a miracle to bail them out of this one. There is one thing in common for both sides, and that is one question.

Who will win, the Lyriumian Court or Tara and the Dark King?

What if your biggest crime was being alive?

For Brennan, this is reality. He committed no crime, yet he is Marked, due to his great grandparents’ sins. They have limited access to necessities such as water and medicine while rumors spread of abundance reserved for the Pure community.

Then, one day, everything changes when he saves the life of a Pure girl, Joanna. She’s the daughter of the tyrannical government leader. It was her ancestor who put this law into place, and her father takes it very seriously. When her father finds her, rather than thanking Brennan, he threatens him to stay away from his daughter; however, Brennan is captivated by her, and Joanna is entranced by the bravery of the man who saved her life.

To make matters worse, his friends decide they’ve come up with a brilliant idea. They’re going to start a revolution, and they want Brennan to be their leader. Their first step? Kidnapping the tyrant’s daughter

“Are you sure?” he questioned.

Without looking away, I answered, “Yes.”

He raised his glass to that and declared, “Welcome to hell, Mr Lawrence.” Laughing hysterically, he left with his guard, leaving behind an empty room and a broken soul.

10 years ago, my biggest dilemma was whether to choose vanilla or chocolate. Now, I was in another dilemma - only this time, the choice was between life or death.








If you have ever met him, Declan Darby likely knows how you are going to die. He doesn’t just know, he’s been there. When he comes into contact with the skin of another person for the first time, Declan lives out their final moments of life as an observer, experiencing every sensation and every emotion as if it were his own. Unable to control what happens, he is faced with inevitable pain and death. Every time.

Declan’s curse, as he sees it, terrifies him. Through his life he has allowed his fear of physical touch to evolve into a social anxiety that controls the majority of his life. Unable and unwilling to hold a job, he and his partner, a quirky, upbeat surfer named Dover make a living as professional burglars, fulfilling contracts for anonymous employers. When they break into an office building in Boston, attempting to steal a sealed box, Declan activates an unforeseen alarm, sending the pair into a dangerous and thrilling game of cat and mouse, as multiple, well-resourced people attempt to retrieve it, by whatever means necessary.

In the meantime, Declan uses his ability to save the life of a stranger, altering future events, and putting civilization itself at risk. In order to stop a disaster that he inadvertently helped create, and save the woman he loves in the process, Declan must face his fears and use his abilities as the gifts they were meant to be.


Ofttimes, in war, civilizations do things they would not have thought themselves capable of when at peace. Young men and women become trained killers and are sent to places from which they may not return, alliances are forged with those once considered unsavory and barbaric, and weapons once thought cruel are used regularly.

Things were no different for the Unity.

When the might of the Earth Expanse was laid out before them, no charismatic leader stepped forward to speak for calm and panic filled that void. A result of this panic was project Rudis, a program that stole gifted children from their families and enhanced them into the Flamma, augmented soldiers like nothing seen before.

Amongst them was Kali LaCroix. She suffered through ten years of Rudis’s cruelty, then fought for ten more years till the Expanse was brought to its knees. Now she lives as a civilian in a society where most fear her and many consider her a monster. Her own family, despite trying to love her, fails to understand her after two decades apart. But questions still remain about the true nature of project Rudis, questions with horrifying answer

And now victory has brought another leadership vacuum, and the people behind Rudis don’t care what they have to break to come to power. even if it is the new peace.

Her brother is dead.
His father has been murdered.
Can they escape the lives they’ve been born into?

Audience: Mature for Language, Sexual Assault and Content.'t-know



Seeks is a hardworking detective who’s used to handling tough cases. Thanks to his military background and diverse caseload, he’s trusted with some of the hardest cases to crack. During a violent murder investigation, Seeks is met by a man who just may be more cunning than he is. The murders seem endless. Seeks fears for the first time that he may end up a victim in one of his own cases.

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Another book of Spider-Man one-shots! MCU Spider-Man (Tom Holland’s version) is the Peter Parker I am basing these stories off of. All one-shots will be created by me. However, a lot of the ideas behind the one-shots will have been done before (example, field trips) but they haven’t been written by me yet! Tony and the other avengers are all alive! I am not going to do anything that has to do with Endgame.

Click here if interested!





Secret Agent Camp has pointed the deadliest on the organization. Scarlett Red Luna or Secret Agent 17, the auburn-haired and green-eyed agent to spy on Chris Raven Adamson, the alluring airline owner in San Francisco who has been rumored to have his illegal organization.

In order to spy on the Airline owner, Scarlett Red must earn his trust. As she goes along with her mission, the deadly spy never thought she’d be soft in one smile and she would drown on desire.

But unexpected happens to those who expect less…

Find out what happened to Secret Agent 17 on her SAT audacious mission and the Mystery of the Secret Organization.

Genre: Action-Romance, Mystery.



Jean was born in the year 1700 as a member of the Great Lakes Cabol tribe. As a teen, she devised defenses for her Nation that included using the electricity gained from fields of potatoes to prevent amphibious assaults, and to create hydrogen for hot air balloon attacks. Eventually, the system was breached by Irenshoa Nation.

After defeating the Cabol, the Irenshoa turned their attention to forcibly removing European colonists from the Americas. Recognizing that Jean’s intellect could be an advantage, the Irenshoa military brought her along for a later invasion of the Italian city-state of Rome. Can Jean survive in this New World Realignment, while also preventing her gift for innovation from being exploited by the corrupt leaders of the Irenshoa Nation?

:cup_with_straw: Featured in “Above and Beyond” in Forbidden Worlds [July 2019]

:cup_with_straw: Featured in “Candlepunk: Engines and Alchemy” in “Wattpunk” [March 2019]

All chapters are 500 words long (flash fiction).


The book can be found here:

Earthworks Punk

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Title: Fractured
Description: The story of Fractured takes place in a world of technologically advanced humans and a wolf like people with powers of blood, shadow and Lunar called Lupi. The story follows the character of Agnello and his pack who go on a journey of revenge after being attacked by a thought to be extinct species that has now risen from the shadows and threatens to break this already Fractured world