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TFD by @Tris_fire

Inter-Universal Protectors: The Final Downfall

Amneris Topanga and Colt Kymmer were lost in the battle against Tara Kymmer and the Terpolite army on Tylwaerdreath. The loss of the most powerful member of the Court of Lyriumia has brought Tara one step closer to releasing the Dark King Enliatu from Negative Space - the space between universes. All that stands between her and the destruction of the multiverse is the remainder of the Lyriumian Court. What difference can eight immortals make, especially now that they have lost their leader?

Having decided what has the higher priority in this situation, the Lyriumian Court begins to hunt down the items hidden by their Queen so long ago. Of course, there was no way this was going to be a simple mission, especially once Tara figures out their plan and sends her own people after them! All the while, the two missing members of the Lyriumian Court have to fend for themselves as they attempt to break the shackles of a new type of prison while coming face-to-face with their own past demons.

With their strongest member missing in action and the challenges against them showing no sign of slowing, the Lyriumian Court can only hope for a miracle or, better yet, a game changer.

Old bonds are tested as new ones are formed.

Betrayal is immanent for both sides.

Enemies become allies under the most unlikely situations as the potential for the wielders of the Photon Core and the Silent Core to face off for the first time in five thousand years rises.

Who will be victorious in the end?


Galaxy Gladiators (1)

In a galaxy of Gladiators the stars are covered in blood. History remembers blood and so long as you shed some your legend will never die.

Every five years sixteen champions are selected from across the universe and throughout time to compete in the gladiator trials to determine who will be the winner. There is only one crown and whoever survives the pit must then face the Emperor for the crown. Defeat the Emperor and the galaxy is yours to rule. But the Emperor has not sat on his throne for the past twenty years without good reason. The winner will need to defeat him both in the battle arena as well as out of it.

Here’s to the last survivor.


Title : Spies and Spice
Genre: Action /Thriller
Status : Completed
Link :



He was known only by his codename Victor.

Fear was his weapon and anonymity his asset…

His junior officers whispered tales of his ruthless and daring heroics while his seniors put up with his unconventional and often barbaric tactics, only because all his missions were successful.

Always… Until he went in a loneman mission, which turned out to be the biggest challenge of his career.

A casual hunch, that his trained instincts found hard to ignore, led him to unravel a huge operation whose tentacles spread from Afghanistan to Delhi, Mumbai to Kerala.

And then came the gruesome murder of his boss and mentor, Intelligence Bureau Chief J.P.Nanda.

He was unstoppable now, hell bent on rooting out the culprits behind this dark world, in spite of facing several dead ends, caught in a maze of deceit, betrayal and never ending danger.

In the midst of it all was an innocent girl, caught between these two extreme and dangerous worlds.

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Thalia Dacres’ life was simple until she found herself in a web of lies too strong to escape. She finds her biggest life questions can only be answered by a close to home source.

Without another word Isaac grabbed my wrist and stalked us back inside the club, leaving poor Damon dumbstruck. He pulled me mercilessly towards the entrance.

“Ow!” I begin prying his at hand. He didn’t stop until he made damn sure that we were on the opposite side of the club. His hand loosened on my wrist but I could still feel his anger shaking him to the core.

I pulled him to a stop.

“Isaac, What the fuck?” I rubbed my wrist.

“You haven’t spoken to me for near a month after you dumped me off, NOW you want to saunter in all health guru?” I fumed, slurring. The alcohol must’ve given me a boost because my attitude matches his height right now.

“I didn’t dump you off.” He spat, his attention placed firmly on the wall beside me. I stood boring holes into the side of his stupid sculpted face waiting for an explanation.

“You were being reckless.” He stated.

“You didn’t give a fuck when I was recklessly climbing into your car. Did you, stranger?” I retorted. I caught him out and he knows it.

“That was different.” He muttered before his lips spread thin. Tasting my smugness, his jaw clenched, making me even angrier. He had no right…

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Deivis e Thiago Wichers são dois irmãos que, inexplicavelmente, nasceram com poderes especiais. Um dia quando estavam no acampamento de verão eles são atacados por uma criatura misteriosa e acabam indo parar em Zarban, onde eles descobrem a origem de seus poderes e a existência de uma profecia que vai virar suas vidas de cabeça pra baixo. Juntos com Nataly e Cristian eles partem para Finrrarder para encontrar com o Grande Sábio e buscarem uma maneira de vencer o inimigo, porém o que eles não esperavam era cair numa emboscada do Cavaleiro Negro.

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Title: Child of Calamity
Genre: Adventure
Description: Alexander was happy. Until his country was betrayed and his hometown, invaded. Until his only joy and family, his sister Rose, was killed before him. Now all he could think about was revenge.

Years later, the peace had returned thanks to the power of the blessings; gifts bestowed upon children of the four nations to guide them out of the dark ages. But there was still no peace in Alex’s heart. Being one the blessed children, his vow of vengeance remained rife and his eyes were set to the ruin of the four nations that stripped him of his happiness.

But what he believed to be the power to avenge slowly became a curse he couldn’t dispel. What Alexander thought to be vengeance instead became his own thirst for destruction.

He was forgetting his purpose, he was losing his sanity and he was running out of time.


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Hi all! I’m here to talk a little bit about my teen fiction/action story Overtime.

Length: 29 chapters
Status: Complete

For more than half their lives, five boys and one girl have been excluded from the rest of society, only known as the members Project Overtime. In a desire to experiment, The Professor took in orphan children and equipped them with technological replacements for various limbs and organs, hoping to perfect what could be the peak of the human species for fighting crime.

Having been perfected for thirteen years, the final stage of their experiment has arrived: their implementation. If the six are able to merge with normal human life, all while demonstrating how successful and operational their abilities are, their experiment will be deemed a success and thus will make The Professor millions.

What better way to test the exposure to normal life than by being throw into the most criminally charged high school in the district: the ultimate test of their loyalty and capability.

Looking forward to seeing you in the comments there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A short Epic about Chaplain Ames descending to hell… For God and for Country

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Esta es la historia de una chica diferente a las demás, una chica que solo quiere proteger a su familia. Ella es Amanda Hall, y aquí contamos su interminable lucha por salir de una sociedad en la que si tienes una marca en el cuello eres malo, y si no la tienes, mueres.

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What kind of action were you thinking of?
Short Story/Flash Fiction

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Screenshot (27)

Title: The Red Desert
Summary: After fighting against the Noden Kingdom for over half a decade, the Red Desert has fallen. The Desert General is dragged before the Noden King and is to be displayed in chains as a symbol of their victory. The General is alone, without allies and is trapped on the threshold of her enemies kingdom. She must find a way to fight; to honour the memory of her people.

But the Noden King has only just started, and he has turned his greedy eyes to the Northern provinces. The Red Desert General must find a way to warn them of the secret army he used to destroy the Desert People. She must find a way to escape, even if it means selling her soul to do so.

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This is the journey of Partial in his weird life. Meeting weird people,doing some shady jobs, or playing simple like staying home being an otaku or something like that. But at the age of two everything changed but Partial is unfazed by it though. And to make everything even worse the EOP.G(Eye Of Providence Government) and the rest of the world are now his enemy. There’s only him and world now.

Here’s the link to chapter one if you want to waste time reading my book.


Luke Ross is a normal university graduate. Well, apart from the fact that he was a trained killer before starting his A-levels and can speak 8 languages.

But when Luke gets into a car accident that only leaves him with only a few years to live, Luke decides to settle down.

That is, until, his brother pulls him out of the shadows for a job that gets noticed by the police and eventually the entire world. With people closing in from every direction, can Luke use his wits to outsmart the police while also changing his life forever?

#55 in action-thriller

Original cover photo source - Pinterest; Beatrice Art Ideas.

Note: this book is an improved version of my actual Takeover book. By that, I mean that I just changed up the chapter lengths to make them easier to read.

Honestly, giving this book a chance would be super appreciated. I’ve put months of work into it. Although it’s just a first draft, the writing is okay and the plot is good.


What could force a disgraced police officer, a pair of mafia hitmen, an army NCO, and a group of terrified civilians to band together for survival? Nothing short of the zombie apocalypse. The recently deceased are clawing from their graves and roaming the earth with an insatiable appetite for living flesh. In a hunted, desperate world, only the strong, smart, and fortunate will survive to see another day.

SurvivorZ is a character-focused episodic tale of horror adventure from acclaimed storyteller Cameron Jon Bernhard. It is a tribute to the original George Romero zombie horror, with a fresh take on the scientific origin behind the walking dead and unexpected, terrifying ramifications of the outbreak.

Vidya Khan is an anomaly. Her powers manifest when she’s seventeen-that’s unnaturally late. Things get even weirder when Celestro, the enigmatic company responsible for all things super, offers her a spot on their elite hero team.

Saving the world is complicated, and Vidya is struggling to keep up. The Marvels are not the same smiling, golden heroes they are in the media, and getting along with them is actually harder than fighting the villains. And as if that isn’t bad enough, supers are turning up dead, and no one knows who to suspect…

Because if Vidya has learned anything, it’s that anyone can be the bad guy.

Click the image to read, or click here!