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Miriande Gloralis - Mansion In The Forest - COMPLETED

Original Novel, Arc 1

Reality is much harsher than fiction. Regias Vitoru was made to realize that after he became stranded in an unknown place. Completely hungry and parched, he had no choice but to carry his sick sister, Suina Fitoria, while searching for anything that could be used as a medicine for her. As he made his way through the dark Forest, he finally got out and found… a western Mansion

What will he see as he took his first step into the unknown world of Magic?

Miriande Gloralis - Adventurer's Path

Original Novel, Arc 2

Life always comes as a surprise, nobody can predict or expect the outcome of something even after everything had been prepared. That was the case for Regias Vitoru who had arrived in this bizarre world almost a month ago. Originally intending to go to Colosso, he ended up changing his decision to become Adventurers with his new companions

But before that, there was something that he had to first-!

Both Covers : A character illustration made by Dhandellions



A young boy loses everything when his family is attacked by blood thirsty pirates. They kill all of them except this child. The captain said there is something different about this lad and ends up sparing him saying, “The fates have something strange planned for wee lad and that it is just too powerful to be messed with.” A few years later odd things begin to happen as they enter the dead man’s Cove and attempt to bury their treasure. Eerie songs coming from the sea begin and men start to go missing. Is it a monster behind all this or something far more intelligent and evil?



(Hope I am doing this right…I’ve only been using Wattpad for a few days now).
Wattpad won’t let me put the cover because I am a new user.

I don’t remember the world before-the free world, the safe world. All I know is what I am supposed to be doing now: And that’s killing nightmares. . . Finnian Andrews is a spunky, fun-loving teenage boy living in the city of Old St. Louis, now the 178th city of the 26th region. He is part of a secret society called the Sketchers, and his mission is to kill the Blue Wolves-kill the nightmares that run the world. However, his secret mission is to recover his lost memories of the world before, to find out what happened to his parents. Finn doesn’t remember much before a creature called Nighthand changed earth into a world of nightmares. In this first book of the trilogy, Finn and his friends must travel to old California to kill Wolfgang-the powerful, invincible alpha of the Blue Wolves. Along the way, Finnian Andrews will learn scary truths about his friends, his parents, and his nightmares.

wattpad also won’t let me attach any links because I am a new user, so if you are interested in reading this please please please visit my profile and check it out. :slight_smile:


My story’s name is James The Completely Average.

He was nothing special his whole life… And he will likely stay that way.
James wasn’t the best at anything, Just slightly above average at all things.
He will have to face conflict and gratuitous violence for the first time in his once happy (and boring) life to get back and fix his own world.
The world he ventures in now however, is a complete clusterf*ck of things.


Hi, my story is called the Locket Games and if you’d like to check it out I would be very thankful :wink:

A competition with trios of senior students from different boarding schools. Three sister boarding schools hosted this event every year without fail. This tradition has occurred since the founding of the schools in 1951. It happened after exams happened in April which allowed the senior students to put their effort into the locket games. However, no one knows what the locket games consists of since it changes every year. The prize was a surprise which no past winner had revealed to the public. It all begins with the locket around their necks. Shall we let the games begin?


The Quest for Sumi

“Ah, but time is just a mere measurement of dreams that we create and the ones we complete.”

Follow a young couple as they step out into the dangerous, thrilling paradise of Everworld. Once their home was lost, so were they. Their story of navigating through their love, magic, secrets and the world begins. There’s no time for regret; a whole new adventure is unraveling for them, just a step away.

(Sorry, I have issues with my computer and I can’t upload the cover but please still check it out!)


give me your impressions about my new story




I love the artworks! Nice to see an author and illustrator around here!




As an innocent young boy, Dmitri was known as the “white cambion,” the strongest sorcerer to walk on earth. Many hated him for his background as “unpure,” born dead and able to wield magic. Some praised him for defeating the power-greedy tsar of Kiva.

Now an irresistibly handsome young man, Dmitri spends his time drinking in taverns and wreaking havoc in parties and gatherings, attempting to wash away the regrets of his past. Suddenly, a female exorcist named Greta gives him an ultimatum; either he helps her take down the “black cambion,” or he spends his time in special confinements for witches to sleep for eternity.

His return to a new journey marks Dmitri’s new misdirections, exorcisms, monster hunts, and reflections to his old life. With new partnerships in the adventure, he slowly realizes how much he’s changed, and the risks he’s willing to take for someone he loves.



Series summary:
The Sahara Chronicles:
Adventure / Fantasy / romance / coming-of-age
This is the story of a young lad who sets off from his home village to pursue the fortune he was destined for, which constantly appeared in his dreams. On his journey, he meets many people and makes several lasting friendships, which help him defeat the forces of evil that attempt to override his home and the only world he knows. In the process, he and his friends have some times and also suffer many hardships, but in the end, they must eliminate all the hurdles that threaten to destroy their lives.

First book summary:
The Master of Darkness has risen once again, after having been asleep for centuries, and that began a chain of processes unimaginable by mages of the present day. The Light and Dark wizards awaken just in time to stop him, but now, it seems as if the enemy has grown even more powerful than the last time he had been engaged in battle. So, two mortals decide to help seek him and keep him at bay.
And it all started when a young lad began on a journey to seek his fortune…
It is a story of love, friendship, bravery, betrayal, all smashed into one long epic journey of an ordinary-looking individual. It’s a kind of journey every person faces one way or another in their life.

Link to first book-

Note: If you enjoy “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the “Lord of the Rings” series, and Grimm’s fairy tales, then you’ll enjoy “The Sahara Chronicles” series. Do comment or send a PM to let me know how you like the story.


 A young girl and her family find a stone on an excavation only to find that life has other plans for it. In a horrific turn of events she has had her life turn upside down and insideout. Now fully grown she has her own problem to worry about. However, the past just might come back to huant her. Is it for good or is it for bad? Follow her adventures as she meet helpful and unscrupulous characters along the way to uncover the truth about her past and a flash of light towards her future.

Link to first book.

If you like it please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




In the year 1982, reports surfaced that the planet was surrounded by a giant ice wall, reinvigorating the argument of the Earth possibly being flat and calling forth the attention of eccentric explorer Gosheven Danoo, who gathered a team of explorers to travel the ice wall and end the debate once and for all. But what will Gosheven and his team find on this deranged expedition?

This series updates bi-weekly


Graphic depictions of violence, including of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.


<img src=“” width=300 />

A secret organization formed thousands of years ago is threatened. With the possibility of another world war looming ahead, it is very important for them to protect their secrets. For they have been the guards of knowledge for thousands of years. Their sole work is to know but not to use the power which comes with it.
But with a killer on their heels, their own values are tested. Should they finally come out of anonymity and save the crumbling world, or let everything crash and burn around them…


There are four modern elements: Fire, water, earth and air.

Five years ago the Benders that held these powers were killed and the world has been left unprotected.
Now, new prophecies are emerging and the Crown will not stop until the new Benders are found.

Eric Vassel has dealt with a lot. The loss of his mom at a young age and then his older brother’s death took a toll on him. All he had was his badass best friend and his dad.

With a new girl in town, leaving him to question the events of his brothers death from five years ago, his whole life turns upside down.
He suddenly uncovers powers he didn’t know he had.
Desperate to find his father and uncover the truth, his journey begins… perhaps in the mess, he’ll find love and purpose.


Bella is a young woman born and raised in a bunker following a global collapse. She finds her way out of the bunker to discover that the world is not what she was told it was. As she explores this new world with the help of the people she meets along the way she will be forced to question her views of the world, her ideology, and herself.



No, the artworks are from my friend. I’m only an author
But thanks for the praise, I’ll make sure he reads that :smiley:


Tyrone Peterson is just your everyday twenty years old black man lost in the sauce, one night Tyrone and his two friends Pookie and Rae Dawg are invited to a Frat party at a local Atlanta college. This is going to be a night that changes all their lives for the better or worse. As they enjoy themselves at the party,they run across a mysterious trail. Tyrone and his friends begins to walk on the trail and have an encounter with some strange beings in the woods. What’s the purpose of these beings? What fate has in store for these young men of Atlanta?