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Title: Elysia: The Wasteworld

Blurb: The world is in catastrophe. The Great War has devastated the globe. All governments have lost their power and the systems that hold everything together are falling apart at the seams. And then there is Elysia–the last standing paradise on Earth. However, it is in a secluded place, out of reach of anyone who is ineligible of entering the city. Would Erik, a reckless blond boy with a Cadillac and Jessica, who grew up to be a ruthless, independent woman, be able to team up and reach Elysia in search of a new life and everlasting bliss?

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Rated Mature

Feasts (Choose Your Own Story): You’re a normal kid with a normal life. That is- until you fall through a mysterious portal into a strange world. Now your whole life’s upside down, and nothing will ever be the same again. So choose your path wisely, your life depends on it. (All art used in this story is original and done by me.)

Read For Read: I am more than happy to read your story and give you feedback, I only ask you read my story and tell me what you think of it in return.

Feasts (Choose Your Own Story)

Hi! This is my first step to translate my novel to English. Please, take a look. Is it ok for English speaking readers?

Alisa really wanted to meet her alien friend again. But it would be better if this meeting took place under other circumstances. A friend in prison and she faces arrest for illegal entry into the planet.
Who lured Alisa to the crime scene? What Artificial Intelligence is up to? What is hidden in the victim’s cache, and why are locals so afraid of technology? To save a friend and not find herself in jail, Alisa must find answers and expose the murderer.

The Circle Of Light

Set amidst the world that we live in, there exists The Circle of Light - an academy that chooses its students based on their displays of courage, kindness or intelligence.

Rhea wakes up on her 18th birthday, thinking the only issues she has to deal with are her dull college professors and bad hair days.
That is till she meets Aiden Parkins, trainer and recruiter at an academy he calls The Circle Of Light.

Thrust into the world of fighters, magical powers and unfathomable evil, Rhea soon realizes that some choices are worth way more than the others and that magic lurks within everyone - albeit not always the good kind.

The Sahara Chronicles:

Adventure / Fantasy / romance / coming-of-age / medieval

This is the story of a young lad who sets off from his home village to pursue the fortune he was destined for, which constantly appeared in his dreams. On his journey, he meets many people and makes several lasting friendships, which help him defeat the forces of evil that attempt to override his home and the only world he knows. In the process, he and his friends have some times and also suffer many hardships, but in the end, they must eliminate all the hurdles that threaten to destroy their lives.


#1: The Young Foreigner

The Master of Darkness has risen once again, after having been asleep for centuries, and that began a chain of chaotic processes unimaginable by mages of the present day. The Light and Dark wizards awaken just in time to stop him, but now, it seems as if the enemy has grown even more powerful than the last time they had him engaged in battle. So, two young mortals decide to help seek him and keep him at bay.

And it all started when a young lad began on a journey to seek his fortune…

It is a story of love, friendship, bravery, betrayal, all smashed into one long epic journey of an ordinary man.


#1.5: Emerald

Years after the Master of Darkness had been defeated, a young lass is born to the heroes of the Great Journey. She, like her mother, had been born with a prophecy that would either make or break the people of Sahara. This is the story of the young lass.

This is a story of realising one’s own identity and worth - a journey of self-discovery - something every individual battles with at some point in their life.


#2: The Forbidden Journey

The threat of the entire universe being consumed into Chaos and Darkness has been successfully prevented by the heroes of "The Great Journey". However, another threat looms in front of these very heroes in an entirely different form.

Will our heroes recognise the evil before it consumes the entire planet?

Thus, begins another Great Journey to stop evil from spreading the planet…

Can Creena uphold her end of their bargain or will she chicken out? Come and enjoy a short, humor story and find out!

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Professor Paul James Thomas is on a mission to disprove the existence of God and there is nothing on this side of heaven that can stop him. Things take an unlikely turn for the prominent atheist when he finds a Bible on a student’s desk. Deeply offended, he throws the book out, unknowingly opening a celestial portal.

In the wake of a devastating car accident, Professor Thomas witnesses the first three days of Creation. Coming out of a coma, he soon discovers he is on a spiritual journey of truth. But this is one revelation he would rather not accept.

As he sojourns through miracle-filled worlds, he encounters two guides–one endeavoring to instill faith, the other to stifle it. But who is he to trust? Through the process, a tragic past comes back to haunt him and a hidden truth is revealed. Will seeing be enough to change this staunch skeptic into a believer?

Come join the world’s leading atheist where men walk on water and the dead are raised to life.

The Pineapple Fountain

The story of a college graduate who decides that there is more to life than just living after an accident almost kills her. Mia decides to take risks and drop everything, including her family, her friends, and her boyfriend to pursue the life full of excitement she has been craving. Mia’s adventures take her on a trip full of self-love and growth. But is this fantasized life worth the sacrifices she has made? After months of meeting new people and experiencing all life has to offer, Mia must choose between the life she has always wanted and the life she has always had.

I am more than happy to do a read for read. I’ll read your story and give feedback if you do the same to mine.

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