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The Hero’s Prophecy

In a town in a world called the Imaginarium, a man appears to their aid. With his flaming courage and gleaming shall he face the evil of Prometheus’ machinations. The people believe him to be the end to ultimate menace. For that is the Hero’s Prophecy.

Content Warning/s: Gore

Currently looking for cover.

Back-country Alaska, a broken tent pole and two lonely strangers; the perfect cocktail for sweet romance and new beginnings.
Short Story
Achieved in 2019:
#1 in Romance Adult
#1 in Short Story Romance



Blurb: Grid’s on a mission to find a lost treasure map but when ‘fate’ intervenes, he ends up finding his soulmate, former enemies and an unrelenting Goddess who’s after him.

---->After another failed treasure hunt Grid escapes to Capella to lay low. Unfortunately his feeble attempts turns into a full on quest to find a lost treasure map but when ‘fate’ intervenes, he ends up finding his soulmate, except he doesn’t know Orion (Jewels) is his soulmate. In fact, Grid is 100% sure they have nothing in common! However, once Grid’s ice-cold heart melts and Orion’s emotional walls come falling they eventually share true love’s kiss. A kiss meant to unlock a prophecy written the last time they were together over 1000 ago.

The problem: Grid’s past life is rather complicated. He happens to be the former ex-lover of Venus, the love Goddess! And the treasure map he’s looking for is the same map needed to free him and Orion’s curse, placed on them by none other than Venus herself!

Now, their in a race against time to break it!

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Yvette’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds an unknown man in the forest. When the many secrets between them are finally revealed will the two still end up together? But first they have to both survive, and that is definitely going to be difficult. Wysteria takes you for a wild ride through drama, adventure, and heartbreak. I hope you decide to give it a try. Currently 9 chapters are posted, but more are coming soon!
Cover made using Adobe Spark
Link To Wysteria Here

The Faithful Ones

A group of children are Chosen by magic to complete four life-changing tasks that will set them free. Along the way, they meet and make friends who join them. They spend their days travelling and singing together, across land and sea to other places and eventually find a place of their own.
(updating every wednesday)

Insanis is a great evil dragon living within the city that is Ozfield, located in Nixgate. A state that is known for being full of good and bad magic. When Insanis goes on a rampage across Ozfield, only three heroes have the power to stop the evil-doer.
h ttps://

#146 in Utopia
#418 in Kings
#2 in Ena




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On the hunt to restore Orders and health, the heroes need to go in a hand-to-claw combat with a manticore. The last thing a political-ambitious king has time to do is help them to get ready and train.

As he used to be second in line to the throne last year - and a royal hater to the
boot - he then got his legitimacy and power. He also has this in the castle. Now, he is going to train these 3 heroes from strangers to winners and known. If they get killed, he is going to not gain his privilege of being a king. His illicit feeling is going to grow and he is going to have to face harsh reality. He will end up destroying his own reputation in the process.

Will they restore order and health before the rest the world gets killed?
Will they defeat the half-lion, half-human monster with his tribe of skeletons and zombies?
Or will they destroy their own reputation in the process?
Will the king lose his job as king?


How do you upload image and give in link - it is not allowing me?

The Doormaker

Status: In Progress (19 Chapters)


Having been forbidden from using magic for the past seven years, Samuel Takahashi is eager to explore a side of himself he knows little about. His Aunt Nora has promised to teach him, and to explain everything she knows about magic.

But the curious appearance of a dragon over London sets in motion events that will lead Samuel across the globe. He will meet people he never expected to meet, people he never expected to be real, and will fight to prevent a calamity with the potential to destroy millions.

He will also learn of a new enemy, one whose life he inadvertently altered when he was just a child. She has discovered secrets she was never meant to know, gained power she was never meant to have, and is now working to bring about the very calamity Samuel hopes to prevent.

Eventually their roads will meet, and the lives of everyone will be forever changed.

Some violence, emotional conflicts, language, prominent LGBT characters and other scenes of amazing awesomeness you won’t want to miss.

I have some active readers who I’ve been engaging with - I love feedback and try to respond to everyone who comments.

What are you waiting for?

Hey there!


It’s a calling…
A calling that tugs at the strings of her heart.
A strange urge to walk on the forbidden path.
Her hands and feet move as if having a mind of their own.
Luring her in ; into the unknown.

Elora Raine , is finally eighteen and ready to cross the boundary of her little hometown to fulfil the dream of becoming a professional archer.
The colorful future she has packed in the suitcase for herself is the only escape from the dark force pulling her into the deserted meadow , towards the giant wall carved with strange figures.
But will the arrival of three mysterious men at her doorstep make her walk away from the promising future and give in to the temptation she has been trying to run away from all her life ?



Title : Ericverse

Author : JeffreyPalinJr

Link : ‪‬

8 Chapters

Age Group: Teen and up

Genre : Fantasy, High Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Description : A guy named Eric gets to create his own world.

For some reason I can’t post a link. Please click on my profile and click on ‘The Power of God’ to read it. Thanks!

The Power of God eases into a story about a man hoping to successfully achieve his goals and leave all of his friends behind. The man, Joseph is embarking on a journey through self-discovery and a battle with pride and ambition. Can he do it? Will he succeed? Or fail?

Age group: 25+

Rating: Mature.