Share your art!


I, for one, can’t do any sort of art. Honest to god I can’t. However, my art comes from writing (kinda, sorta) and music (goodness do I love music.) I really would love for you guys to share your art pieces cause I know there are artists out there, hiding.

This is a judgment-free zone!

Feel free to share covers, pen and pencil sketches, online drawings, paintings, music, yadda yadda yadda.

It would be nice to look at and chat with you all after finishing an eight hour AP biology portfolio.
-Ari :heart:



This was supposed to look entirely different (messed up the eyes so I was like hey lets give her some eyeliner to cover the mistake), was tryna practice some shading too.


You did a lovely job with the shading and eyes! I mainly just sketch out eyes and noses.

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all my note pads in school had eyes and anime eyes sketched all over them. Definitely looked insane

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Every homework piece I turned in, or class work piece, had little sketches drawn all over them. My teachers, thankfully, understood my anxiety and, plus, I was a good enough student that they realized that I was focused most of the time/

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I made a Corgishark


Hello. Yes. I’ll take seven.

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Here’s him biting and the Wind God, Fujin. These we’re done for videogame project for senior year last year


How long did they take??


1-3 hours each. That’s minus the time it took to make their designs.

WAIT! The Corgishark was made by fellow classmate, i animated it. The Fujin one was made by me design and animation wise. We unfortunalty didn’t complete the game cause of deadlines.

I feel bad for game designers who WANT to finish their game and don’t get to


I’m taking video game design right now - and man. I am hating it.

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b u m p


These are two of my favorite newer pieces from Instagram!



Not much :joy::joy:


Was working

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Good job all! All these are awesome!


Fergus Mac’Mellan, secondborn son of Scylla and Sephys Mac’Mellan, brother to Leonardo and Rory Mac’Mellan.


Has anyone tried to draw their Spidersona?

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UwU omg