Share your art!






Woah that’s awesome! What program did you use?






lol I can’t draw worth shit but I do build props XD


that’s cool tho


It has its perks =) Conventions are a lot more fun when you can dress the part.


One of my characters from my book.


Oh wow, nice to see an art enthusiast in you :smiley:


I can’t do any sort of art, but I love admiring those who can.




OMG, I want one!


HI! For my story I created an intere visual universe about the story and characters. I would like to show you some of them. Thanks.



Wow! You are so talented!!




Here’s a piece I drew for a friend. It’s of his DnD character.


Woah!! That is so cool! Your art has improved so much over these last few months (though it was great before hand.)


Thank you! I’ve really been trying to work on my art recently. It’s been a while since I used traditional materials, but I’m happy with my progress.


That’s nice of you to do :slight_smile: