Share your art!


Awh - thank ya!


This is my WIP cover art for my story CVRRICVLVM, a timeless story about youth who find a twisted version of a place they go everyday.





My tribute to the late Stan Lee and a drawing of my friend’s daughter who is known for carrying around a stuffed green dragon which inspired the idea.


Wow! Those are really good!


Woah! I’m impressed and touched!


Thank you!!!


Thank you! I drew that piece shortly after he passed and donated it to the local Geekeasy my friend recently opened. I wanted it to go somewhere where I know people will like to see him


These are heccin adorable


This is one of my characters from my book. Only a quick doodle of her to share her updated design.

Another quick doodle, this time just because I had an idea stuck in my head.
I’ve recently downloaded an app that lets you easily pose a 3D model. I’m drawing her in all sorts of poses right now lol!






it’s just so well drawn and so creative


Oh aw thank you





Here’s something I drew sort of recently. tbh… I make a better writer than an artist, but I do try really hard. I usually only do art for fun or when it strikes me. ^^;


cool! what’s that mask based on?


During the black plague, doctors covered their faces to prevent infection and the beak of the mask was filled with lavender because it was believed to have protective properties.



this was the last thing I drew and it was random