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Luminous was just a “normal” fifteen-year-old lady in waiting (you know if you consider the fact of not only being the one blonde in the entire nation but also her strange imaginative theories about other worlds normal.) for the red prince (who was supposed to be the next queen of castle red, but to his mothers dismay was born a boy), when one day these creatures called “The Corrupt”, take siege of the castle. The only one left it seems from the attack is her strange “librarian” named Master Mouse, as you guess is a small mouse (who I think is more than what he tells us.) He leads her to this magical archive, where he keeps a magical talking sword called the Dawn of Fate(an old gruff sharp tongue sword.) She is told she has to defeat the corrupt and the current crow king to save her kingdom, her best (and well let’s face it really only) friend the red prince, and her crush (the stoic) knight in training, Chasm. With nothing but determination, her sharp tongue enchanted sword, and a snobbish cold in all meaning of the word nine-year-old boy prodigy ice wizard Vainglorious…and you know all the other enemies they have to fight along the way.

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In a world of advanced science and technology, apocalypse threatens to take over. In the last final attempt to save themselves, they called to the other eight worlds to help.

But how can you save a world you don’t even know exists?

Meet Zahra, a sixteen-year-old girl with bright orange hair and eyes. Cursed by her past and unsure about her fading future, she sets off on a journey to find all the people like her, Colors. With only her fighting and stealth prowess, and her wimpy ability to see emotions, Zahra battles power-hungry organizations in the hunt to find the others. But how can she connect the clues when not every Color is on her side?

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action



Kidnapped from his home and forced into a war he wants no part of, Shia is a young demon, and one of the worst kinds of demon at that. As such he has known prejudice and hatred since his untimely birth eighteen years ago. Yet despite that, there are whispers that the fate of the world rests solely in his claws.

He must now scour the withering world of Kaulaire, hunted by a warlord and his soldiers, in search of answers as he travels with a pack of other young and down-trodden humans, demons, and the occasional swarm of disgruntled ghosts along for the ride.

The road ahead is long and winding with death or an even worse fate at every turn.

But the question Shia keeps asking himself, the one answer he must look deep into himself to find, is is this dying and hate-filled world even worth saving? Or should Kaulaire be left to fade into oblivion?

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"I lift the paint-chipped, wooden frame of my first floor bedroom window up. Making sure to have disconnected it from the house alarm system earlier in the day, when everyone was off at work and school, I smile at my craftiness. "

I love your cover art!!!

Matthew and the Chimney Sweeps



Matthew, an orphaned safe-cracking wiz of a boy, is being held prisoner in an old folk’s home where he is forced to counterfeit money. However, on a stormy night, Matthew is rescued by a crime-fighting troupe of child chimney sweeps and is swept away to the big city of Spring Heights to live on a half-sunken boat.

The Faithful Ones

A group of children are Chosen by magic to complete four life-changing tasks that will set them free. Along the way, they meet and make friends who join them. They spend their days travelling and singing together, across land and sea to other places and eventually find a place of their own.

(updated every Wednesday)


A troubled girl wants nothing more than to escape to the worlds she reads about. When the life she’s dreamed of suddenly becomes possible, Bethany Tollday must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to live that life.
Title: In Between
Status: On going
Target: Mature young adults
Tags: adventure, decisions, dreams, magic, sacrifice, werewolves

Hey guys!! :smiley: My friend and I have a story called Secrets in a Reflection. Feel free to check it out! ~GCSJ

Title: Secrets in a Reflection

Book Cover

To this day, Valerie is unsure of whether or not she regrets running after Ilyas. It could possibly be the worst mistake she made in her life.

A life-changing mistake that flipped everything she knew upside down and dragged her away into another world. A world where the supernatural is common and lives are bartered like tokens for opportunities.

Valerie, a 16 year old girl, discovers Anwnn, a reality hidden behind every reflection in her world. And the only thing stopping her human world from discovering Anwnn is a paranormal police organization called, the Mir Guard. However, under all of this mystery and adventure is a void of secrets. Secrets that possibly lead to truths that can destroy and kill friends and foe alike.

Without a choice, after a series of unfortunate events, Valerie reluctantly barters her future and joins the Mir Guard, learning more about herself and this new world.

But was her decision worth it?

Story Link

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A rookie Californian surfer, Billy Wilson, arrives on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii determined to win the Pipeline Pro. But, he reconnects with a past lover named Miley Dole, where their romance regains momentum. After breaking up with her years before, they promised to keep their secret quiet. Miley Dole, a local Hawaiian, is married, though. She is married to Chris Stone, an experienced Australian surfer, who is also arriving on the North Shore determined to win the Pipeline Pro. But, Billy’s and Chris’s priorities change as love begins to complicate everything. The whole surf industry comes to the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii for the span of six weeks to prepare for the ultimate surf event. But, this year is different. The things that will happen over the next Six Weeks on the North Shore will be unforgettable.

Thank’s it comes with the website




DESCRIPTION/SUMMARY: A smart and successful student, that is what people use to describe Alice. A top student in her prestigious school. Her academics, physical health, almost everything about her is perfect. However, in a faithful day, she got into an accident.

But that was not the end of her. She was sent into a world of fantasy, a world that she only thought exist within books, anime, and imaginations itself. Will she be able to adapt in her new life, knowing that she holds a very big responsibility as a hero that will save the masses against the great evil that looms in this world?


Title : Ericverse

Author : JeffreyPalinJr

Link :

8 Chapters, 7,474 words

Age Group: Teen +

Genre : Fantasy, High Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Blurb : Mystery surrounds a simulation that becomes reality for some people who are currently no longer able to function in the real world. A reality filled with magic, new life, and people that they want to protect even if they don’t stay in that reality.

I hope you check it out, thanks.

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What some people never realized was that the Gods from old mythologies are still hanging around. Greek gods, Norse gods, Egyptian gods, you get the idea. Merlin Gray and Ryder Timothy certainly never got it, until they were accidentally cast into the Underworld. With the help of ghosts Connie Mayflower and Olive Panakos, they decide to break into Hades’ palace.
But unfortunately, it’s not quite what it seems. Thanks to the God of the North Wind, Ryder receives information about how the Gods are striking an apocalypse to restart the world.
But, how come Connie is told that the Gods are instead going missing? Does Olive know more than they’re letting on?

In progress, frequent updates.

Diversity: Sexuality, gender, race, neurodivergent

Political message: Environmental

Genres: Adventure, romance, diverse lit, action, mythology

UP Onyx Final

There was once a world, where magic was abundant and gods filled the skies. However, as all good things go, this too, came to an end. With fire and blood civilizations collapsed and the world was plunged into Dark Age.

Now, with millennia-long past and history almost forgotten, magic is in its infancy once more.

One unlikely individual, with a thirst for knowledge, came to this world. Will he grow to become a god of a new age of magic or will he die trying, like so many before him?

Only time will tell, but unfortunately, there isn’t much time left at all…


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Follow the story of love and emotions of death.
The Smith family is plagued by sickness. Hannah Smith, the middle child, is that last one left untouched by the illness. Follow this gripping tale of adventure as Hannah tries to cure her family.
She teams up with others, but will she find what she is looking for?

This is an action-packed historical fiction adventure staring an empowering female protagonist.

I’m posting new chapters every other day.

I’m open to some harsh criticism to make my short story better.



Tittle: Cardinals: The rise of Damian Bryne

Summary: Bran has always been on the run since he was a kid from enemies he doesn’t know. He is then taken in by an old man who teaches him how to defend himself. Just as Bran starts being comfortable the enemy attacks once more, this time he is rescued by two teenagers with strange powers, they take Bran to their hideout where Bran learns the truth about who he is and what he is. He then has to use he’s newly found powers to save the world from falling into absolute chaos

Story Link:

A typical teenage schoolboy in the town of Lightden, Noah seeks the everyday necessities in school, friends and social life. Living with his mother after his dad went missing, Noah sought any means to satisfy him. One day, a mysterious girl named Darlene moves into his neighborhood and puts an end to what Noah calls the “usual days”.
P.S- I’m fairly new to this platform, so any advice or suggestion will be appreciated, I’m working hard on the new parts and their revision so they can be published.

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