Share your character names!



Share the names of the characters from your stories!
How did you come up with them? Do you even like the name you made?
(Really just for fun XD)


My characters are Clyde Johnson, Gloria Straut, and Anton Greeves.

Clyde is named after Bonnie and Clyde, the criminal duo.
Gloria is named after one of my Aunt’s old co-workers (She was a nurse). Her last name is sort of inspired by Jonathan Stroud, one of my favorite authors (Just changed some of the lettering around).
Anton is named after a character from Professor Layton, one of my biggest inspirations. His last name is also a reference to one of the characters as well


Elijah was always Elijah in my mind. The name means God is my Yahweh. It depicts his religious nature and the fall of his character in general, his departure from extreme religion.

Irina is his fiancee. The name is derived from the goddess Irene of peace. Peace is all she aims for.

Abraham, her father, means father of many. It makes sense. He has two children and considers Elijah like a son, but this is a mistake. They fight often but his attachment issues prevent him from breaking his and Irina’s engagment.

Lasr we have Haydn. The vampire. The absolute love of my life deserves a far better existence. His full name is Gaius Flavius Vulcan Haydn. The last two are nicknames he was called throughout his life. Vulcan was the God of fire. Haydn is Welsh for little fire. He was born to a welsh woman and a Roman soldier. His roman friends called him Vulcan. His mother and wife called him Haydn. After his family was killed and he became a vampire, he was just Haydn. He is ths lover of Elijah.


Luzía Vitória: Luzia, meaning “light”, is supposed to be ironic considering how she seems to be the opposite. Vitória, meaning “woman of victory”, represents her love for competition


Devaki : That is an old, traditional name that symbolises her families traditional values.

Amaan : Means peace. It was a random name that popped up on my mind, but I still like it.


My characters are Reese Maddison, Jacob Ducal, and Beau Ellis. I honestly can’t even really explain where I got their names, but there you go, haha!

I can say this though, I had this story idea for a girl who goes through certain things and then I was looking at unisex names and Reese just jumped out at me lol


Ayden Dyer is one of my characters. Honestly, I wanted him to be a British guy so I looked up English names and decided Ayden was perfect. I am super happy with the name.


My character Khairrim Cadeyrn:

  1. Khai comes from a character from the manga series Beyblade - Kai Hiwatari. I loved Kai’s blue hair and character, and Khai’s the Lord of Water, so the colour blue makes sense.
  2. Cadeyrn means battle king in Ancient Celtic


I also love the name Ayden! I slightly adjusted it for one of my characters though: Aedan.


This is the second blue-haired Kai I know of.

The first: 4f13fa3b91bd89a8e80cfc16abd2ddb174051973_00


Apparently it’s a thing :joy::joy:


Negito is a play on ‘negative’, to represent the spectrum of Emotion he controls. I don’t really remember how exactly I thought it up, but I did.
Neutro is the same, in the sense that his name is a play on ‘neutral’.
Posilyn is a play on ‘positive’ and ‘Jocelyn’, I think. My sister helped me come up with her name.

Freddy was a background character I made up on the fly, and I based his first name off of Freddy Krueger because I wanted my horror movie-loving protagonist (Negito) to be reminded of a horror movie villain, heh heh. Freddy’s last name, Vortex, is supposed to be sort of based on Jason Vorheese.

Dante’s and Ned’s names were based on the names of stuffed animals I own. (And I got the name for my stuffed devil Dante from Devil May Cry’s protagonist.)


The four mains from my wip, LOVE MONSTER:

Kate Mackay - A girl I used to be totally obsessed with in school was named Kate, so that seemed fitting for this crazy stalker lassie. Mackay was the surname of my favourite English teacher, and Kate’s a history/English student.

Catriona Grant - Catriona was the name of one of my best friends from early childhood. She was blonde, sunny and carefree, the way Catriona Grant is. Grant just sounded nice with the first name!

Victor Okoye - I wanted him to go by his surname, and Okoye was a really nice one that stuck out to me on a list of Nigerian surnames. Victor seemed to fit him too, but is sort of clunky and old-fashioned enough that he’d want to go by his surname. He’s a classic bam, very cool and irreverent but over-masculine and aggressive.

Fraser Scott - All the biggest nerds and elitists I’ve known have been named either Fraser or Scott, so put them together! It fits him. He’s a med student who’s not in it to save any lives, just to get a fat salary so he can wear all the Gucci he wants.


In the fiction book that I am writing(not on Wattpad), I named a character Pineapple.
The character was to be of Hawaiian descent, and I wanted the name to have cultural significance and say something about Hawaiian culture. I had two names that I favored, one of which was Pauahi. I asked my sister which name she liked better, to which she replied, “NEITHER.” I patiently explained to her that “neither” wasn’t a good answer; unless she had a better idea, she should just tell me which name sounded better in her opinion. She gave me a concerned look and said, “It sounds like you’re trying to say ‘Pineapple’. The other one just sounds weird. Why do you always have to use complicated names in your stories?” I opened my mouth to argue, but then realized that she actually might be right. It’s good to represent other cultures, but maybe I’d taken the names too far. With other character names including “Labhaoise”, I realized it might be time for something simple. And so I told her I’d name the character “Pineapple”, because it’s easier to say and I didn’t want to spend more time thinking about it. Later, I considered going back and doing more research, but as I continued writing, I grew attached to Pineapple. Eventually, I knew she wouldn’t be the same if her name changed. She was Pineapple, and now she will always be Pineapple to me.



Dmitri Belyonavichi : From the name “Dimitri(meaning farmer, showing his status as a peasant)” Because I was an idiot and I ended up spelling his name as “Dmitri,” it became a running gag that he just doesn’t want to be called the “Dim” one.

Belyonavichi is from “Belo(Belyo)” meaning “white” in Slavic languages, and -vich, a common last name ending but since the language is inspired by Slavic languages, it’s not entirely so and decided to invent somewhere similar and call him with a “-vichi” instead.

There are other important characters but I’d rather not list them for the sake of time, haha.


My two main characters are Mr. Cirius Raven and Ms. Sarah Pemberly. I chose Cirius as a first name out of my love of Harry Potter (just changed the spelling), and I chose Raven as the last name in reference to Edgar Alan Poe’s poem, “The Raven”. I don’t know why I chose Sarah as the first name, but I chose Pemberly in honor of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, which is my favorite love story.


Wakanda Forever!


Wow, everyone here has such an amazing meaning behind their character’s name and then comes me:
He’s called Ethan because I like the name Ethan. But his last name is Bright because he always wants to spread positivity and helps people out.


(I actually had a character sort of like that. I was thinking of unisex names, and Charlie, Jax (who, btw, is the name of my female cat), and Kara came to mind XD
I will always associate Reese with the animal crossing character XD)


Wow. I have lots of novels so I’ll start with my main characters.

  1. Esther “Essy”-I had a teacher and that had a daughter named Esther. Fell in love with the name.

  2. Bayleigh- Took a college tour and saw the name in one of the dorm rooms. Fell in love with it.

  3. Freya- Wanted an F name. Saw it on a website. Loved it.

  4. Xylia “Lia”- Wanted a unique name and went with the letter X. Found Xylia and loved it.

  5. Gianna- Was supposed to be my name but my parents had neighbors who named their baby that so…long story short it became my favorite name of all time. If I have a girl her name will be Gianna Grace.

  6. Voilet- Thought it worked well for a princess.

  7. Melody- don’t know where I found it but I still love it.

  8. Taliah- Thought it worked well for a vampire

  9. Yuto- A great name for a killer whale.

  10. Arabella- it means “heroine”. The perfect name for a girl who saves the lives of her classmates.

  11. Jade- Thought it was simple and sweet.

  12. Bridget- I think it means loyal friend, worked will for a girl.

  13. Carmen- My favorite name with a Latin/Latina origin.

Okay. I think that’s everybody!