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Oof, I love the name Jax for girls! What of cat do you have?





My main character is Amber. Amber is a loner and fighter until one day. Later on, she makes friends and meets new people who help or hurt her. The other points of view are Lucy, Amber’s best friend, and Maia, Amber’s younger sister. Some of my favorite characters from my book are Serenity from chapter 2 and Raven from chapter 9.


She’s a calico. I have 6 cats (plus the one outdoor one we have “adopted”) and they are all American shorthairs. (We took in two pregnant cats we found on our doorstep. The first was a black cat, and had six black kittens, which we kept all of (until we put 2 up for adoption 6 years later, and they got adopted together!) The second was Jax, and she had 4 kittens that we immediately put up for adoption.

(The first mamas name is Mama Sweet, kittens are Pippen, Merry(both hobbits from lord of the rings), Robin hood and Little John (shortened to Robin, and changed to Snigalaur, the name of my ikea furniture respectively), Shadow, and Allegra (she made my mom sneeze). Jax’s kittens were named Winks (he had an eye infection, causing one eye to stay closed), Gandalf (again, lord of the rings), Zoe, and Apollo.)
Our outdoor cat is a orange tabby. I named him Dovakiin (sKYRIM-)

So yeahhhhh-


That’s awesome! I’ve got such a soft spot for cats, especially orange tabby cats, but unfortunately my SO is severely allergic! * cries *


(…i’m terribly allergic to cats as well…)

(I take allergy meds daily and i’m in hell when I forget o-o)


That’s true love!


I just make up a lot of names as I go along because trying to name based off of meaning gets me really bogged down and unable to decide what fits. I end up with a lot of names that maybe don’t work well together? Hard to say lmao


I base all my cultures off of real-world cultures, to varying degrees. I look at names and their meanings, then change them a bit to suit a Fantasy world I guess. I write High Fantasy. Here are my main characters across some of my stories:

  • Christos Aeffiore (male)
  • Alexis Claudius (male)
  • Einara (female)
  • Ariel (male)
  • Constance de Valoire (female)


(oof I have some more character names)
Swiss McAllister: Swiss was taken from Swiss Army Knife, since he originally was going to wield tons of knives. He’s Scottish, so McAllister sounded good (but I really think is was from the sandwhich company o-o)

Zanith: Zanith is a variant of the word “zenith”, which is the highest point reached by a celestial or other object. I planned on his father being a megalomaniac, so the fact he named his own son “the highest possible point” is sort of a testament to his personality.

Vixen: He was originally going to have a twin sister whose name started with a “V”(I gave up on that idea, so he could become a more independent character.), and I wanted it to be a gender-neutral name. His name was originally Vice, taken from Vincent, but I really didn’t think it fit his character. So, um, I stole one of Santa’s reindeer names. Because I’m such a creative person.

Marlo: Honestly, I created this character in Tomodachi life. I remember exactly where I was: I was in Galveston, in the parking lot of The Mosquito Café, and I was making generic characters. I took the name Marco (the name of my Swellow in Alpha Sapphire), and changed the ‘c’ to an ‘l’. I transferred him to my series because, well, I liked the character I made XD

Shara: I needed a gender-neutral name that seemed more feminine than masculine, but could still be a masculine name. I went through many names before coming to this one (heck, it might change again). She’s a 10-year old girl with very short hair, so finding a name is hard, since she’s very boyish.

Charlie Alves: this is actually really embarrising. Let’s just say 6 years ago, um, I was really into MLP and PJO (still am into the latter), and I made a “copy” of one of the characters from HOO named Charlie. In the VERY EARLY DAYS of SOULFIRE, Charlie was the main character(not a mlp oc anymore, but a human.), although now he’s sort of the villain of the main series. Alves is derived from Valdez, the character who, um, “inspired” Charlie.

Trojan: A big, burly character who is actually a skilled hacker. (I just realized this is a perfect description of Mitch, a supporting character in “Viscious” by V.E. Schaub. I’m so pissed right now because I came up with him two years ago (,o-o,)) He’s named after the Trojan Horse virus.

Wyvern: Just really liked the name. It really has nothing to do with the dragon.

Avery: (yeah, more A names.)Literally just went through names that started with ‘A’.


Scythe McAllister: One of Swiss’ sisters. Every one of the McAllister children is named after a weapon. There is a reason for it other than me being “lazy”.

Maria: I just… love the name. Really. But really, it’s a tribute to a song by “All-Time Low” called “Dear Maria, Count me in.” I love the song and the name.

Yoh: This character is heavily based off of the song “The Distortionist” by Ghost and Pals. The vocaloid that sings it is Yohioloid, so I named him “Yoh”. Also, just a coincidence, but there is also an artist that I love named Yoh who makes art that is very similar to the content of the song.


BTW, Freya is the Norse goddess of fertility, wealth, love, lust, beauty, attraction, magic, prophecy, war, battle, and death. She had a chariot pulled by 2 giant housecats.


sh*t I only know of the one from lego ninjago-
I want to cry XD


TOO MANY BLUE-HAIRED MEN CALLED KAI. But like…the one above is a cult leader and serial killer soooooo…




That’s exactly how I think. I specifically name my characters based on a name I like. Ayden Dyer. It sounds like a sexy British male name, so that’s his name. I thought I was a weirdo for never naming my characters more than just a name I happened to like.


I love your name choices. I have an all black American Short Hair. I named her Sheba because she acts like a queen.


Jasmine: I really liked the name, so I went with it.
(Regina, Janelle, George) All three of these names I just randomly went with. Although I feel like something inside of me was remembering the movie Mean Girls at the time because of Regina and George.
Elliot: The character came from Paris and I was searching for a name that sounded French.


My character names are Helen named after Helen of Troy. Another character was named Cassandra after Cassandra Clare who I as obsessed with at the time. Also, I love long guy names such as Christopher, Jonathan, Alexander, Sebastian etc.


Thank you! That’s a really cute name owo


The name Janelle sounds so evil… not sure why.