Share your character names!



It kinda sounds like a popular mean girl too


Oh dear! My symbolically blue-haired Khai is not a serial killer, but he has killed his fair share of enemies. But cult leader? He is sort of a religious leader… :joy::joy::joy:


Cassandra is also from Troy. Good names! Who has actually read the Iliad though? I’ve been struggling to finish it forever, but it is something I really want to do.


Ha! Lovely. :slight_smile:


…does every reading every single Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase book and companion guide plus the two mythology collections count?


Most definitely! Those are some of my ultimate favourites! I’ll reread them until the end of days!


(I’m running out of room on my bookshelf, and he still has AT LEAST two more books to write in his latest series…
And now he has a publishing group?
I can’t keep up…both me, and my wallet…)


Any reader’s biggest problems! :relaxed:


Janelle actually is a bit of a mean girl in this story. So I guess it worked out conveniently.


Esme & Charlotte Finch, they’re twins and I had the hardest time settling on one set of names, they live in a dystopian city but I decided that I wanted the names of the upper class to be surprisingly old fashioned. For the longest time they were Freida and Mae (Which is why I ended up naming their mother Freida-Mae)


September Nine.

He’s the last of 30 children who were selected from birth and raised under the strictest of circumstances and trained to fight the last of the other eleven children who are raised under similar circumstances. Every single day of his twelve years could have been his last.


My characters:

Delilah Carver: she’s sweet, sassy, defiant, can be absent minded and whiny at times. She’s the daughter of a mafia boss, and works as a secretary in a medical office. I always liked the name Delilah, and the names seemed to belong to her from day one!

Jason Steele: He’s tough, intelligent, athletic. Insanely good at fighting. He has to be, because he’s a serial killer who takes out criminals. By day he’s a doctor, in the same office as Delilah. They are best friends. His name changed many times, especially his last name. This one feels like it’s the one!

Seamus Kearney: He’s quiet, observant, has a great memory. Has many regrets in his life. He’s also one of the only characters who believes in God. Even after all he went through as a child. Having to live with the guilt of murdering thousands while serving the Drozans isn’t easy. His name just made sense to me. I loved the name before the character, and knew I had to use it!


I have a lot, so I’ll just go with a few of my main characters

• Keira Hayden: I chose Keira for two reasons - 1) I love Death Note, and have always really liked the sound of the name. 2) For it’s meaning, “little dark one” which fits the role she was born to play in the stories universe, as a sacrifce and vessel for a powerful Deity of Death, or the Grim Reaper.

• Wilma Schmidt: I chose Wilma primarily for its meaning, being “resolute protector”, it fits not only her personality, but also a role she plays in the story. It was also popular around the time period she was born.

• JJ Ward: This is the name my MC uses at her job, with her friends, and also the reality show she’s casted in. Her real name is Jessica Martinez. She uses an alias in oder to seprate her family, but also her past from the general public. I chose it because it suits her, feels like something she’d come up with, and I also just thought it sounded kinda cool.

• Leonardo “Leo” Mercer - I moslty chose this because

A) I love the sound and look of the name

B) I think it suits his character

And C) I liked the contrast of an old fashioned name in a futuristic, dystopian setting

• Theodora “Thea” Mercer: I love how it pairs with Leonardo (they’re twins), and moslty for the same reasons as the character listed above. And maybe also because I may be obsessed with the Netflix original The Haunting Of Hill House, and I thought Theo was an amazing character - so it’s also an homage of sorts.

• Emerson “Emy” Miller: I think the sweetness of Emy fit with her more reserved personality. And also because this is a revamped story that I created several years ago, and it was difficult to picture the character with a different name by this point. I sorta wish I had picked something a bit less generic :laughing:

• Margaret Harris: This name sounds very sweet, and even innocent - matching her public persona, but contrasting the true, more dark individual lurking beneath the mask. That’s what I was going for with this name.

• Aubree Brewer: For some reason, at the moment I thought it funny because she’s a witch specializing in potions. And I think it suited her.


I have a lot of characters and a lot of names, but I think the more interesting one is Aylwyn, from my fantasy series. It’s the old English version of Alvin, which is my dog’s name :joy::joy:


my morally ambiguous - get high on black magic - rich kids.

  • Sebastion Blakely
  • Adley Cox
  • Joaquin Cortez
  • Mallory & Camilla Abbott

i don’t know about the names of Joaquin and the Twins…how do y’all like the names?


my characters name is Lola Morgans
I actually got the plot from a plot shop, but I really like the name


Travis Leech and Arthur Beecham. Names to me are almost musical - I made these up as I like the way they sound:)


I have two dragons in my story, one’s called Panamex, and Alkadez (Made up).
The main character’s name is Ghen, his wife is Floria, and their daughter is Ayu lol.


These are all my original characters:
Katy Ferrington
Catherine Shotts
Mike Russell
Tanner Williams
Joe Bauer

(I sometimes make games with real users and fanfics so I don’t have much. But I do hope I can write extra stuff soon.)


Cuando empece a escribir la historia realmente no sabia como se iban a llamar los personajes.

El nombre de Sarah, surgió porque yo soy muy fanática de la serie de televisión CSI y mi personaje favorito justamente se llama Sarah, el apellido de ella también esta inspirado en la serie CSI el cual es Willos el apellido de un personaje también de la serie.

El nombre de Andrew surgió de la nada fue un golpe de inspiración que no lo tenia pensado pero desde un inicio me gusto.

Mackensy Willos, es el nombre de la mama de Sarah. Y mi inspiración provino de otro programa de televisión llamado DANCE MOM

Al resto de los personajes sinceramente no recuerdo. Pero si son muy importantes para mi.