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“When I started writing the story I didn’t really know how the characters were going to be called.
The name of Sarah, arose because I am very fanatical of the TV series CSI and my favorite character is just called Sarah, the surname of her is also inspired by the CSI series which is Willos the surname of a character also from the series.
Andrew’s name arose from the nothing was a blow of inspiration that I had not thought but from the beginning I liked.
Mackensy Willos, is the name of Sarah’s mom. And my inspiration came from another TV show called DANCE MOM
To the rest of the characters I honestly don’t remember. But if they are very important to me.”


Gracias por la traduccion al ingles.


Well I love the names Siobhan, Aspen and Aliya because I feel like they are unique. Siobhan makes me think of Greece again and Aspen reminds me of the selection series written by Kiera Cass. Aliya is a beautiful name that reminds me of the summers and flowers.


mine are

Louise Baker
Matthias Milton
Roxanne Milton
Emily Green


Sampaguita Justicia Dimasuay: I got her name from Philippine Culture. Sampaguita is one of the most famous flowers in the Philippines, and Justicia is one of the queens in a festival called Flores De Mayo. Meanwhile, her last name is actually my paternal grandpa’s middle name.

Magdalena : I have been thinking about the name itself and thought that it was a nice name that is also prominent in the Bible.


The two young adult leads of my current novel are an Orthodox Jew named Sabrina Himmelschein and a Mormon named Neil Cannon. “Sabrina” was a name I saw written on a wall a long time ago that I liked (it’s her middle name. Her first name is actually Miriam, which even her parents don’t like). “Himmelschein” is roughly supposed to mean “shining like heaven” in German. “Neil” is in honor of my college debate coach. “Cannon” is a prominent Utah family and it’s just a nice no-nonsense name.


My character’s name is Gemma Aubry. Gemma is actually my favorite models name (Gemma Ward). Aubry is her lastname and i find this lastname in IMG models. I forgot the model’s name but i choose another model’s lastname. imo its cute, is’nt ?


Ro Wilder originally was just a name I came up with because I liked the sound of it. Ro was shortened from Rose, a name I had always loved, but didn’t seem to fit with my character’s personality. Wilder was originally a play off of my theater teacher’s last name, (I simply rearranged and added a few letters.) but after being introduced to the play Our Town, I realized that it was the same last name as Thorton Wilder, who had written the play I had fallen in love with. At that point, I just new it was the perfect name for her. Since then, I’ve written several poems from Ro’s perspective in a story that shares her name. She’s really become a character I’ve grown close to at this point, I just love her and her story so much.


I usually pick names out of random name generators and only later try to give those names a meaning (I mean, the meaning of WHY I’m using these names).

I have a fantasy story on another account of mine whose names are Bytlaine Delliance and Harlough Remel. Harlough is an alternate spelling of “Harlow”, and I picked “Remel” as I thought it’d suit a holder of black magic. On the other hand, Bytlaine can be seen as a combination of “bit/byte” (as in the measure unit of digital files) and “Laine”, whereas Delliance is basically the word “dalliance” spelt with an “e” instead of the first “a”.


I decided my main character’s name would Captain Alexander Ray Rullero because I wanted him to have a catchy and memorable name. That’s why he mostly goes by Ray and Rullero.

The rest of the names were ones that I felt fit into a Victorian steampunk setting. Like Winston, Eveline, Matthias, Caspar, and Colin.

Also, Rullero is pronounced Rue-ler-oh


My characters names are Varea Merwin, Oscar Gleykin, Moira Raelings, Castel Rumani, Susana Kirkwood, Bravati and Michael O’Shay.

Varea Merwin - Varea’s name was originally Valery but I decided to change it up because I used that name a lot for previous characters

Oscar Gleykin - He actually is a real life friend of mine but with different last names

Moira Raelings - Based off of Moira from Overwatch

Castel Rumani - He’s based off of Castel from Supernatural

Susana Kirkwood - My grandmother said the name once. I thought it sounded like a nice name

Bravati - I made it up on the spot when my teacher asked me what this characters name was

Michael O’Shay - Had an old crush on a Michael. But decided to change his last name and O’Shay was what I got


So the protagonists for book 1 are the following.

Vragon Almkin - [ Vray - gun ] [ Alhm - Kin ] a name I more or less made up in some splicing and all. His last name is just borrowed since he doesn’t know his real one.

Ciecro Almkin - [ See - eck - row ] I more or less one time accidentally mixed up “Cicero” for "Ciecro and it never left me since.

Jaron Almkin - [ Jair - on ] A more basic name. Nothing too special in the selection save for the ‘aron’ part.

Seliph Almkin - [ Sell - ief ] Nothing special about this save for liking the name and this certain pronunciation.

Dolly Morteaih - [ Dohlly ] [ More - Teaiyh ] First name more reflecting of her warm, caring character while the latter one being something I made just for a last name. Nothing too significant save for a bit maybe of European influence.

Jasmine Morteaih - [ Jaz - min ] nothing significant in this choice either, save for a familiar name.

Swift Rubris - [ Roo- Briss ] The first name is his name given by his friend since in context of the story, before basically taking on his friend’s last name due to them being very close.

Garon Rubris - [ Gare - run ] nothing significant about this name choice besides being short and concise.

Demetri Taylrow [ Demee - Tree ] [ Tail -row ] First name just popped in head and stuck, while last name is a little splicing of and English surname and something more related to the world. (namely a mix of English surname and species in that world)

Devon Mimmers [ Dev - vun ] Nothing special about the names, save for Devon being a more technical sounding name.


(are numbers 2-4 related to each other? one of my characters has a huuuuge family [like 12 siblings and a dad; that’s not even including his extended family)


William Gotmaschine- Originally Wilhelm. His part of Celtic Gaul didn’t really have surnames as we know it. He made up last names as he went through the years. As a writer, his last name is a byproduct of being an edgy teenager who took German. It has been intentionally misspelled from its original version to be slightly less blasphemous.

Erin Lynn Milharn- Erin is named after her grandfather, Aaron (who, yes, has done messed up). Her family name is actually a variant of my maiden name and the last ‘m’ in it was changed to ‘rn.’

Joseph “Black/Noir/Preto/Schwarz” Ames- I went for a more common name. I liked that his last name was a derivative of friend. Once he started living life as a rouge, he started calling himself Mr. Black in whatever language he allegedly spoke at the time. Most recently he was Herr Schwarz in WWII and Schwarz had stuck with him since.


Indeed. Seliph, Ciecro, and Jaron Almkin are all brothers. Vragon only has their last name since he doesn’t know his and he and Jaron are best friends.
Dolly and Jasmine is a different case since Jasmine has Dolly’s last name due to essentially living with her now and them sort of being her second family since she ran away from the situations from her first one.


So, a few names of my characters. :slight_smile: Hope, I haven’t shared them already. My brain is a black hole. O.o

Matthew Dorset, law student in the late 1060s in Scotland, works to file a lawsuit against his mother - I’ve fallen for the family name of Dorset several years ago and like classy first names.
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Vaughn, art/design student in the late 1960s in Scotland, a whirlwind living for nature and colours. - Again, classy first names, Vaughn was something that sounded nice to it.



pilar zanetti - pilar is just a really gorgeous vintage name, while zanetti was to make sure she appeared at the bottom of the class roster

silas alonso - possibly my favorite male name ever lol, while alonso puts him at the top of the class roster

daniela roth - … because she’s goth pffft

qiang tang - “strong/energetic” he’s a loose canon

dolores, tomas, elle, …tbh there’s not much thought that goes into it, just choosing interesting, unique names


Mine pick their own names and throw hissy fits if/when I ever even think about changing them.



cough cough where did you get the name silas-

yo that’s my grandma’s name! even the spelling is the same o-o


honestly no idea! can’t even remember…extremely weird that like three years ago it became so prominent in all my story ideas/drafts

as for dolores LMAO. tbh having her take on her grandmother’s name would flesh her out a bit.