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Like if it was a historical biography done in the future. Share a biography from your characters! Leave a comment for the post above, no matter how small, please

There is no limit as to how long the biography can be, but please be reasonable, not over a million words xd (I guess wattpad has a limit, try not to reach it)

I’ll start!

Alfonso Rivera, was an high school student at Jose Miguel Carrera School and later a universitarian studying law in the Catholic University of Chile during Volume 1. He became Supreme Leader of the Empire at the start of Volume 2, position he held until his death in 2047. He is the founder of the Change Party in 2017, during his first year of High School. He has a supernatural ability for manipulation, which made it easy to massively expand the Party. He appeared several times on Chilean National TV before the coup. He was considered the best student at both his high school and his university, howerer, he was feared by teachers/proffesors and students alike, specially during his fourth year of High School in which there was 7 political assasinations done by his orders, never could the justice system do anything about it though. The assasinations continued until his graduation, exponentially increasing in number per month. He was best friends with Natalia, second in command of the Party and later the General Secretary of the Imperial Change Party. His girlfriend was Fabiana Diaz, the Supreme General of the Stingers (Military wing of the Party), he married Fabiana on 2026, the same year WW3 started, and had a daughter called Natalia Rivera, in honor of his best friend. In 2025, Alfonso and his party started a massive coup against the state of Chile right after Alfonso’s graduation as lawyer. The army of Chile had to surrender before the stingers after a week of intense battle, after which the Chilean President of the time was executed and Alfonso declared himself Supreme Leader, the entire congress was closed and their members persecuted, and he cracked down on every political party of the country, sentencing specifically members of the PC(AP) (Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action)) to concentration camps. He renamed the police to Internal Security Troops, and obligated all army members to either join the stingers or face execution.

In 2026, Alfonso ordered the stingers to invade Argentina and emit an ultimatum against Bolivia and Peru, the same year, Alfonso conquered Argentina and declared the start of the Empire and declared the Last Crusade, process in which he declared war on every country of earth and invaded Peru and Bolivia due to the lack of obedience to the ultimatum.

In 2028, he was Natalia’s best man on her wedding with Josefa, Minister of Propaganda of the Empire

In 2030, the catholic church excommunicated him, so he declared the new religion of the Empire to be Neo-Catholicism, and declared his sister, Catalina Rivera, to be the head of the religion, declaring her the “Black Pope” (The characteristical color of the Change Party is black)

In 2033, the US and Canada fell under his Empire, he also discovered his Minister of Economy, Ignacia Contreras, was a traitor, he ordered her execution but she ran away to Europe with help of the Resistence

He continued his aggressive expansion and invaded Europe in 2035, starting with an invasion of Spain and Italy via the African front, he started an invasion against China from the Japanese and Korean Colonies in 2036, howerer, he never arrived at Pekin. After the conquer of Italy, and establishment of an occupation there, he moved the capital of the Empire to Rome, forced the Pope to recognize Neo-Catholicism as the real religion, and then executed him. He forced the Swiss Guard to join the stingers or face execution.

In 2037, he wrote an autobiography which was obligatory to read on all Imperial Schools

In 2039, he declared the war would be over by 2045

In 2045, when the entire world was falling apart and he just had a few countries to conquer left, the Germans and the Chinese turned the ties, and started to recover territory, Alfonso, panicking, moved the capital of the Empire back to Santiago. Italy was recovered in 2046

At the end of 2046, Alfonso had lost 67% of Europe and Asia

In starts of 2047, the Germans succesfully naval invaded the territory formerly know as the US, the Chinese attacked Argentina, the Turks and Romanians attacked Viña del Mar, and the Germans started a triple front war by attacking Chile by south. (Triple because they already had the North American Front and the European Front)

By middle 2047, the Germans had recovered all of Europe and China recovered all of Asia

By endings of 2047, all nations remaining arrived to Santiago. Alfonso killed himself along with all the high ranking members of the Empire, including Natalia and Fabiana. His daughter also committed suicide in 2049, 2 years after the end of the war

A mother of twins who were separated at birth and died shortly after. Resurrected as someone else with no memory of her past but strong Deja vus about it. After she took in a strange baby, her life hasn’t been the same. She went from a carefree young adult to a woman who’s been through things no one would understand. Although, she’s glad to leave her past life behind and be in the moment with her son and chosen family.

Son of Cary and a young adult. About 19 going on 20 in October. Suffered from traumatic experiences and runs from his problems in fear of the threat. He has a good relationship with his mother and his chosen family. He has trouble dealing with small obstacles from his childhood being dangerous. A big fan of the show called “Steven Universe” and lover of cartoons!

Twin brother of Grayson though he has never been to his brother and mother’s world before. He’s been through a lot of trauma as a cub. Every day was a fight to stay alive especially from his master. His master would put him through abuse and neglect to become an assassin. He escaped and repressed all of his past life to forget the horrible memories. He thrives happier in the forest but he misses his caretaker in the hell hole he called home.

Abandoned as a cub left to be taken care of by the village. Her sister, Zari, returns after escaping and returns to her life. She applies for a job as a health researcher to help the scientist come up with cures and medicine. It’s not as stressful as it sounds for her since it’s no problem with her knowledge. Vanilla has problems being left alone for a while. She clings onto anyone that she’s close to in fear of them leaving her behind as her sister did in the past.

Prefers not to talk about her young life or family because it’s personal and none of your business. She’s a tough nut from where she came from. She sticks around her friends, Grayson and Wilfur. An icon of showing girls and women of all creatures their potential of what they can be. It’s dangerous for her because men oppress her beliefs and who she is. She lives alone in her cabin inside the camp away from everyone. She lives close to her friend that’s also inside the camp. Aubergine has a reputation of masculinity and often starts fights to defend her honor. Her doubts eats her up whenever she’s alone but she prefers to handle it on her own. Other than that, she lives a good life.

He has mild anxiety when it comes to talking to strangers. He has no problems talking to cubs and young creatures when he’s taking care of them. He works as a nurse inside the camp. Since there are a lot of creatures training to become what they want to be, they sometimes get hurt. He’s good friends with Aubergine and nervous when it comes to talking about her personality. He has a gentle manner and not as strong as Aubergine but has patience.

A strong-willed sow that is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her sister and Cory. She hasn’t lived a pleasant life since she also was trained to become an assassin as well. She doesn’t trust anyone that she or anyone close to her don’t know about. She has trust issues since she also had to fight each day and protect Cory. She helped him escape and so did she. Her relationship with Vanilla isn’t strong since she’s been gone for a while. She returned when she was a cub. She doesn’t believe in everlasting peace or kindness for strangers. Her heart is only for who she considers family.

She never met her mother but she loves her father and her siblings. She’s in charge of training and watching over the camp. Not so hard right? Not when Aubergine is around it isn’t. She doesn’t understand why she seeks thrills for her own satisfaction. She organizes the camp’s schedule to keep everyone in line. Her family is known to be the best organizer and well known for their cultural ideas. Unfortunately, she doesn’t enjoy keeping the organized culture. Not a lot of people are interested in hearing her ideas on creating a new start for the camp.

These are all of my characters biography summarized. It’s not fully thought out or done yet since it’s still under go process. Hope you enjoyed their short stories!

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Finally an answer! I will read it later because I can’t right now, but thanks for answering! Any comments on my biography?

Interesting! It reminds me of Country humans on YouTube. What are your inspirations to make them?

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Mostly just imagination on a “what if…”, the idea of a supernatural power for manipulation was simple, and then I remembered history class, where they said that Hitler had great speech ability and that helped him reach the masses and do what he did, so I thought, “Ok, this, but supernaturally powered up”, so I created a power-hungry maniac who thinks his supernatural power at manipulation is proof he’s the second coming of Jesus. A person deeply flawed, who thinks that creating a fascist society will bring about utopia because it will be under his rule, and because he’s the “second coming of Jesus”, he’s right by definition
Then his best friend is his main supporter, he convinces her she’s a reincarnation of Saint Peter, in female version, because God needed his second coming of Jesus to have his apostles back, despite this, he never saw any of the other CC members as apostles, just Natalia, he saw Fabiana and developed a crush on her, so he gave her command of the entire army, and got her .love mostly due to his capacity to manipulate. Similar stories happen around the other CC members, he fucks up on Ignacia though, not realizing she was inmune to his charm

And that’s about it lol, I went too deep into details haha

I read them now! I liked them, very interesting!

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This sounds really good! Wow! I’m invested in this! Having details is good when it comes to storytelling but try not to put in too much to where you don’t track it all. I’ve made that mistake plenty of times. Hehe. . .

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Oh! Thanks! I don’t think of myself as the best but I like to put down what I see my Characters doing. They’re kind of a part of me and I feel through them and depending on my mood, I go with the flow.

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Dakota “Kodi” Peshlaki she is 21 when the stories starts she works at a dinner and as a CNA she has two younger siblings Jeremy and Paisley Peshlaki they’re both in high school she never graduated. Because her family is poor and they shut down her school so she was always buy taking care of her younger siblings and her parents her mother works hard she has three jobs to support her family but she’s never home and her father works at a scrap yard and is a drunk. Koda herself is really good at gambling her father taught her how to count cards and cheat she has slight dyslexia although was never taught to deal with it because teachers dismissed it she struggled with it all her life but is often to stubborn to admit she needs help

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Shira Walker is a 25-year old unemployed woman. She was named after the mighty heroine She-ra by her brother, except obviously, incorrectly spelled by her parents. While not spoiled when growing up, she is fully aware she has a somewhat “princess” personality. Perhaps this became part of her when her mother left her dad, emptying out her college fund and running off to Florida.

Shira began dating Ben Bailey when she was fifteen, only breaking up two year prior to the story, ultimately affecting her outlook on future relationships. She truly believes falling in love is for naive schoolgirls and idiots infatuated with just the idea of it.

Presently, she is faced with the reality of her death. Terminally ill, and now a little mentally unstable due to it, she spends her days confessing her sins to her doctor. A doctor she’s heavily lusting after. A doctor who claims to be happily married.

For nearly four months, she chronicles her journey of tip-toeing on the edge of death, as well as her passionate affair, her vulnerabilities, her needs and desires she must discard… all because one day, she’ll breathe no more.

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For my main character, Willow:

Willow is a leukemia survivor, entering her senior year fairly late. While she’s on top of her classes (as she’s been studying while bed-bound) she isn’t looking forward to graduation. She doesn’t want to attend prom, she doesn’t want to talk across the stage, she’d much rather just get this whole thing over with.

She’s openly bisexual, but must build a relationship in order to feel at all attracted to someone.

She loves art and sketching and wants to be a professional artist in some form when she graduates from school.

Currently, as her hair grows back, she’s died it a peachy pink shade. Her favourite clothing item is her jean jacket, and her favourite kind of sandwich is peanut butter and banana on whole grain bread.

This is fun! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s :blush:

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