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in which her heart is thawing
ingrid’s best friend happens to be a bartender she occasionally sleeps with - which says a lot about how and where she likes to spend her time - who once described her as having “a conscience but not a heart.”

that’s something she has to come to terms with, after she learns about the damage she’s inflicted on a former lover who’d been nothing but good to her. because now she’s got new prey in her clutches and she promised to let it go before she breaks it.

tough part is, the wishful-thinking fool would rather be eaten alive…and she has to figure out how to let him down slowly enough for the fall not to kill him.

new adult - not rated mature

Whiskey Latte (completed)

in which she unearths her demons
alcohol and caffeine is what it takes to live the big city life…and ingrid needs it now more than ever.

an important promotion takes her from the relative safety of the home she had built in berlin, back to london where her past lies in wait. she spirals out of control when it all becomes too much, but she powers through, broken, her pieces barely held in place by the same old destructive habits.

one thing keeps her going, though: her long-lost friends, who welcome her back in their midst - and ingrid nearly throws her career under the bus to rescue one of them from a fate that, once upon a time, could have been her own…

(direct sequel to “Whiskey Latte” but it stands well enough on its own; completed, regular weekend updates)

adult - rated mature

Vodka Espresso

Warning: this story deals with suicidal thoughts & themes, including a suicide attempt

Jude and Ingrid come from very different places, down very different roads - though sooner or later, all roads lead to Rome, don’t they? In this case, Rome is both of them broken in Berlin, struggling to make sense of their scattered pieces.

They save each other, but on people like them, salvation is wasted, really. And so are they. Wasted, that is.

Wasted (completed short story)




Larissa Donovan is one of the country’s most valuable intelligence assets, working in the shadows where few know of her existence and even fewer know her real name. When she’s not working to keep the country safe, her focus is on tracking down the mobster responsible for her parents’ grisly murders when she was a child. However, after twenty years of murder and secrets, Lissa is tired. She agrees to take one final assignment for the FBI…go undercover and get information on a college professor with ties to the same mobster she’s been hunting all these years.

What starts out as a simple spy mission quickly turns into something much more complicated. Between fighting her attraction to her target and trying to solve the mysterious connection between him and the mob, she finds herself tangled in a web of secrets and lies. When one of those secrets leads back to her father, she realizes there was more to her parents’ murder than she ever imagined.

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From a young age, Nicole’s always been called “Phoenix.” Why? Like a phoenix, Nicole can regenerate after being burnt down to ashes. Each time she regenerates, she becomes an even more beautiful and stronger phoenix than the last. However, when her mother forces her into marriage to solve their financial problems, Nicole is burnt down to almost indecipherable ashes. Can she regenerate into another beautiful, strong phoenix again?



“Closely fitting breeches, shoulder-length curls and a jawline that was positively to die for.”

When bestselling author, Sarah Jane Smith, created her widely adored romantic hero, Samuel Reed, she could not have imagined how real her words might become.

Her fictional 18th century rogue won’t co-operate, and Sarah has more than a bad case of writer’s block on her hands. Frustrated with her character, Sarah Jane makes a fateful wish that will change everything she thought she knew.

Samuel Reed becomes more than fiction.

Adored by fans around the world, Reed is detested by the very woman who wrote him. It will take more than Reed’s effortless charm and ridiculous good-looks to win over his author. Getting Reed back into the books where he belongs becomes a much bigger challenge than anticipated. He is real until Sarah learns a valuable moral lesson, one which will see her question everything she thinks she knows about writing, life, and the fictional man she created. To understand Reed, Sarah must first understand herself, and that may be the biggest challenge she has ever faced.

ROGUE REWRITTEN is a heart warming and humorous modern fairytale of romance and redemption, and triumph over adversity.

Chosen as a wattpad book of the month by (june 2017)

1st place winner in the wearewriters awards 2019

Featured book 2016/17

“An absolutely fabulous and heart-wrenchingly beautiful plot … probably one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Gorgeously enthralling!” - MagicalDoodler

“So unpredictable and unique. Something very intimate is happening … much more than flirting or falling head over heels.” - Jaymich90

Click here to read:

Dominance Factor


Nora had graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in mathematics. She went on for a PhD by age twenty-four. Yet there was something brewing in the beautiful young woman, so shy and socially awkward. Moving to a quiet community on the outskirts of Chicago to teach math at a small liberal arts college, her sexual fantasies, which she had for years suppressed, began to influence her passions and a desire to make up for lost time. It was all about what had been lacking in her life—an infusion of sensuality. And though her fantasies were growing more lurid and sadistic, she now realized being in control of her students presented the perfect opportunity to live out her dominant desires.

Read this story here:

My Fist Christmas in Hell


Sometime when fate strikes, we wish to question it forever. Unfortunately, there’s a place where it can happen—eternally. Laura experiences this, and more, as she remembers her first Christmas in Hell.

“Eternity is long time, especially near the end.” —Woody Allen

[Winner of the Weekly ChickLit Challenge. Prompt #3]

Read this Flash Fiction here:

Hola hola

Aquí les dejo mi comedia romance.
Denle la bienvenida a Soraya y Tatiana en
Escritoras descaradas.

Cuando dos mejores amigas comienza a vivir juntas en su juventud, todo parece ser increíble. Hasta que la vida te azota y te das cuenta que no todo es color de rosa. Soraya es una chica escritora que logra convertir una página de internet viral con la ayuda de su mejor amiga Tatiana. Entre aventuras, desórdenes y chicos, estas dos amigas logran alcanzar muchas cosas. La gran pregunta es: lograran encontrar el verdadero amor y olvidar su pasado?

Por que al final de todo, para ellas la vida es un completo descaro.


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Downgrading Miss CEO

Hearing she has four months to find a potential husband, get engaged and everything set for a wedding in order to keep her current position as CEO, Lucienne ‘Lucy’ Harrington has her work cut out for her.

In the business world, she’s known as a fierce and cold-hearted woman but those characteristics disappear the minute she steps out of her office and into the real world.

Once a part of the dating community, Lucy learns that not everyone can keep business and private separate. When the truth hits that it’s hard to find love when people are hungry for money or intimidated by women like her, Lucy tries a different approach. One that will bring its own struggles and problems.

In the world of dating, nothing is as it seems. Will Lucy make her deadline and be able to find real and genuine love, or will she have to resign from her position as a CEO?


SHORT VERSION: Young women create a start-up company.

FULL VERSION: Meet the girls

When the young Elle founds her own company, she does not realize that it can be the greatest challenge in her life. She calls her best friend for this adventure, and soon the team is complete.

Do not think they are too young. And, also, do not think they are ready (nobody is).

However, the girls do it. They start their business, and they live the entrepreneur life: right and wrong, highs and lows, hard decisions, perseverance. They do not give up – they are women, how could they?

Meet Elle and the girls, and come with us on this great journey.

#chicklit #womenempowerment #girlpower #entrepreneurship

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MATURE ● A bwwm story ● SLOW EDITING

How far can you go with a lie?

Three years ago, FAYE SMITH heart got broken by her fiance, her little perfect life was compromised. So she tries to move on; apply for a new job and move to a new city. A new life.

Easy, right?


When ERIC LARSON, her ex-fiance, resurface in her life, another series of mishap happens and oh, don’t forget about his pretty not-so little lies, too.

As an old adage said; EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.


#8/880 in multicultural April 2019
#25/1.26K in wmbw March 2019
#7/11.6K in interracial February 2019


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For every 1000 years, a single 5-leaf clover grows.

That is the legend that almost nobody ever knew.

Because of its rarity, most of the people thought of it as a myth, and was forgotten through the centuries.

It was year 1019, when I saw it.

I used it foolishly, and was punished for it.

I was befallen to a curse.

I, myself, became the 5-leaf cover.

It is now 2019.

Alas! I can be alive again, and may this curse be banished away from me.

Ha? Anong nangyari?

Bigla akong natutong magtagalog.

Magiging tao pa ba ako?

Nasa mundo na ako ng mga tinatawag nilang ‘millenials’.

Wala nang naniniwala sa four-leaf clover.

Lima pa kaya?


Hanapin mo ako.

Tutuparin ko ang lima mong hiling.


Ako si Narcissus.



And handsome.

Hindi lang yan.

Ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko.

Hanggang sa walang hangganan.


Available here:

Clara was diagnosed with bowel disease when she was 14 years old. A chronic illness which over the years resulted in embarrassment, anxiety, and missing out on normal teenage experiences. At 21 the decision was made to perform a colostomy, the removal of part of her bowel. She expected it to give her the freedom to do so many of the things she’d missed out on. However, she didn’t expect to meet Harry, the kind handsome man in the hospital bed next to her. As they recover from surgery together, Harry opens Clara’s eyes to the adventures that are out there and teaches her how to love.

Jennie has it all together. A nice big house. A great high paying job that she absolutely loves. And a good head on her shoulders.

Marci DOESN’T have it all together. She can’t even keep a job. Has about zero direction in life. And spends all her time getting stoned and drinking.

Yet somehow, despite their differences, Jennie and Marci have been best friends for the last sixteen years. And nothing can break them apart.


Believe, Faith and Love

Raychel’s life isn’t one that is everyday life. In fact, some may say her life is a pure gift and blessing, well she certainly says that it is! After spending practically her whole schooling years in the hospital she is finally awarded the day that she is set free and can live her life without being held back. Taking her first steps into the big wide world of University she looks to her parents for guidance and support. Keeping her past and failures hidden from the world she’s forced to keep a straight face as if her life is perfect.


On the eve of her 80th Birthday, the iconic former millennial First Lady sits down to write a memoir for her eyes only. Back when she made cupcakes for a living struggling in the shadows of her brother’s mayoral dreams and a political geek was her catnip.