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How to join us?
You are interested in the profile and want to join? Great! We love new members and want to expand our community :slight_smile: Joining is fairly simple.

What do I need to do to become a member?
Simply follow the steps above. As the book says, you have to follow this account and add the book to a public reading list so people can find us. After you’ve done that, fill in the form, and then it’s up to us to decide :smiley:

What do I need to do to stay a member?
This one is fairly easy too. Be active at least once a month, be it on the forums or in the book club. You can of course be much more active too, but that’s the bare minimum. After two months of complete inactivity, you’ll be removed from the Coven. When you return, you can of course join again.
That said, as long as you warn us ahead of time, you won’t be removed as we know you’re not there.

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"Earnesty Community" is currently a Wattpad based community that puts together awards events, writing contests, promotion, and many more!
Our sole aim is to help Wattpad authors to get the publicity they need and deserve, by organising annual awards and numerous writing contests.

You can also Check out our poetry account: @ec_poetry

EC Poetry community is a sub community of @earnestycommunity. We are here for the preservation and growth of poetry on wattpad and the world at large.


Anyone can join us. Whether you are just writing poetry or you have been writing for long.
It doesn’t matter what kind of poetry you write, you can become a member.

All you need is the passion for poetry and we will take care of the rest.



:slack: EC MAIN :slack:

:beginner: Earnesty’s Writers Awards

:beginner: Earnesty’s graphics competition

:beginner: Shoot for the stars weekly Awards

:beginner: Weekly Poetry contests

:beginner: Earnesty’s Graphics House

:beginner: Fandoms and Fiction

:beginner: Earnesty’s Critiquing and editing shop

:beginner: The mystery party

:beginner: Through my eyes contest

:beginner: #MicroFiction

:beginner: The golden graphic designers

:beginner: Earnest Reads Book Club


:beginner: Poetry Prize Awards

:beginner: Realms of poetry: interview

:beginner: Poetry club

:beginner: Writing Tips

:beginner: Poetry camp

:beginner: love is love anthology

:beginner: The prize anthology


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Please check out SayNoToAbuse

On this profile we are a community raising awareness of all forms of abuse. Please feel free to pm the profile if you like to get involved or like to talk about anything. We are an international team.



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The Free Community is an initiative to create a stronger sense of community and inclusiveness here on wattpad. we allow all writers and genres without limitations and strive not to make any wattpadder feel like their books belong on the fringe of wattpad or only in a few certain clubs, and contests that allow them but still keep them as an ‘other’ or undesirable category.


We will be hosting various activities.

Monthly contest

Book of the month


Join our team – If you would like to join our team please fill in the form in the main book. There are limited spots available and as soon as they are filled this book will be closed.

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The Mythological


Welcome, mighty scribes, to a land of three-headed beasts and vengeful gods. We are The Mythological, your source for all the best mythology reads.

We support mythology stories of every shape and size, from Odin to Osiris, with content for both readers and writers alike. Follow us for quality content, contests, and epic competitions!

We are a fantasy account dedicated to recognising stories based on Myths and Legends and their writers/ readers. We offer Reading List adds, critiques, reviews, contests and much more.

Link to our profile -

We hope to see you soon!

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Please check out staysafeonline on Wattpad:

We love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for online safety and we can add it to our suggestions book.

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