Share your detective fiction (can be fanfiction)

I’m going to create a new reading list for detective fiction to satisfy my addiction. Feel free to drop your work(s). Just a link is fine.

What I’m looking for:

  • detective fiction with actual deduction (can be realistic or can touch the fiction-side more)
  • I don’t mind fanfiction, but it must not be just a shipping fanfiction (with no case-solving).
  • I don’t mind other genres along with it (romance, sci-fi, or even fantasy), but I wish to see a MC deduce something with the logic of his/her world.
  • I don’t mind how realistic the MC is. The MC could be a prodigee and super-strong athlete as long as he can solve crimes with sound deduction.

Bonus points (Your story doesn’t have to include all or any of them.):

  • if modern era (21st century, realistic setting) - if related to forensics technology
  • if locked room murder
  • if cryptography
  • if there are details on the technical: for example, if it’s a poisoning, I would love for it to be specific about which poison

The works can be:

  • from Wattpad
  • outside Wattpad
  • yours
  • someone else’s

b u m p

After a series of brutal murders occur and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara Gordon begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she becomes entangled in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.


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Yes! The Batfamily!

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Finally someone who appreciates them!! :sob::joy:

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Thank you though for adding it and for the follow! :grin:

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b u m p i t y b u m p

b u m p

no one else?

Damnit, I’m working on one of these right now :joy: Can I let you know when it’s out?

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I’ve just started an urban fantasy romance // detective fiction. It’s a few chapters in but a couple key pieces are already being set up for the mystery, and it has regular updates. Feel free to stop by if it seems like something you’d like :]


Werewolves are real. Big whoop. If NYPD detective Maverick Carson is being honest, he’s always been more of a cat person. As part of a new expansion project, however, the 11th precinct is getting its first lycanthrope officer - an intimidating presence by the name of Emery Faustine. And, by some cruel twist of fate, Maverick is assigned to be his partner.

The two hotshots are fire and ice. Night and day. Sworn enemies from the moment they meet, until a serial killer begins to ravage the streets of New York City, and Maverick and Emery must force their rivalry aside to stop the gruesome killings at whatever cost.

Meanwhile, Maverick wonders if there’s something more to Emery than just his wolfish nature. As he contemplates his partner’s humanity, he wonders, too, if there could be something more to their partnership. With the case coming to a head between them, hidden secrets - and feelings - threaten to be revealed. Maverick must decide: is Emery human, or just a wolf parading as one? And, more importantly, can he learn to trust the werewolf, even if it means risking his own life?

urban fantasy // mxm // d̶e̶t̶e̶c̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶n̶e̶o̶ ̶n̶o̶i̶r̶


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Of course! Feel free to post here or just inbox me :slight_smile:

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I will definitely inbox you! I promise! Thanks a bunch for your consideration :smiley:

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You will like this story. A major subplot is a detective finding these children. Yes, this is set in the 21st century.

Title: Lost: Casa Perdida .
Blurb: It was supposed to be an exciting field trip for a group of 10 graders to the dense jungles of Bolivia. All was how it was meant to be until their guardians left them one day, never to return. The children are stranded amid disastrous weather. As they strive to survive in the jungles, will they come out alive? Or, will they become the next victims of the mythical poltergeist La Negra after trespassing on her hunting grounds?

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Hello! I think you might enjoy my book, it’s a Paranormal Mystery Novel. So my MC is a homicide detective and the entire book is a mystery about a series of murders taking place. I think you’ll really enjoy it because I’m doing my research and dropping vague hints like crazy. There’s a lot you can deduce (I hope) and if it isn’t that good, I’d appreciate all the feedback I can get, thanks. :blush::purple_heart:

Title & Link: When Lightning Strikes Thunder Follows

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Target Demographic: Young Adult / New Adult

Length: Currently 7 parts up of 3,000 words each (end goal is 21 parts and 60,000 words). Updates every Friday.


Adeana’s family was slaughtered 11 years ago in the small town of Wakefield. Now known as Sergeant Simmons, Adeana is determined to solve the decade old case and protect those she loves from rising danger. The more she investigates, the less the town around her makes sense and she is forced to believe and do things she never would’ve considered before.

Her ward, Maya Washington, is conducting her own research into the town’s dark secrets with the aid of new friends that have a knack for finding trouble. Through incessant digging they find darker truths than originally anticipated. Once they have learnt these truths, they can’t ever go back to the way things were.

The pair struggle to separate their heads from their hearts as complicated and confusing matters consume their once-simple lives.

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Ohhh… This gives me a Lord of the Flies vibe.

hi there! i have a fanfiction au that’s a murder mystery (don’t worry – it’s short and to the point lol) but it involves a police officer and a forensic psychologist instead of private investigators and detectives. feel free to check it out if it’s what you’re looking for!

Title: Interrogation
Blurb: In which police officer Kim Namjoon and forensic psychologist Sophie Zhang team up to question six suspects for capital murder. Can you find the killer?

otherwise, one of my favorite mystery/detective stories on wattpad is called Lemon Sorbet by @snickerous

Blurb: It started with a lemon sorbet.
Then a cold, dead body smiled.

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Darkness: Inside Out By @MortalVamp55 is something you might be interested in!

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@guywortheyauthor 's Chicago Typewriter! I haven’t gotten far, but I like his style of writing and the way he structures his chapters. I love the classic feeling of the cover and the story itself. :slight_smile: I really need to get back into it but unfortunately I’m swamped with things.


Right now, there’s only one chapter which is more like a teaser - I’m prepping to write the full book in November for NaNoWriMo. So if you want to add it to your list now to read later, here it goes.

What would you do if someone targeted your friends and neighbors with brutal attacks and the police did nothing to catch him?

Hunt for Unseelie Jack

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