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Reaver Chronicles - Overtribe

Tyran, a young adult dragon with forbidden magic, in a world dominated by manipulative superpowers, defies fate pushing him towards villainy. When everyone believes in genocidal population control, where does one draw the line against the scars in their heart? No drak walks their path alone, and Tyran needs to feed off of you to fix the downward spiral his race has fallen into.

Book One Complete - Chapters released weekly or sooner. Marked mature for mild gore and sexual mischief.

RotD Third New png

Prophecy of Shadow Book 1
Long have the enemies of Dragonkind hid in the shadows, waiting to strike. For millennia Dragons have also hid in the shadows, growing restless. A prophecy is found and the pieces on the board begin to move. Two young dragons are chosen to train and fight, but just who is moving the pieces?
A unique story of dragons and other creatures of magic set in the modern world.

Complete. The story continues in book 2, The Dragon of Charred Scales, currently in progress. Also check out Grusa-kal’s Burden, a Prophecy of Shadow short story.

Rin lived in the wild. All Rin had was her father and Blue, her dragon, and her life was full. She had adopted the dragon, raising it from a hatchling, and he followed her everywhere - until he found a mate, owned by a Lord. Rin was a lowborn, from a different part of the world. Lord Parmer was a highborn, the son of the city Principal.
His life was empty, yet Lord Parmer had anything and everything he wanted, now he owned Rin’s dragon too. Dragons mate for life.
Once Parmer discovered who the beautiful owner of the male dragon was, he didn’t want to let her go.
Could a lowborn and a highborn find a compromise and be happy?

Complete. Mature.


Alexis was simply seeking adventure; Instead, she is confronted with love, lust, lasciviousness, and a bond that will last a lifetime. She must discover and understand her connection to raw dragon magic before whatever is making the nobles of Thunderfall disappear, starts happening everywhere else too.

what if it doesn’t have dragon in the tags but it contains dragons in the story?

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Hi there! You must have the correct tags to share in the Share Your Story threads – I hope this helps!

Dragons have been dead for thousands of years, after the conclusion of the Great Demon Wars they simply dissapeared. The legends grew as memories faded and eventually they were nothing more than fanciful tales recanted to children. That was until the legends of demons started to awake, old memories may have faded but they were never gone.
Talia was born to a world of darkness run by slavery, death, and inequality. She was raised as a weapon and used to kill mercilessly. One day while finishing up a particular job fate strikes and her world is changed forever, she may have never been raised with fanciful stories but when one sees a dragon theres simply no explaining it away.
Bromyr was born a dwarven prince to a dying kingdom. Desperate to change his people’s fate he embarks on a dangerous journey with a small band of trusted friends. He knows the tales of dragons and demons were real, he saw the proof. In fact he even knew of a story depicting a glittering ruby egg…
Follow the story as these characters start to unravel the truth beneath a fractured world. Demons have awoke from the shadows, so too will the dragons. Will war ensue again? Will the dragons reawaken the flames within the people and their kingdoms? Or will the fire end up consuming them all?


Hi everyone, I am currently writing this fantasy story. If you’re interested in adventure, elemental fantasy and sorcery, give this story a shot.
Thank you :blush:
Summer Break (4)
Title - The Secret of Māyu
Genre - Fantasy
Link -āyu
Blurb - Being a part of the ancient dragon clan … was ‘not’ in his plan. Let alone being ‘the heir’ to their Prapālaka.
Until he was ten, Vivaan was unaware of his father’s identity. His mother successfully didn’t reveal about his origin so far and finally when he met his father, a door to the past opened before him. His father wanted revenge and his mother hated him for leaving her twelve years ago.
Things started to get heated when everyone was aiming to break the confidential section of Māyu and Vivaan suddenly discovered he had an enemy.
Questions soaring high and Vivaan needed answers.
Why did his father leave his mother for twelve long years? What was hidden in the confidential section of Māyu? And who was this enemy?
©2019 @krishvipriya All rights reserved.