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Blazing Empress (1)
Title: Blazing Empress( Naruto AU)
Status: Ongoing
Description: After the Third Shinobi World War, hidden villages made the decision to put their differences aside and reconcile with one another.

Finally, an era of peace.

Young genin no longer needed to go on the battlefield early on and die senselessly. Each of them can reach for their goals, making their dreams a reality.

However, that wasn’t the case for 3 particular genins and their mischievous sensei.

Akane wanted the title of the strongest to avenge her dear mother.

Kazuma wanted to solve his father's murder case.

Keito had to protect his sister.

Yuya wanted some entertainment; she's found it in 3 little brats.

Awesome cover created by @annie1loves1you


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.00.39 AM
Title : From the Day I Met Him
Link : From the Day I Met Him (Luffy x reader)
Status : Not completed, uploaded up to chapter 4
Description : Luffy lives in Curly Dadan’s place with Ace when he encounters with a girl named (y/n). Luffy, Ace, Sabo and (y/n) become close friends and dreaming of becoming the pirate king. When he becomes 17 he continues his pirate journey. He thought (y/n) was just a to him until he realizes what he actually feels about her…
DISCLAIMER The image is not owned by me

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Assassination Classroom Fanfic

Title: Sanctuary (Karma Akabane x OC)
Status: Ongoing
Current chapters: 21
Anticipated chapters: A lot xx


ENTER: Sakame Katsuna, a second to top student at Kunugigaoka Junior High School but a certain chain of events landed her in Class 3-E.

Training to become an assassin in order to kill her teacher was not on the list of things she planned for her third year.

With danger at every turn and a crimson haired boy hot on her trail of secrets, can Katsuna save herself from her destiny of despair?

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Cover 2.PNG

Title: The Seraph of Remnant- RWBY Fanfiction

Status: Ongoing-Updated regularly. Average 1,500 words per chapter or more.

Description: A boy who doesn’t know his mother or father was raised by a caring woman. After a tragic accident he is left alone and offered a chance to move on. What he doesn’t know is his journey is just getting started. What will happen when discovering more about the life he has been kept in the dark about?


LivaïxReader SNK French Fanfiction

Title : Let it be - LivaïxReader
Titre : Ainsi soit-il - LivaïxReader

Status : Ongoing, uptated regulary. Average 1,500 words per chapter
Statut : En cours d’écriture, chapitres d’environ 1500 mots postés régulièrement (tous les jours à 20h ou tous les deux jours à la rigueur). Il y a actuellement le prologue et le chapitre 1 de posté (j’ai commencé seulement aujourd’hui)

Description : (T/P) (T/N) a 21 ans quand elle rejoint le bataillon d’exploration. Elle est une guerrière hors-pair et en plus elle a de précieuses connaissances médicales. Ses instructeurs ne peuvent qu’être élogieux à son encontre.
Elle est très proche de son frère mais dans la lutte qui oppose l’humanité aux titans, cette relation va être sacrément malmenée surtout après de lourdes révélations familiales… D’autant que pour la première fois elle va s’attacher à un autre homme, quelqu’un sur qui elle pourra compter pendant les périodes sombres de leur histoire… Mais une fois encore, leur histoire ne sera pas de tout repos et elle devra faire des choix cruciaux qui pourraient bien la blesser plus profondément qu’aucun titan n’en serait capable…

J’espère que ça vous plaira !

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Hey… I don’t know if what I am doing here is correct but…
I would want to share my first Wattpad fanfic story here! I wrote until now two chapters… I will definitely write more every day… hopefully. So, please take it easy.

1ccd390c0dc0beaaafe8f83b4c285ee7 copy|198x288

Title: Can We Go Back?
Status: Ongoing
Description: Deku has been feeling anxious. One day a quirk hits him and he started to experience feelings that he thought faded away … long ago. Why now? (BakuDeku)
Thank you for all your support!




ONGOING: New Chapter Each Friday
Roy x Riza (RoyAi) | Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction

“Life that has been lost cannot be brought back again. That very truth is what shows us the meaning and value of living.”

This alchemical concept finds is direct applicability to life when, in wait for the promised day, Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye find themselves drawn apart by the same forces that once brought them together.

Their past, a story to hold on, their future a adventure to be told.

When The Wind Changes
Sequel to Till The Wind Changes


ONGOING: New Chapter Each Tuesday
Shikamaru x Temari (ShikaTema) | Naruto Fanfiction
Link for Book 1:
Link for Book 2:
Sinopsis of When The Wind Changes:

They had known each other for three years. Their title? None. There was no need for one. They had been rivals, enemies and allies. There was no sense on imposing any other label upon them. After all it was only a game, right?


Hey there! Welcome to the community. It´s perfect but if you want you can also add your cover photo and the link to your story in order for people to find it easier to look at your story. You can add the cover photo from your desktop by clicking on the icon you got in between the grid gallery and the bullet list or you can just copy and paste it (it´ll have less quality). You can also play with the bold letters and italics in order to emphasize important aspects that you want potential readers to know. Hope you´ll find this helpful!

Title: Hearts That Bleed


A story of kiss, steal, and kill.

After Misaki’s family saved a young man’s life they decided to let him stay for awhile. However, this is where it all begins. One choice that awakened the curse inside her.

When Misaki turned 19 she transfers to Konohagakure to start a new life and find new adventures.

As Misaki arrives at Konohagakure she is given D-rank missions by the Hokage to help her body get used to heat. Her mission partner, Kakashi Hatake falls deeply in love with her despite her curse and her tragic past.

While Kakashi tries to save Misaki from her curse, suddenly the young man from her past shows up and threatens to kill Kakashi in order to take Misaki back into his arms again. This another encounter with him that will shaken her life once more.

Will Kakashi’s love for Misaki conquers all?

(Violence & Actions included).

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OKay got it! thank you so much!!!

But i been having problem posting the cover… they won’t let me.
I tried to post also links but it doesnt work… can you help?

I’ve just posted the first episode (chapter) of a brand-new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! featuring real duels and custom cards -like the one above. I would love to get some feedback to see if people are interested in seeing more.

Description: The story is about a reluctant duelist must confront his past and a looming threat with new cards, new friends and a brand new way to duel. Our story begins in the 5D’s dimension/era following the Ark Cradle incident but who knows what road this story will take…

Please check out Yu-Gi-Oh! New Roads - Episode 01:

Try downloading it to your PC and uploading it with image icon. If you can’t do this then try to copy and paste it in the reply. I really don’t know how can I help you beyond this… maybe there are some tutorials out there you can find in order to make it easier for you. Check your image is in the right format (jpg) and that the size fits correctly (you can shrink it within the same post but you can try doing it before hand to see if that’s the problem). I am not an expert as you may see but I hope it helps. If not try to reach out an Ambassador who’ll probably be much more acquainted than me with what may be your problem and a super helpful when it comes to this things. You can create a post in the Help part of the community and ask the community at large. Try to describe your comment in detail so that people will be able to give you a better response for your problem. Have a nice day!

Congratulations! Welcome to the Wattpad Community!

Hi! My name is Mar and I’ve come to share my My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia) fanfic! I’ve just started writing it for fun and I’m really excited about it, any advice, feedback or anything really is very welcomed!! Thank you and have a nice day :heart:


Bakugo Katsuki x OC

Paroxysm [ par-uh k-siz-uh m ] noun

  • Any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion: paroxysms of rage.

Anahita Shuzenji has plans for the future, but she’s not the most patient of people and decides to take matters into her own hands. After a few incidents that put her life in danger, it was decided she should stay under surveillance until further notice. She had to be transferred onto a new class where she would be watched by her teacher and a fellow student who had had experience with villains much as she had. You could say it wasn’t the ideal situation for her, but it could be worse. That’s what she thought… Until she met Katsuki Bakugo.

Okay! thank you so much!

Title : Aikatsu Precure: Suite Dream
Fandom : Suite Precure crossover with Aikatsu Stars
Status : 24 Chapters (On going)
Link :
Description :
After Suite Precure defeat Noise, peace lasts a few months. However, when Major Land completely recovers, they found an ancient box. This box contains items that will help the precure fight the new enemy. It will be battles that require live performance to save people. Suite precure will have to train and find new friends to fight with them to save the world.

Screenshot (61)
Title: Stealing Suna’s Book
Anime/Manga: My Love Story!!
Status: Ongoing
Shuei High School: home to the widely recognized urban legend beast, Takeo Goda and his right-wing man, Makoto Sunakawa. The unstoppable duo. But another urban legend is transferring in, and she is ready to steal the spotlight-- and more-- from Takeo and his infuriating brunette friend.

Loosely based off the anime and manga “My Love Story!” (Not required to have seen before jumping into my story)
Sunakawa x OC

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What if Izuku Midoriya has a brother that was taken away by their father to be a villain?
Would he fight him nevertheless?
Why did he forget about him?
How does all that change him?
Already publilished up to Chapter 9
New Chapter every Friday evening ( around 7pm german time)
This is my first Fan-Fiction, i hope you like it. I would really like some comments under the story to know what i could do better for the next chapters or books.
The cover is just some picture that’s from anisearch so it’s not mine.

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