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The Boy With Two Hearts

Author name: @Miss_Wierd54
Status: Ongoing
No. of chapters: 6 upto now.

Description: This story is about a boy with two hearts. He finds his love on an online game. Being blessed with two hearts he is very kind, caring and last but not least , loving. He intends on living upto his hearts content and for that he desire to save a person’s life.
Does he achieve it or not?
Who does he intend to save? himself or his loved ones or a complete stranger?
When asked how it feels like to have two hearts he says ‘One is to love others and the other is to love myself’




Book title: WHO
Author name; @Miss_Wierd54
No. of chapters: 13 upto now
Status: ONgoing

Description: Can people change? There are two types of changes . A bad and a good one. Kim Aera’s husband Park Jimin changed. For the worse. He abused her physically and verbally and cheated on her. After having tortured her he leaves her all alone with his child. Aera goes to her step brother’s house and tries to move on.

Does she move on from him?OR Does Jimin regeret and reunites with her OR Does Aera find love all over again.

Though Jimin was her first, Let’s see who her last is, shall we?

Read to find out more.


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Title: Not Today (A BTS Zombie Apocalypse Fanfic)

Genre: Fanfiction, Action, Horror

Description: The BTS are splitting apart! The global phenomenon of BTS has come to an end over creative differences. They have come to the USA to perform one last show. But they are trapped in USA in a Zombie apocalypse. Will they survive this twist in their fate? Will they emerge out of this catastrophe, stronger and united than ever?



Title: PJM, KTH || Fake Couple
Genre: Fanfiction, Romance
Status: Completed
Broke up with your boyfriend Taehyung and end up in a fake relationship with Jimin?!
“Shh, it’s a secret between us.”


Title: BTS || One-shot stories
Status: Ongoing
Description: A collection of BTS One-Shot Stories.

Title: The Distance Between Us (MYG x Reader)
Status: Ongoing
Description: You meet your first love, Yoongi through college and you begin dating; but as time passes, you realise the two of you are starting to drift apart.

Will the two of you be able to stick together until the end?


PS: If anyone wants a book cover do check out “Singularity || Cover shop”

Title : Unnatural Disaster
Author : @army_ad001
Status : ongoing
Genre : Jungkook fanfiction
Link :

A doctor wants his child to be a doctor. A teacher wants his child to be a teacher. But what does a criminal want his daughter to be?

Kim Y/n is the daughter of the leader of the strongest Mafia gang of Seoul. Being the only child, she’s the heir of the Mafia. Her gang is so strong that other gangs worship them.

It’s said that Mafias are cold-hearted, cruel, brutal people. But they do have hearts and so does Y/n.
But what happens when her heart starts beating for a cop? Aren’t they supposed to be soul enemies?

Officer Jeon Jungkook, one of the best cops gets transferred from Busan to Seoul for the only reason, to capture the leader of Kim Mafia.

Now, will Jungkook reciprocate Y/n’s feelings? Will she get her unconditional love or will she be rewarded with unbreakable handcuffs?

This is my very first fanfiction. I really hope you like it. Your support and feedback means a lot. Saranghae :purple_heart:


I have been on this site for quite some time. I read a lot as you can see by my lists lol!

This is my first time writing a fic but I’m having so much fun! I’m hoping this will be the first of many!

Come check it out! I really hope you like it.

Please if you do let me know what you think and where I can improve. Hope to see you there!

JUST FOR ME (TAEKOOK) by 76PurpleHearts4Life

psst: click MY NAME to read :blush:

JUST FOR ME (TAEKOOK) by 76PurpleHearts4Life

Jungkook has always been different. He has a loving family and had a happy childhood but has always felt like there is something missing. He has a chance to travel and start new in a new country and city at a brand new job. Will he find what he’s looking for… Or maybe who he’s looking for?

:heart_eyes: :purple_heart:

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Title: She’s The Boss
Author: damella3
Summary: When engaged heiress Wang Jae Hwa accidentally meets up with an old friend on a blind date, she is embarrassed by her mistake. Little does she know that this one event will be the catalyst for new rivalries, relationships, drama, and murder…
Status: Ongoing

Title: Quarantine Life: BTS play Truth or Dare!

"Jungkook, truth or dare?"Jin said.

Jungkook tried to think strategically. If he picked truth, there was many things he did he didn’t want to admit to Jin. So he went with dare.

"Dare,"he said confidently.

Jin smiled evilly. Yoongi was suddenly interested in what happens next. Everyone silently waited for the moment.

"Okay,"Jin said,“Jungkook, I dare you to call IU and confess to her you like her.”


Just started, but willing update frequently

Description: Taehyung had too much to worry about already let alone trying to find his mate. Being the Alpha of his pack, he needed to protect his pack as well as the small town they were assigned to watch over. Things become complicated when he not only finds his mate, but she becomes the target of another supernatural being.

Alanna was no one special. No close friends and no family to call her own. So when she is ripped from her mundane life to live as the mate of a very attractive man, she should be happy right?

“Love doesn’t just happen like that! I want to be with someone who wants me for me, not because of some animalistic instinct!”

“Trust me! I wish I didn’t feel this way.”


I love talking with the people in the comments and I am dying to know what you think of my stories. Don’t be shy :smiley:




Nora Jean is a * confident don’t-need-a-boyfriend young girl with nothing to prove to society unless that she doesn’t give a * to laws & standards. She’s not a popular kid, but at least, she likes to say, she has her own band in which she’s the main vocalist. Nora’s just another girl trying to finish her graduation at the city’s community college and get out of town to make her dreams come true –even if she has only ten buckets in her pocket.

Her life was going just fine when this boy, this single * boy who’s the representative of Satan on Earth, a true demoniac creature, ends up crossing Nora’s path and, as if that isn’t enough, taking same classes as her and sitting right behind her. Jeon the Jungkook.

Everyday he would walk like he owns the universe with that smirk and that scent of mint-cinnamon-vanilla-velvet leather cologne – how he manages to smell so * good like that remains a mystery – making commentaries about her leather jackets, knee socks and tiny skirts. He’s not only a chauvinist f*boy, but also the human synonym for trouble, and Nora has to deal with the fact that she’s getting trapped into his web of lies and secrets deeper and deeper.

He’s got everything that Nora hates the most –except for that * smirk.

“I’ll make you mine one day, Nora Jean.”


STATUS: ongoing



Author name: @ttaekyo
Status: Ongoing
No. of chapters: 13 up to now.


Yoongi’d seen all of this a hundred time. the classic “brother killed sister,” scene.

He’s gone to flip the channel when there was someone knocking on his door, and knocking furiously.

In which a boy is framed from his sister’s murder, but he’s truly innocent. what happens when he shows up at Min Yoongi’s door, running from the cops?

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In which Jimin starves because it’s the only thing that doesn’t hurt, and things get worse before they get better.

❝it continues even when i run away / i am caught in a lie❞

It’s so easy to live, and so difficult to feel alive.
Jimin tries to learn how.

high school AU.

[trigger warning: eating disorders] i made this as realistic as possible. please don’t read if you’re sensitive to the subject matter.


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Title: A World Away
Author: @TabbySteen
Status: ongoing
Genre: Namjoon fanfiction

Traveling the world isn’t as exhilarating as the shivers Rose gets when her parents’ new Airbnb guest steals her heart starting with his dimpled smile.


Title: My Moon Flower [JAEWOO]
Author: nnja_potato
Status: Ongoing
No.of Chapters : 12
Genre: Jaewoo Fanfiction


Jaehyun and Jungwoo became neighbors and met by chance. Stolen kisses. Holding hands. Mix with a lot of sexual tension. But there’s a catch. Jungwoo is the son of the Great Moon God.

A story about love, family and friendship that led in a chaotic wedding and an unexpected pregnancy. All this for 100 days.

Will Jaehyun survive his first relationship with an immortal ?

Note: I update 2 chapters every Tuesday and Friday

Hey, my fellow ARMY. Here I give you my finest creation of fanfiction.

Behold the life of a girl named Y/N in a multi-universe story where she and one of the boys are the main characters in every story. What the hell am I talking-_-?

the point is this is a pure fanfiction written by a helpless girl who had no control over her hormones and stress so she pours it out in a whole package of this.

Anyway, this is my first fanfiction, so … please be easy on me tell me about your thought and all and Happy Reading :slight_smile:

Link :

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Next To Each Other
What if life turns out to be the worst? Have you ever thought about it? What would you do if the weirdest things happen frequently only to you? Will you scream or will you cry?
Here’s a girl who thinks so and a boy who’s the one and only reason for her to think so. It took only a day for him to be the gravest nightmare of her life. Why? They both don’t know…
And what if the same guy whom she wanted to avert herself from turns out to be someone whom she can never ever leave?
Highschool Au

(Jungkook/werewolf story)
When Areum and her friend Jieun go on a winter ski vacation, she soon finds out they’re accompanied by her ex and his friends.

After an accident put her into a coma, Jisu soon found herself tangled up in the shenanigans of BTS. Although they held up a secret not even Jisu knew about…

Jae hasn’t spoken to him since senior year in high school, the most horrible time in her life. She caught him cheating and after that Jae avoided contact with him for a few years. Now shes 22 and fresh out of college, everything was nearly perfect until he wiggled his way back. Sadly … Jae began to realize how much she still loved this boy.