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[The Sparrow’s Rites]
When Honglian unwillingly marries into the Imperial Harem, she is given a god-sent deal. She would be given the ability to cultivate spiritual powers, and the chance to leave the Imperial Harem. In exchange, she would become the eyes and ears of Long Chunjing, the Emperor, her employer, and ‘husband’. As she grows close with this employer of hers, she finds herself stuck between her love, occupation, and politics. What will she choose?


Title: The Shadows of the Heirs
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure-Romance

Blurb: The heirs of the 5 kingdoms have a lot cut out for them as they are forced to work together to defeat the witch. Will the kingdoms be able to put aside their differences, or will they fall to desire instead?

With every living creature, there is war. War caused by troubled emotions of human beings who seek power. Power to rule, the power to save, the power to concur.

Power is death.

Nonetheless, we are born into this world to find a purpose; but the purpose to live is to die. And somehow, in the midst of living, we are built to fight.

Fight to survive.

Minimalist Teen Fiction Wattpad Book Cover

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Throughout Scotland, children are vanishing. But they are not missing.

In desperate attempts to improve the lives of their sick children, mothers have turned to an ancient Scottish legend. A legend that speaks of magical hills and beings who inhabit them. It is in this tale that a mother places her hope. Behind the curtain of mist that covers the enchanted hillsides, perhaps her child may live a better life among the fairies.

Ariella Wood is a student working under the leadership of a historian and anthropologist. She knows the stories of the fairy hills and fairy children all too well. To her, these stories are just that-made up tales, myths passed down from generation to generation, tunes of hopeful notes for desperate ears. To the people of Scotland, the Fairy Hills are not a story, they are reality. Ariella soon wakes up to this reality when she witnesses a secret ceremony and sees the Changeling Fairies with her own eyes.

Ariella continues her journey under the protection and heated watchful eye of a Changeling named Rupert. As she slowly begins to discover the beauty of magic, she is suspicious that this new world may have been her home all along. What will Ariella do when she finds out her whole life was a lie? Will she run into the warm embrace that Rupert offers her, or run from the identity that was stolen from her as a child?





THE STORY: In the elapsed era, Ekveer and Hanneli fight for a love that is cursed and in the present era, Dharma and Maurya refuse to succumb to the tug of their hearts. An unknown mystery links these souls that were born in periods set apart; lived in distant lands and consumed by the flame of a love that is indestructible.

Only Avadhi, the ancestral house that plays an important role in the culmination of an everlasting love has the answer. Although she is on the verge of crumble, Avadhi refuses to collapse till she reveals her secret to the two souls who will find a way to their hearts’ desires.

To Maurya and Dharma, the existence of Avadhi represents the immortality of their love. Voyaging back to the past through the wormhole hidden in the depths of Avadhi and Yakshagni, Maurya and Dharma conquer the great storm that is set to destroy Alaka; their reappearance breaks the curse and wins the love of the land and the people.

A love that is an odyssey through time is destined by the moon, written in the stars and blessed by the lands of inexplicable powers.

Update: Every Monday

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Author: @Chimerics

In a retrograde society where women were moulded the way men mould fine porcelain, Cerise Vercher struggles not to conform to their androcentric ideals.

It is a delusive fight for freedom, and she would risk nothing short of her noble status to get what she deserves; respect.

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A. G. Keegan’s The Ocean Sings for the Sky is a fantasy romance novel that delves into a world where the stars are broken because of what was never supposed to be.

Ames of Thoka is born a navigator, one with the ability to whisper to the night sky, coaxing it to reveal constellations towards safer routes about the sea. However, after one fateful night referred to as the Fall of the Nightingales, the sky had turned against the sea causing numerous tragic deaths of navigators and sailors by shipwreck. With the help of an insufferable, spiteful, aggressive, and excruciatingly beautiful half-woman with a tail, Ames uncovers the mystery behind the shipwrecks as his heart sails its way into the blade of love and sacrifice.

From one magical day to another, their unsung tale approaches yesterday disintegrating their great adventure and their even greater love story.

Author’s Promise:

To all kind enough to read a few words,

I am in no way a professional writer. My questionable word choices, lack of imagery, bland metaphors as well as some events left unstudied may garner some ill reviews. However, I am an amazing storyteller— that is certain. Hence, with every word I write, and with every word you read, I can confidently promise to deliver a kind of wonder unlike other Wattpad books you have read before.

If you’re tired of cliche, my book is for you. I promise.


3rd place winner in The Summer Awards 2019 in horror, paranormal and spiritual! Longlisted in The Authentic Skull Awards 2019!
“I’m going to kiss you, Goddess,” he said, causing her heart to speed up. He waited his eyes moving over her face, only moving forward when she nodded.
His lips touched hers causing her to gasp with his icy breath as fire raced through her body. His tongue touched hers wrapping around it as she pressed her chest into his wanting him closer. His hands gripped her t-shirt in the back slipping beneath to touch the skin there, sending tingles down her spine.
“Goddess,” he whispered against her lips as she trembled against him. She leaned into his body again wanting more.

Brianna Powers had always believed herself to be a normal sixteen-year-old girl but when she fights off a horde of monsters, her mother takes her across the country to start anew at Silver Grove Academy where family secrets are revealed and she’s cast into a world of Gods and Goddesses, witches, banshees, werewolves and oh so sexy dragon shifters. Oh…And there is the little matter of saving the world from a primordial being while trying not to get herself killed in the process.



Saiea wants to escape. All her life she’s had the weight of being a tribe leader’s daughter on her shoulders. Her father has tried to tell her what to do, how to behave, and who to marry. Hoping to temporarily escape all of the pressure from her home, she runs out into the forest for some privacy, but a bit of privacy turns dangerous when Saiea is caught by slave traders.

Sold into servitude to a solitary, handsome, and mysterious dragon-mage Master, Saiea struggles to find her own control, her own power, and her own path. When she stumbles upon a dangerous magic that consumes her, Saiea discovers that sometimes relinquishing yourself to someone you trust is freedom in itself.

Read Here:

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Behind His Weary Eyes
a completed novella

Dumped for her high ideals, Asa sets out to continue her medical career in the Eulian Outskirts. Though only a few hundred years old, the empire is known for their stunning health. She is determined to take their knowledge to not just treat but to eradicate all chronic illnesses.

Her plans change when she stumbles upon a patient, Renvir, who holds a deep sorrow inside. An unorthodox love blooms between the two, but the secret he carries forces her to question the perfect world she’s imagined.

She must ask herself if her quest is worth the lives sacrificed.

Link: Click here to read!

Reveille (1)

Title: Reveille
Genre: Fantasy-Romance
Author: @LillianHoffer
Synopsis: Surviving life as a college freshman is the least of Addy’s worries when she discovers her oh-so-perfect father is not so perfect after all. Turns out he is a connoisseur in the “freak” department, and Addy is as freaky as it gets, all thanks to him.
Join Addy as her deceptively normal world turns upside down, and the true nature of her existence breaks free. Addy battles to discover herself in the midst of her dastardly father’s deeds, a secret government organization hellbent on keeping her on their team, and one hot supernatural she can’t seem to get away from.
Completion Status: Complete. Book two in progress.

Fated for War - Destroying Fate

I need no Muse to tell this story.
It is mine.
Mighty Apollo can hold his lyre, the nymphs can refrain from their songs.
I am not a hero, not Odysseus, not Akhilles or Helen.
I am not Herakles with his might and fame.
No one knows me, and those who do speak not of my story.
But I will write, and soon they will sing.
Soon the Muses will sing to men the story of Alexandria, the destroyer of fate, defender of men, the one who brought gods and titans to their knees, and death at her wake.
They will tell my story, and all will remember it.

Loved by a Dragon

Roxie Jones was once a budding artist until her ex-husband Mitchell destroyed her confidence. Mitchell never supported her dream of becoming an artist, even though he ran his parents’ art gallery in New York. Mitchell leaves her for his thinner, younger secretary, saying her being an artist is why he couldn’t stay faithful, she did not meet his needs.

Xander Austin owns Dragon Lore Art Gallery and is searching for new talent. He discovers Roxie, and to his surprise, she tells him no to showing her art. Even more surprising, she is his mate. The second his eyes land on her at his sister-in-law’s launch event for her new matchmaking business, his dragon roars to life, yelling she is their forever mate.

Roxie is not convinced they are mates and doesn’t think her work is good enough to showcase in his gallery. Xander has his work cut out trying to convince her she is the one, and her work is worth showing to the world.

#1 BBW 10/26/19 & 2/6/20
#1 adult themes 11/3/19
#1 Artist 11/17/19-01/15/20
#1 Happily ever after 12/4/19
#1 foreverandalways 2/14/20
#2 Modern 4/6/20

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Protected by a Bear

This is book two in the Mate Me series, please read Loved by a Dragon before starting this book. You can read this book without Loved by a Dragon, but you won’t know who some characters are.

Eloise Rucker is a fourth-grade teacher and bartender. She works at Club Cerulean, and Josie Austin is her best friend. Josie runs a company called Mate Me held at the club. Unfortunately, Josie’s Mate Me events have opened Eloise up to being hit on regularly. One particular man wouldn’t take no for an answer and tried to drag her off. Now she has a stalker who leaves her notes everywhere she goes, at school, the club, her mailbox and front door.

Enter Marcus Zephyr, bear shifter. He owns his own protection agency, Rhett Austin hires him to supply extra bouncers for his club on Mate Me event nights. The first night he meets Eloise a curvy teacher and his bear goes insane yelling she is their mate. Marcus argues saying they have no mate, she rejected them fifteen years ago, he’d been an idiot at eighteen. When she rejected him, he joined the Marines and left his little town in Texas.

Now he was living in White Valley and unable to get Eloise out of his head, he offers to help her track down her stalker and protect her until they catch him.
Will the two be able to find love with each other? Can Eloise learn to trust a shifter and can Marcus accept he has found his true mate?

#3 Happy Ending 3-20-20
#1 adult romance 3-22-20
#1 Bear 4-12-20

“Softest blanket over the rose,
Gentlest whisper of the night,
Shiny moon over the river
Slowly running through my mind.
Careful, child, when you cross
The endless Void of the past!
Somewhere in its eye
A dangerous secret lies.
Listen, heiress, prisoner of lies,
Somewhere in the Void your future hides.”

She was once the definition of power and grace - the princess made of silk and crystal. Wonderstruck by her everlasting stance and determined eyes, they wanted to be feared like her.
But she lives no more. Only memory of an ideal hovers over her crown.
She has one mission: to find the one who took her pride.
And she will do anything to make Him kneel.

Title: Wings
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Status: Ongoing (updates ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Master please stay (2)

Her obsession is persistent, but his indifference is merciless.
Struggling through countless adversities, all she wanted was for him to glance back and see her devotion. She willingly gave him her heart to save him; she willingly suffered the burning fire of hell to relieve his sorrow, but why can’t he ever see her sacrifice? At that moment, she annihilated into specks of dust only in hope to hold a place in his heart, but…


Gods are created by a mighty force, a force to balance the universe, every galaxy, world, and life.

“You are not here to die.” The God clarifies with exasperation while he sees through the girl’s eyes, to read her mind and see every painful memory she keeps to herself and feel the profound pain she carries in her soul. A pain that makes Axl, the powerful God of the Water Region unable to retain his desire to help Camille. Help her heal from a traumatic life.

Camille is a beautiful girl full of sorrow and scars caused by someone she was supposed to trust her whole life. Just when she lost her hope of finding a better life. She opened a door to a new world. A world that takes her to stand face to face with a God. But why is she here? Why in a sacred world where no human can walk? Why does she hear voices calling out her name? What can she expect from an enchanting man, that looks so heartless but sincere at the same time?

“Welcome to the Gods World, my lady.” The angels greet her in unison.


Title: Going Home
Status: Complete
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Rating: Not mature
Be careful what you wish for…
After a massive break-up, Sarah has become stuck in a dead-end job, living in a dead-end apartment, leading a dead-end life. And she kind of likes it that way.

That is, until she accidentally strays from the path on her way to the supermarket and suddenly finds herself in another world. Stranded on Asgard, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in court politics when the Trickster god Loki reluctantly promises his help her get back home.
But when she is suddenly and unexpectedly transported back into her old life, she finds that wishes can be treacherous things… and both her happiness as well as the fate of the Nine Realms may well depend on her ability to find a way back to Asgard.
…for it may come true

NOT Marvel fanfiction!


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