Share your favorite sentence from your last completed chapter.

Going on a writing marathon. My plan is to write a chapter a day (hopefully) until my WIP’s first draft is done. Anyway, to help keep myself on track, I’m going to post my favorite sentence each time I finish a chapter.

Join me and share your favorite sentence (not paragraph or group of sentences) from your last chapter below.

EDIT: It’s scary how many people don’t know what a sentence is. Lol.

ANOTHER EDIT: Many awesome sentences! Please keep sharing as you complete your chapters.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: Please do NOT leave links to your work on this thread. There are other forums for that.

I think one of my favorites ones would be:

The trees sandwiched between us.

I like the imagery it gives. xD


I can’t decide between these two,

Lorca could see her destination, Lord Voydrage’s castle. She could see its high towers made of polished stone that towered over the area and the giant wooden gate that stood between her and his castle

This is a bit gory so if you’re sensitive to that stuff, maybe you shouldn’t read it.

Cann beheaded one of the gruesome men and kicked the other towards Lorca, who sliced both of his thin arms.

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Old and unmaintained, the fence served as a trellis for kudzu, and the dog’s efforts to free himself had served only to tangle him in a Gordian knot of leafless vines and rope. River wheezed and thrashed again, less violently this time. He was strangling himself to death.


am on my phone, tried to extract a quote from my story and this happened :rofl: gotta say, i love it :heart:



An unpleasant crawling sensation covered her, and if she’d had balls they’d have shrunk clean up inside her body. Another creak sounded… of hinges long unused.

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Out of context, it’s not as funny. But it made people laugh in context and that’s what matters lol

Charlie gave up on trying to sleep, “I highly doubt that,” she said, both to the notion that she had a soul-mate who one day would just walk into her life and suddenly she’d have the urge to smash their faces together for long periods of time, or rip through his or her clothes like a wild animal attacking prey, and also to the notion that this siren could read.

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Good luck with your story! I’m writing a chapter every other day till my WIP is completed. We can keep each other accountable :joy:

“Nope. Not listening.” Keya handed her a flyer. “Here. This is when and where we meet. Sleep on it. And while you’re deciding think if the roles were reversed would Alexx be as considerate? Or would she jump at the chance to join?” --The Trouble with Friendship

Change was hard to achieve when everyone was obsessed with tradition.


From my last completed chapter… probably: Im cleating, its two sentences, lol

The ground hums, the air vibrating with warning. Each step closer makes my skull thrum with energy.

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The professors reached the school just as the sky lent a rosy tint to Mystic Falls, illuminating them in a salmon glow as they walked from the parking lot to the entrance.

Another one I am fond of (heh… cheating probably, but other people have posted more than one :wink: )

His praise was enough to disarm her, and before she could compose herself, the vampire began to cry, overwhelmed by relief.

“She attacked us first!” Millie couldn’t remember the face of that man anymore. It had blurred, adopting features of future encounters until he was an amalgamation of humans that preferred cruelty to understanding. And there was a legion of them, ready to step into line to replace their fallen comrades.

My favourite sentence from my last chapter is:


My favourite sentence must be the little talk from a three hundred years old guy.

Being a Carter never makes you strong, instead it make you weak, it make you notice that the world is more than that and sometimes you can’t handle it.


[The moths] gazed in awe at, yearned for, the beautiful enclosed flame – knowing not its danger, and if the glass was to shatter or a piece was to fall off, they would dart toward their own destruction.


“Next time, try not to drink like the big boys, and keep your d!ck in your pants.”

My favorite from my last chapter!


This is my favourite sentence from the chapter I recently completed:

“I did always perceive you two as my children, to be honest. I shared every feeling of Luna’s, so I guess, I grew attached to you, her beloved kids…”

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Great idea! I’ll keep this subbed as I am hoping to complete the first chapter today, so I’ll let you know what sentence is my favorite. :wink:


This sentence is from Seven Seas 2.0 ((aka its my second draft))

"What’s your name traveler?"He asked.

Its a simple sentence but I like how it sounds in my head.

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Nitro, chapter 6

Many freshman year projects involved a history presentation of the founding of the school, great Book Stone High; our colors were a magnificent brown and cream, for the leather bound, creamed colored pages of the library books.