Share Your Feminist Stories

So I love reading/writing stories that deal with social issues and injustices, especially in a new context or a new world setting. Currently I’m writing a low fantasy that deals primarily with themes of sexism and feminism (and a demon war, of course).

I’d love to find some similar stories/fellow authors who handle these topics specifically.

Please share your feminist stories. I DON’T want books simply with bada$$/strong female protagonists - I want sexism/feminism/female empowerment to be a central theme or conflict in the book.

Other requirements:
No fanfiction
Proper grammar please
Can be ongoing
Bonus if there’s a romance that doesn’t ruin the MC

I’d love to see what you guys have to offer, and hopefully I can add a few new stories to my reading list. If I like what you’ve got, I’ll probably leave a comment or two to let you know what I think.

Post away!


Hi! My book may suit you. It’s a fantasy that revolves around 2 parallel realms. In the magical realm there is various levels of oppression between Guardians, the main conquerors of that realm. Female Guardians are limited in what they can do but that’s changing by the time the protagonist is introduced to that society and will be changed greatly by the end of the series. The protag doesn’t see earth as a fantastic society with equality all over but notes the differences in attitudes and practice.

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Here’s my story, I hope you like it! It does not have a ‘badass’ lead, and the primary conflict is two women sort of attempting to hash out their places in society.

The Crumbling Tower


Even an ordinary lady has a past, though other characters may be persuaded otherwise.
Miss Elletra Wilton has gained an increasingly strange hanger-on.

This is a 30,000+ word novella set in late Victorian London, with elements of the paranormal and an LGBTQ romance.
The Crumbling Tower is already fully written and will be updated weekly. You can find it at

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Feminist issues! Self actualization! Classism and intersectionality! Learning to grow and move on from trauma!

Also a western with the usual roles of seductive city socialite out of water and rugged cowboy with a dark past are flipped. The cowboy is a single mom, and the socialite is a handsome banker.

Hungry Skies

Fantasy - Adventure - Western.
Ongoing, updates weekly, 17 chapters

Mildred Berry isn’t much for bankers. Especially arrogant, smarmy, human ones who show up in her town with Pinkerton Detectives in tow. Like one Gilbert Goldman who does exactly that. Now he won’t leave until Millie tells him what she saw at the scene of a dragon-caused trainwreck. Which is a problem for Millie… since she robbed the very same train after the dragon was done with it.

The last thing Millie wants is some smarmy city boys digging into her life and stumbling over the secrets she worked so hard to bury. She’s killed to keep her family safe from the past, and if pressed, she’ll kill again.

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Title: The Writer and the Rock Star

Blurb: Norah Young is living the life of her dreams after finally escaping Davensport, the small town she once called home. She has settled into her own apartment, and she’s ready to establish herself as a writer. Norah is the definition of a girl boss except her sink is full of dirty dishes, she’s had six hours of sleep in the past two days, and she hasn’t left her house in a week. Needless to say, Norah doesn’t have the time to consider her love life, but then she runs into Conrad Harris, a member of a famous band and an old crush. If given the opportunity, what will Norah choose: love or her dream? She can’t have both, or can she?

The Writer and the Rockstar

If you do give this story a chance, I hope you’ll let me know what you think. I’m sure there are parts I could improve!

Okay, the book you’re writing sounds exactly like everything I’ve ever wanted. Also, I think mine might be up your alley! I wrote a world where women are main players (in both good and bad roles). Characters have varying degrees of femininity, there’s body diversity, Hala shuts down sexist pigs, and the romance is a best-buddies-to-lovers partnership of equals. I tried to make the exploration of femininity a central theme.

It’s a low-fantasy adventure. Feel free to take a look, but I totally understand if it turns out to be not what not what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


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Wow, that sounds super badass!

I think you may have hit the jackpot, dude! My story’s 2 main characters are literally women, and neither of them fit the “badass, muscular strong girl who don’t need no men” trope.

Sexism is one of the main themes in my book, only it’s a lot more subtly put. (Things like people looking down at them, not believing their words even when it’s the truth. That kind of stuff.)

Here ya go! I hope you’ll enjoy!

TITLE: Suffocating

DESCRIPTION: Roxanne is passionate about getting the truth out, no matter how insignificant or horrifying it might be. Claire wants her life to be stable and safe, even if it means working somewhere mundane to keep it so. But Claire might not get what she wants, especially when Roxanne proposes that there’s a secret superhero that protects their city from any and all threats. Will Roxanne uncover the truth? Or will Claire keep their illusion of peace?


My world in “A Visit to ElabonEabon” is female-dominated, but for now in the narrative it’s a non-issue.

Let me tell you, she may not seem all that badass in the first chapter, but she is, let me tell you!

The Protetturi: The Beginning of the End

Elizabeth was now alone. In a world she thought was those of story books, television series and movies.

The Reapers, creatures of the night, had murdered over 7,500 people across the globe. Elizabeth had been the only one to see one of them and live to tell the tale. Since that night, Elizabeth began to feel, see and do things she had not previously. Now, Liza is drawn to the mysterious and dark world filled with demons, vampires, werewolves and The Protetturi – the protectors of the world. She finds herself under the protection of Chase – a member of The Protetturi – who helps her realise what she is, what they are.

what if the mc that does the ruining (or trying very hard not to, lol) in something that kind of resembles romance, but isn’t really? :rofl:

Mine has feminist ideals, since the MCs whole conflict is that everyone wants her to be a poor little helpless damsel, as well as commentary on other social issues such as mental health, LGBTQA+, and more…
… and its all wrapped up in a fun/funny fantasy satire!

Un-Titled <- link
Charlie is titled a ‘Damsel’ at birth, but when her Hero comes to sweep her away, she learns that she is supposed to be the damsel in distress in an erotic romance. The problem? Charlie is asexual.


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lol I mean as long as the “romance” doesn’t turn her into someone who can’t think for herself, I’d say you’re good XD