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Of Moon and Boats



by @DiaConstant


Welcome to an allegorical universe, where a moon falls deeply for a small boat. Join those two completely different beings as they begin to affect profoundly one another and their “existences” become intertwined. Follow their attempts to overcome the difficulties raised by their fundamental differences and witness their efforts to achieve the only thing that matters to them…to ultimately become one.

Beginning: “In the middle of the night, the moon bigger and brighter than usual, its black hair stood still in the vastness of space, barely visible, it stretched its smooth pearl neck and directed its big dark brown eyes towards the color-orgasmic surface of the earth.”


Thanks for checking-it-out!


Title Discover Soulmate
Summary Ten thousand years from now, exists a world where people are born with a true soulmate. Each soulmate is born with a tattoo of a stranger’s name on their wrist but is visible once one turns the age of sixteen.

Imogen is struggling with conforming to society’s rules, wants to control her life as she wants and not have to deal with the burden of marriage. Once she turns sixteen, she starts to learn more about the secrets of her family, strange things start happening and she begins to question everything upon her future.
discover somi
Thank you for giving it a read!


Caught Between Our Worlds

Bella is the most beautiful and popular girl in school. She lives in a mansion, her parents are billionaires, and her twin brother is the captain of the football team.
Dan studies at the same school as Bella, but his reality is completely different from hers. He lives in the most impoverished neighbourhood of the city, and the only reason why he is allowed to study at the private school is that he received a scholarship.
He is handsome and hot but carries a troubled past with him and a very insistent ex-girlfriend.
What will happen when their eyes meet for the first time?
What will Bella and Dan do when they catch themselves between their two different worlds?

This story is narrated by both Dan and Bella! :wink:

This is a new adult drama and romance with mature content.

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3rd place in the Romance category @TheGoldenAwards2k20/


Summer has arrived. | Zoe Asbury is a young college graduate. She could finally taste the freedom of life after months of hard work. Her plans for the next weeks are to relax, take it easy, but an unexpected event throws everything away. She has to postpone everything she wanted to do. In this wild roller coaster ride, Zoe will find that love can happen in the most unexpected way.

Summer melodies


199217659-144-k860920 203198585-144-k860320

Tytuł: Rosyjski plan, Rosyjska gra
Gatunek: Romans, New Adult, Erotic Romance
Ocena: dojrzały

Aleksander to rosyjski syn milionera, który prowadzi hulaszczy tryb życia. Jest obiektem westchnień i znanym skandalistą w Rosji. Budzi się w swoim pokoju po kolejnej imprezie. Spotyka w kuchni ojca, który wygarnia mu, że jego matka wylądowała przez niego w szpitalu. Od tej pory Aleksander postanawia się zmienić i ustatkować. Wyrusza na poszukiwania żony do pierwszego lepszego kraju - pada na Polskę.
Daria budzi się w hotelu, gdzie razem z nią jest Aleksander, który oświadcza jej, że jest jego żoną. W wyniku szantażu zabiera ją do Rosji, gdzie przedstawia ją rodzicom jako swoją narzeczoną…


Claimed By The Prince

I’ve rendered you speechless, but it’s okay, your eyes have spoken.’


She was coerced to abide by an illegal deed. Although it left her heart wasted, her life fruitless and her future erratic, she knew she was wholly bound to it.

Then just like a prodigy, her life routes intermixed with another man’s routes, not just any man but the Prince of the country.

She was writhed…time passed by, still fighting the urge, but they say not everything stays hidden…at her last minute, she had realized she was already Claimed By The Prince with Love and Power.

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His wife was a real piece of work. He despises everything about her, everything from the heavily-powdered face, to the overly-red lips, to the shrilly voice she uses to yell the head off the servants. But this marriage was his mother’s last dying wish, and that meant he was stuck. Painfully stuck.

She never wanted to marry. Not just to him, but to anyone. She was her father’s only child and all she ever wanted was to stay by his side for as long as she could. But her stubborn old man had insisted on marrying her off to a Northern stranger to honour a family agreement. And so she devised a perfect plan.

Knowing just how much those Northerners hated court ladies from the South, Amelia turned herself into one – a much exaggerated version of one. She did everything she could think of to get on Drake’s nerves so he would annul their marriage and send her home. But his patience and tolerance with her was driving her mad…

All the while, a storm is brewing from afar, threatening to tear them and the kingdom apart.

 STATUS  Complete

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Hey! If you’re looking for a romance with a bit of something different then check out my story ‘The Watcher’. It updates weekly so you’ll never have to wait long to find out what happens next :grin:

The Watcher

The Watcher


He’ll have to break all the rules to keep her, but first she has to break just one and let him in.

In the past four years, Anna has rebuilt her life using one simple rule: don’t trust anyone. When a boy with a book and a smile moves in upstairs, that one rule is put to the test.

Atticus has spent millennia following the rules and keeping the world in balance. Until he meets a girl with a vicious tongue and sharp wit, and he starts to realise some rules are made to be broken.

“He wasn’t like those other customers at all. For all their ordinary features, he was something else. Thick dark hair, tousled this way and that, sat in stark contrast with his ivory skin. The embodiment of light and dark, whereas all those around him seemed to exist in shades of grey.”



Title: Kepada Perempuan (For Woman)
Status: On Going
Indonesian Story

Read Story: Kepada Perempuan

This is a set of story, who made in 2020 January. And, now, i try to start share here on Wattpad. Thanks.

Too many questions that require logical statements, or honest statements. Because the direct answer is not necessarily an honest answer, there are still many other possible cliches that can cause the answers to fade.

Hopefully, these are honest answers, from men to you, women.

Baca Puisi: Kepada Perempuan

Ini adalah cerita yang saya buat pada 2020 Januari. Dan, sekarang, saya coba membagikannya disini, di Wattpad. Terima Kasih.

Terlalu banyak pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang butuh pernyataan logis, atau pernyataan jujur. Karena belum tentu jawaban langsung adalah jawaban jujur, masih banyak kemungkinan klise lain yang dapat menyebabkan jawaban meluntur.

Semoga, ini adalah jawaban-jawaban jujur, dari laki-laki kepadamu, perempuan.


Cold Hearted
Mira has been married to the Heir Apparent of the Oberoi Empire for almost a month and things couldn’t be worse…or better, if the idea of better is an absentee, uninterested and a workaholic husband.
Aditya Oberoi, the head of Oberoi Securities and Solutions and the Heir of the entire Oberoi Empire, is a cold hearted son of a bitch. His intention for marrying Mira Singhania was business. He has no interest in a wife, his main priority being work, always work.
A twist by fate has the couple facing a long standing enemy, whose only aim is Aditya’s destruction. As the walls close and the darkness blinds will…love thrive?



Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 9.44.55 PM

Such Sweet Sorrow:

What if Romeo and Juliet met, and it wasn’t love at first sight?

Jane Cassidy (our Juliet) is tired of waiting for the world to come to her. Her days at Verona High are reaching an end, but the world seems to be moving more slowly than ever. On a fateful April Fool’s Day, she makes her way to a forbidden party in search of something new and meets none other than a sworn enemy of the Cassidy family, Reeve Montoya (Romeo). They don’t get along, but are they looking for the same thing?

Book Link:


Winners Don’t Have Bad Days

When a total stranger knows what eats you, maybe they are your one true love. Even if you don’t know it yet.

On Friday the 13th, two millennials, Daya and Mike, end up in a mutually beneficial arrangement: she is his caregiver after he breaks his foot; he provides room&board to help her out with a teeny-tiny cash flow problem.

And for a while, all is good… for about five minutes, that is.

What can an overweight man, a video game obsessed librarian, know about her quitting sport, Daya scoffs. He needs to get off her case and sort out his binge eating!

What does a celery-chewing skating diva care about his failure as a PhD candidate, Mike wonders. She is just replacing her dreams with his non-existing problems instead of pursuing her one true passion!

With the two already teetering on the brink of mutually assured destruction, oil splashes onto the flames when Daya resumes her quest for skating triumph. (Well, that should make Mike happy, right? Right?)

But isn’t there something worth fighting for together?'t-have-bad-days-heartwarming-romance




Summary: After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer’s schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life…

Sahara is the ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, barely anyone in the kingdom seems to be able to tolerate her presence. This isn’t news to her; her mysterious origins and a horrid facial scar lend themselves perfectly to false tales of witchcraft and demonry. She longs for a more fulfilling life, a freedom that she has quietly yearned for, but the deaths of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos only serve to cement her status as the ‘poor witching girl’ of the kingdom. There seems to be nothing she can do to change her fate of living a life devoid of friendship, love, and acceptance.

However, her entire life changes in one crucial moment.

In the dead of night, shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman kidnap the crown prince of Dasos, the young Nashoba. Sahara is the only witness to his disappearance, and the only one who sees what horrors await the boy she considers her little brother if nothing is done. In a momentousness decision, she decides to follow her brother’s abductors, stepping into a spectacular world where danger lies behind every shadow. To save Nashoba from a horrendous fate, Sahara must locate a mysterious legend before time runs out, or she herself succumbs to a bloody death.

Her journey will not be easy in the slightest.

With the help of a sexy, guarded swordsman, a snarky little dragon, and a host of other allies, Sahara embarks on an epic quest to return her brother home. She must overcome her own insecurities, and trust in herself and others, in order to successfully brave this enchanting new world. And, perhaps, she will discover more about herself than she thought she knew…


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Check out my new ongoing mxm romance story, To Build a Home! There are 3 parts available to read now with daily/weekly updates. I’d love some feedback. #loveislove
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Title: To Build a Home
Author: @ScitneyRouston
Part 1 | It Began with an Ending
Part 2 | Wherever is Your Heart
Part 3 | Full of Ledges

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Selina Thompson is a girl who had everything ahead of her, but suddenly all of that goes away when something tragic happens to her. After what happens, Selina can barely get by and is just living life by going through the motions. Until she meets Grey Porter, a guy who has a lot of issues of his own. Will these two people help each other find themselves again, or will they help to drive each other further apart?

Link :

Eternally main

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Check out my ongoing bxb romance, Under Your Influence!
Crash Yamamoto is a celebrity known for living up to his name, but when he comes home one night with yet another misdemeanor charge and a DUI, his producers have had enough. Either he gets his act together, or he’s out. He’ll be condemned to be another faded star.
Marc Clemons is a boy from the country yearning to become a star. Marc’s desperate to get his big break, and some unfortunately timed events have caused him to be stuck as Crash’s babysitter until Crash reforms.
It’s not long before the two are fighting each other. But beneath every jab, tease, and argument, something else is brewing. Something different. Something more like attraction.

Heart to Hart

:sparkles:Completed :sparkles: A friends to lovers romance.

A year ago, Natasha packed her bags and hopped on the first train out of her hometown in Hampshire, England, leaving behind a dysfunctional family and a womanising ex-boyfriend.

When she realises running away isn’t the answer to her problems, she moves back home for the summer to face them head-on. However, not everyone is happy about her return.

Alec, her best friend, is also back after his first year at University. This time, he won’t let her leave again without confessing his true feelings. After a rocky past with relationships, Natasha must decide if his love will be enough.

When you are young, mistakes are inevitable and Natasha is about to find out the hard way, every action has a consequence.

:sparkles:Completed :sparkles:


Celebrity Wannabe

Natalie Wood believes that celebrities are overrated. She hates how they are adored by the world and treated like gods. Her belief is so strong that she wants to become a news reporter and share stories about people who matter. Then everything changes when she meets a boy with an interesting last name.

Ever since Richard Longbottom watched superhero movies, he’s always wanted to become an actor. He befriends Natalie and their friendship grows over the course of his freshman year in high school until his father gets a job in California. Ten years later, Richard changes his last name and becomes a hot rising star in Hollywood. Natalie becomes a celebrity interviewer and the first celebrity she’s interviewing is Richard.

Will they recognize each other?



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