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Title: Thief of Hearts and other Short Stories

Mallory has a secret room in her cellar where she keeps jars of hearts. Olet’s skin bleeds blue when she’s anguished. Carol is desperate to know her father’s name.

A collection of short stories, mostly in the speculative and science fiction genres.




Title : Once upon a heartbeat

Genre : Short Story /Romance /slice of life

Status : Ongoing


A collection of short n cute romantic stories that will make your heart beat a little faster.

A magical date that was hard to forget
And sweet romantic tale with a beautiful twist.
A bonding between mother and her daughter

It will also have my observations or comments from everyday life.

Impulses… Inspirations… ramblings… snippets… call it whatever you want.


Weekend Write-in Short Story Collection
This is a collection of fifty-two of the short stories I’ve written for the Weekend Write-In challenges.

Each story is exactly five hundred words long, except for two which specified one thousand words. From the beginning, I have taken the challenge further by using interpretations of the prompt that differ, sometimes dramatically, from those that usually come to mind.


Hi, here is my short story.
mach 1

Title The Machiavellian
Genre science fiction/short story/fugitive
Synopsis This is about a chef who becomes a writer, who successfully publish a book which is about events that have yet to happen. and land him in hot water with MI5 and with the help of his alien contacts help get him out of trouble.

This is two chapters and is a rough cut with no editing, let me know what you think.



click the titles to read


First and Final

First and Final is a completed collection of short stories and descriptive pieces. From tragic romances to suspenseful stories, First and Final offers a diverse set of works from different genres. Some of the pieces included are:

The Green Enclave - When a man travels to a village, he comes across the mysterious residence of the secretive Delfwood family. What secrets will he uncover?

A Story To Remember - They say even the closest friends will experience fights. Will Vera’s friendships pass the test?

The Carnival - A mother takes her son to the carnival. What could possibly go wrong?

Time Flies legal c

Time Flies

The story of a man who returned to his hometown after thirty years, only to receive an unexpected surprise from his childhood.

I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry

All that Kyle wanted from his father was for him to appreciate his talent and passion for soccer. Was that too much to ask?

WARNING: Includes a description of someone dying in a car crash. Reader discretion is advised.


ONE SHOT Short Story Collection / Audiobook

One Shot Wattpad Anthology

One Shot to face the EX you never got over,

One Shot to confess your love,

One Shot to find your missing parents in the Land of the Dead,

One Shot to save the SOUL of the one you love,

One Shot is all you got to make things right!

Currently featured on @WattpadAnthologies Multi-Genre Anthologies Reading List.



Hello everyone!
It is a short story about making our dreams come true by believing in ourselves first which is the key to success.

Hope you will enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to provide me your opinions and feedback in the comments.

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Alex has hidden who she is for years for the safety of her loved ones. One night, her attempts to stay out of trouble does the opposite. Now it’s too late to save them.

Click here to read!


not a part of a balanced reading diet

This is an eclectic grouping of short stories written by me during periods of writing droughts on my main works in progress. Some of these are spin-offs of those where I explore a character, and some are humorous shorts written simply for laughs.


Click here to read!

The characters in these stories are all drowning. Not physically but metaphorically. Sometimes, they get saved and sometimes they don’t. But, collectively, they all learn something about themselves or other people.

Featuring the stories:

The Writer - honourable mention in Toronto Star Short Story Contest, July 2001

Casino - honourable mention in Lorian Hemingway Short Story Contest, July 2013

Profile - honourable mention in LHSSC, July 2014

The Quetzal - honourable mention in LHSSC, July 2018

Click on this link for the collection:



The Orphan is about a young and vulnerable teen girl that lived a sheltered life in the late 1800s with an evil aunt that wants her to marry a prominent and abusive older man. She experiences tons of emotions and is forced to complete domestic duties every day in order to have a place to live.


Title: Clandestine
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis: This isn’t a love story. Nor is this a story about love. This is a story about beautiful and bloody revenge.
☆Inspired by Conan Gray’s song "Checkmate"☆

Hi there! I really hope you’ll stop on by and check out my book :wink: thank you <3

the song of a tree

“Trees were not made to speak to people, because people never spoke to trees.”

A collection of one shots ,most below 20 words each in length:

A very short story about an old lady who couldn’t stand her abusive husband and plotted to have him bumped off:

Please read and comment, I would love to hear from you!

Am open to read for reads, message me privately please.

Title: Orenda
Status: Completed

Plot Summary:
Orenda (n): A mystical and divine force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own life.


When ever-perfect and ever-prepared Joana Summers’ world comes to crashing down due to unexpected obstacles, she needs to make a choice.

But what if that choice ruined another person’s life?

Riddled by the juxtaposition of doubts and assurances in the labyrinth of her mind, she must come to terms with acceptance of what is right and what is wrong.

After all, not many get a second chance.


Author note: To all those who enjoy a quick meaningful read, this is a coming of age story which highlights that truth and justice supersedes everything. Be sure to check it out and give me your valuable feedback!

Enjoy! Happy reading! ☆

brontosaurus story

A single father and his autistic son learn to communicate using dinosaur names. But after purchasing dinosaur eggs from a tabloid classified ad, their quiet lives will never be the same.

A story of family, dinosaurs, autism, and a dog named Brontosaurus.

===============>>>>>>>>> READ BRONTOSAURUS

More Stories by jdvanhagar

The Self-Imprisoned Princess

How can Princess Ursula, of the small and insignificant realm of Lundgren, attract enough eligible suitors to choose a husband she actually likes?
– Stage her own kidnapping of course, locked in a tower by a “witch”!
That always gets results in fairytales, right?
But with her future happiness at stake, and her plan producing unexpected and hilarious results, will she find someone to love?

Feel-good comedy gold for both ADULTS and KIDS!

Genius Monkeys Wattpad cover

An experimental drug to boost intelligence works far better than the scientists expected on their lab monkeys, who decide they want to escape to freedom!
But even if they can get out of their cages, how can they avoid recapture, and survive in a foreign environment? They’re going to need some bright ideas and little luck if they are to escape the laboratory!

Comedy gold for both ADULTS and KIDS! :slight_smile:

The Tap Dance Master

Twins Chloe and Charlie’s eccentric new tap dance teacher Madame Blaise appears to have powers that shouldn’t be physically possible. Can the twins make it through her incredibly tough training? What’s her secret? And will she ever teach it to them?

Comedy gold for both ADULTS and KIDS! :slight_smile:

And I’ll do read for read and exchange of feedback, so just let me know if you’re interested.

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Save your friends or let them die? A simple statement. A seemingly simple choice. But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Can Jimmy ride through the fog of perception to make the right decision?

This is a short story (2,000 words) for the #NAcontest Red Door prompt.

Au viol !

Nouvelle réservée aux lecteurs adultes.

Au viol !

Nouvelle réservée aux lecteurs adultes.