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Diamonds & Rubies

After bodies of mobsters start turning up on the streets of Manhattan, a ruthless mob boss suspects that someone is out to get one of his members when he discovers that the men were ones of their own.

Benjamin, his young protege, accepts the task of finding out who the murderer is. Following a lead, Ben ends up in Harlem at the famous “Cotton Club”, where he meets Vivian. The club’s best female singer. The club’s best black female singer.
With her exotic dark skin, long thick ebony hair, bodacious body, and mesmerizing voice, she bewitches him.

Throughout their time together, he continues his search for the killer while showing Vivian his way of life. With her help, he’ll find out that the killer was much closer than he thought.


Title of Book: The Sparabara Series
Genre: Alternate History
Number of Chapters: Two
Summary:Imagine if the world of Herodotus, Leonidas, Augustus and Caesar never existed.

The world of antiquity has changed for all eternity.

The magnificent Persian Empire has defeated the Spartans at Thermopylae and the Athenians at Marathon. Now, Persia has expanded into Europe, destroying the barbarian tribes to the north.

1000 years have passed. Technology has declined in many ways. The Persians still fight in the same way as their descendants did. The Bronze Age still truly prospers. They have learnt the art of navigating from the Phoenicians, expanded to Africa, and now rival the last two remaining powers. Egypt, and Carthage.

This series introduces three new characters: TARONISH, a rising colonel in the Persian Army. Nevadan, head of the 109th Immortal Legion. And Pantea, a daughter of the King Rushad.

The King commands Taronish and Nevadan, to travel to the New World. To find out what has been stirring ever since the first Phoenician ship set sail to the new world. And to wrest Chinese influence from the continent.

Historical accuracy is low, more entertainment.

The King commands Taronish and Nevadan, to travel to the New World. To find out what has been stirring ever since the first Phoenician ship set sail to the new world. And to wrest Chinese influence from the continent.
Link to Book:


Ally never wanted to be a princess, but she was born to this role, she never wanted this title. She wanted to see the world, instead, she is stuck in the castle like a bird in a cage.
She is the second to the line in of succession to the English throne.
Will she do what it takes to help her country, and be the princess that her parents always expected her to be? Will she be able to find love while she is trying to overcome her enemies?




Power is not without a price. And that is Cordelia’s destiny.

Duke William is madly in love with the princess, but one day could change everything.

When Richards father is accused of treason, his whole world flips upside down … but little does he know this will set in motion a series of events that will change his friends worlds forever. And to make matters complicated is a tyrant king that will turn everyone’s lives around… will these four ever escape the king and finally be free.


He held her captive, she held his heart captive. Princess Claresta has two choices, marry king Marcus or die, but when she chooses her first option the both of them face the unexpected, falling in love but just who or what exactly will get in the way of their happily ever after? What challenges will they face together and how will they overcome them? Will they get the happily ever after they deserve or are they both fated to be unhappy forever?


(Not sure how to upload cover)

Beth ~ By MissLacybee

Beth Emmerson may be rich, but she doesn’t have everything; her father thinks she’s proud and her distant cousin, Gordon Banks, clearly hates her enough to appear cold and distant. But when a strange poem is presented, written by an apparent admirer, Beth’s entire world is flung upside down and she must venture to find out more about her family than she has ever known before. To do this, however, Miss Emmerson must first hear the tragic story of two lovers; one player and one young lady, who is dead and has been for five years. As the past and present collide, the nasty intentions of the mysterious poet are revealed and Beth must, and will, make her decisions.

For fans of Austen and Bronte.

(Also, I’m fairly new to this site, so if I’ve done this wrong then I’m really sorry.)




Aldrick Montford is obsessed with finding his grandfather’s ships and their treasure. More than half a century and seventeen expeditions have failed to locate Delfe, Santiago and San Joaquin after they wrecked in Windward Passage, deeply-laden with pirate plunder and homeward-bound from the Caribbean in 1679.

Elizabeth, daughter of the third Baron Leigh, was raised in Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire, about as far from the sea as is possible in Britain. Recently betrothed to Aldrick, she shows a concern he will sail out of her life.

We begin the story as Aldrick escorts Elizabeth to meet his eighty-five-year-old grandfather.

Written in response to the Open Novella Contest prompts, Thrilling Fiction 8: An archaeologist digs up a treasure… And also General Fiction 8: Continued crossing of paths with the same stranger.


The Mummy : Nefertari {Queen of Egypt}

.Welcome to Egypt.

City of the living. Crown Jewel of Pharaoh’s.

Valley of Queens.

Home of wealth, deeds and splendor.

Egypt, being the birth place of all mankind, owns the world but desires one thing any man, god or beast could ever acquire. A Queen.

Egypt wants her, for she’s unpredictable, greater than any treasure you could ever imagine. Egypt deems her worthy to rule it’s empire, for she’s as beautiful as the first dawn.

Spun on the loom of the gods, a young woman must navigate her way through love and battles to become the next Queen Of Egypt.

This series revolves around Nefertari Meritmut, an Egyptian born woman who ascends to power, despite the restrictions of the era’s class system in the 19th century.

She’s a fierce warrior, one who brandishes the sword as fast as lighting, the sound of her name is a myth, though it holds aught of value but evokes shades of fear.

Born to do the impossible, she is regalic, ambitious, charismatic, observant, contemplative and revered. Despite being born to rule an empire, Nefertari must also defeat The Mummy’s Curse that will rise again to bring doom on mankind.

Embedded with unrivaled splendor, surpassing beauty and supreme intelligence, Nefertari must depicts her dreams and goals to exercise her political influence in the imperial court to become the sole heiress of Egypt.

Nevertheless, Nefertari must survive the harem’s rivalry tension in gaining Pharaoh’s son’s favour. Becoming the woman after Rameses own heart ; his beloved wife and mother of his unborn children.

But will she ever succeeded?

Find out as we embark on this journey of a destiny untold. Sit back, grab a popcorn and a lemonade as we travel back to ancient egypt,The Era of Nefertari.

"The One For Whom The Sun Shines



Life for Clara wasn’t going as planned. Married at nineteen to a man she thought she knew, life takes a turn when she is uprooted from everything and everyone she knows to embark on a new journey with her husband. When tragedy strikes along the Santa Fe Trail she faces a future she is completely unprepared for.

In the 1830s, thousands of Americans participated in Westward expansion, most traveled on the more familiar Oregon Trail while others took the less traveled Santa Fe Trail. Looking to take advantage of the vast number of people headed west by setting up a general mercantile along the trail, Clara and her husband James fall into the latter choosing to travel from central Missouri to settle in the Southwest.

Will she survive life on the trail? And more importantly, will she ever get her happily ever after?


A cave.
A single image.
A young girl.
A single wish.

An adventurous and determined Stone Age girl dreams of seeing mammoths. Unfortunately it has been many, many years since the last one was sighted. Nevertheless, the stories of her Grandfather and the beautiful paintings within the cave near her family’s camp, fuel her hopes to one day see one.

13,000 years ago in South Western France, there lived a group called “The Magdalenian People”. They left behind hundreds of cave paintings and masses of archaeological evidence which have been used to tell a story about one of their number.


The year is 1872, in the western territory of Arizona, the bloody American Civil War ended 6 years ago.
Many have lost arms, legs, friends, family, fortunes, homes, and more.
Yet the West is booming, with towns, railroads, and abundant in resources.
Hoken’s Heist follows the tale of the young man, Flynn Hoken, a American born Hispanic, whos parents are long dead.
With no place to turn, he turns to robbery and theft.
Join me as we explore the adventurous tale of theft, revelries, fortunes, secrets, love, and friendships.

Klay’s Notes: Hey ya’ll if you haven’t guessed I’m new to this whole “Publishing” thing, but I’m good at writing, so that’s all that matters to me. I’m here to tell a story, and that’s what I plan on doin’, if any of ya’ll have suggestions, leave them on my story. If you think my writing is mud cakes, well then by all means tell me what’s wrong. Thanks to those who are willing to check me out, and until we meet again Buckaroo!



Ceri is a young girl in a medieval society. Everything has been decided for her by her aunt and uncle, who took her in after her parents were murdered by thieves.
She is to marry a young duke to benefit her family. But everything changes when the king happens upon her family home on one of his hunting trips. She embarks on a dangerous journey that brings her far from her home and her family. She learns about the past and it makes her question everything she believes was set in stone. One thing is certain, Ceri seems determined to stray from destiny.