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The judges named this story as Round One First Place Winner among the 1300 entries in the Open Novella Contest, and it was on the Shortlist. Take a look to see why.

Aldrick Montford is obsessed with finding his grandfather’s treasure. More than half a century and seventeen expeditions have failed to locate his three ships after they wrecked in Windward Passage, deeply-laden with pirate plunder and homeward-bound from the Caribbean in 1679.

Elizabeth, daughter of the third Baron Leigh, was raised in Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire, about as far from the sea as is possible in Britain. Recently betrothed to Aldrick, she doesn’t want him to sail out of her life.

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Link to the 1st sequel, MISSING. Link to 2nd, BACK IN ACTION. Link to the 3rd, WATCHING FRITZ


In the fall of 1994, Martha Beckett starts her first day in a new high school in a new state. She is terrified and alone until a strange boy introduces himself. James is confident, kind, and in Martha’s opinion, more than a little cute. But something feels off. His attention feels too good to be true. How can she form such an immediate connection with a boy she just met? Her skepticism proves justified after James confides in her his secret. This was not their first meeting but roughly their 200th due to James’ remarkable condition: after he dies, he is reincarnated as himself to live his life again and again and again… Retaining all knowledge and skill acquired in his previous lives and with a general understanding of future events, James is effectively superhuman. And while Martha enjoys the inherent perks of associating with such a boy, she comes to learn of the despair and exhaustion underneath it all. With no permanent consequence or hope of release, James struggles to stave off nihilism with Martha his one tether to humanity.'t-believe-in-love-songs

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A stranded soldier in Vietnam, his family back home that my face a future without him, and a chance at regaining his humanity.

One Brief Shining Moment

Genre Winner for Historical Fiction for the Earnesty’s Writers Awards ★

Currently Ongoing With Frequent Updates!

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In the summer of 1963 when President John F Kennedy first set eyes on the young Elizabeth Bruce, she was just a young girl from a wealthy American family. But she was different than the other women he had seduced; she was unpolished and unrefined, but there was something fresh and new about her that he craved desperately. And she was entranced by him and the glory and wonder of the Camelot world that he brought with him. Follow Elizabeth’s story as she begins an illicit and dangerous affair with the most powerful man in America, and find out just how much it cost to have ‘one brief shining moment’ in Camelot.𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐟-𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠-𝐌𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭

Khmorch Nakry: A Ghost’s Story

Based on a true story.
Lucille knew of the genocide museum in Phnom Penh where fresh skulls that were strung up on wires in the shape of Cambodia to honor the names forgotten. She knew who Pol Pot was. She knew some of the chilling slogans like “To keep you is no gain. To kill you is no loss” and “Better to kill an innocent by mistake than to spare an enemy by mistake.” She knew of the horror her mother suffered, losing her childhood to men and woman who used hatred and fear as weapons. The guns certainly didn’t help. A culture near-drowned in blood. Lucille was Cambodian-American but still wasn’t quite sure what that meant. She knew that half of her was in pieces
Like mother like daughter, Lucille woke up a ghost. A ghost who had a few more pieces to give.'s-story

“Do we all live to watch and wait for the world to end?
Is the suicide worthy for Our Savior to defend?
Do we deserve to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
If we can’t take good care of the Garden of Eden?”
—From Kildare: Smart vs Intelligent



Beauty of a Thistle
In Regency era Scotland, Jennifer goes to work as a maid at the castle of Lord Young. She meets his son, Valian, who had been left disfigured in a fire, and things don’t start off so well. However, as time goes by, they learn to trust one another and, eventually, fall in love.


This is the saga of Penthesilea–Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This 3-part novel features the ancient Amazon culture—once thought only to be a myth.

Yet out of the mists of time evidence emerges that this dynamic society of all females did in fact exist. So powerful was their commitment to the nature and independence of women, that their queen—the wise and agile Penthesilea, using a secret covenant shared by later powerful women—travels across time to fulfill a dynamic wish.

<img src= ">

Read “Volume One” here:’s-wish

Read “Volume Two” here:’s-wish-vol-2

Read “Volume Three” here:’s-wish-vol-3

Neferet’s Revenge
Neferet has dreamed of serving The Goddess Almah, She Who Dances, since she was a babe. And at the age of thirteen she finally has been admitted into the temple by the high priestess to learn the mysteries of The Goddess. Her dreams have turned into a reality and she is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. But when tragedy strikes, she must forsake her vows to leave the temple and journey into the underground of her city, where Neferet will seek revenge against those who have dishonored her.

In 2012, Dora Harding finds and purchases a desk in her best friend’s New York antique shop. Later that evening, she discovers an old letter in one of the cabinets. She doesn’t expect to find something like it, nor does she expect to see that the letter is addressed to her. It is from 1912.


A general of an army becomes paranoid after surviving an assassination attempt on his life and has been grieving himself after losing the two most important people near and dear to his heart in the attack. After nearly five years of hiding in abandoned safe house, his younger brother took control as Chancellor of a new country of Europe, Austermakia. His leadership and confidence have faded away within the rotting safe house that was used during the civil war which gave birth to the new-found country, after Germany was a failing and struggling country to rebuild itself after the end of “The Great War”. Now another war is on the horizon between Britain and Austermakia. The Chancellor of Austermakia has held British trade ships as hostage in retaliation, after finding out the assassins who tried to kill the most decorated general in their country were British. During the emits of the chaos, little do they know that there’s something more than what has happened already.


I couldn’t breathe. It felt soothing, it felt like home.
Yet I was terrified. For it was unfamiliar, yet comforting at the same time. Like I belonged…

“Sofia Che! Time for school! You’re late! No time for breakfast. Run!!!” I sprung out of bed. All memory of the dream wiped from my mind…

~ A novel with a mix of historical and cultural elements both old and new.
~ Set mainly in the malay peninsula.
Are all asians really the same?
Click on the the red ‘Astray’ above to find out more!


Harriett Purcell is the daughter of the two most notorious criminal blood mages in London. After they are tried and sentenced, she changes her name and the course of her entire life in order to avoid ending up like them. She works hard to become a successful actress and singer in London, hiding her blood magic and combat abilities beneath a pretty smile and a flick of her lashes. Under the light of the chandeliers, she keeps the lords and ladies entertained; under cover of darkness, she joins with her mute partner Lash to become a vengeful vigilante, holding the same lords and ladies accountable for their crimes. Her eye is now fixed on the Archbishop himself, remembering how he treated her when she was taken into his orphanage as a child.

There is a hiccup in her plans, however, when her childhood friend turned enemy, Lord William Hastings, makes a surprise reappearance in her life. Will has a journey of his own to make, as he is sent on a manhunt after an escaped convict. Harriett doesn’t trust Will, and is determined to discover what demons lurk in his closet, so she and Lash decide to follow him on his journey. Together they battle a gang of hoodlums, the secrets of Harriett’s past, and a deranged murderer, and all of them must learn to depend on each other in order to survive.

Book 2 of The Conclave series.




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