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Forced to become the crown prince of England, prince Archibald is unprepared. With a cruel uncle as a king who seeks to control him he must navigate his way through court life but when his uncle asks him to trick a certain young maiden into falling in love with him he finds himself in deep waters and his heart totally entranced.



Clay’s Cottage

Lacking motivation for her next historical romance novel, Tilly Fletcher embarks on a spontaneous road trip to an abandoned Tasmanian 19th century cottage. Inside, she is drawn to an old oil painting hung above the fireplace, painted by the original cottage owner over a hundred years ago. Moments later, after touching the painting, Tilly is overcome by sickness and finds herself no longer in 2019, but suddenly standing inside the cottage in 1869 - and gets caught by the cottage owner, a disgruntled Nicholas Clay.

Did she really travel 150 years in the past or is it all just a dream? Can she find her way back to her own time?

This certainly isn’t the motivation Tilly was looking for… Or is it?’s-cottage


An adventurous romance story! by highfoxes

Rose Davies, a modern-day university student, finds herself trapped in the body of a 20s Lady, who had been brutally murdered at her time. Cutthroat gangs, fancy pubs and a new aristocratic lifestyle pull her into the hazardous world of Old London.

An encounter with the Walker Twins, leaders of a criminal organisation, throws her into a blind alley as she tries to keep her head above the waves. Will she save herself from the dangerous fate that awaits her? Will she find a way to turn back to her world?

And what will cross her path in the mean time? Hardship? Crime? Betrayal? New friendships? And perhaps, love?

Click here for the story!


The ocean is as old as time and so are her servants. The spirits of the ocean are born to help the ocean and do what she asks. However, not ever spirit has the same story.
Thrown into a war between her new nature and her past, Maurea struggles to navigate her new world when it clashes with the old. Sometimes the only way to win is to lose.

The calm embrace of the current carried me to a resting bed. My body eased into the silt at the bottom of the river. Everything was numb as I stared at the calm water above me.

I wasn’t strong enough to save them and I wasn’t strong enough to save myself either. I closed my eyes, prepared to never move again for fear of failure. The truth about my family and sister was something I could have faced with time, but I just lost her: my sister, the woman I loved, my protector. Not only was she gone Jax, the man who I had trusted enough to care about, had sacrificed his freedom for me.



Rupert Heart recently became King after the tragic and sudden death of his father and his mother’s abdication. He is married to Elizabeth Heart. They have been friends since they were children, their parents having been political allies. They both have a secret that keeps them tied together. What could that be? What happens when Elizabeth’s insanely attractive brother and Rupert’s ex-arrives at court?
[COMPLETE with 24 chapters.]
Check it out here:

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Cut;ass Anne

After setting out to save her sister, Anne Crowley finds herself face-to-face with the notorious John Jacks, the son of a ruthless pirate captain. John Jacks thwarts Anne’s every move yet she finds herself attracted to the infuriating pirate. Determined to find her sister, and resist the charming John Jacks, Anne and her band of pirates must search the high seas for clues to finding her missing sister before she’s lost forever.




Chosen when a child, Lady Joselyn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king’s assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are supposed to know. It’s a life and death secret that must be kept.

For an assassin survival is precarious. Life is something you simply cannot take for granted because the next day is never granted. Despite her privileged upbringing, Joselyn quickly learned how to survive on her own and to never trust a soul while following the Guild without question.

Upon her return to England, a murderous plot against King Cassiush is discovered. Joselyn is shocked when she finds out who the fiend is. She’s even more shocked when the King proposes marriage, a lot. An assassin has never married her king before. The last one who fell in love had her tongue ripped out and was burned alive.

Letting her emotions cloud her judgment, Joselynfalls for Cassius and agrees to the marriage, jeopardizing not only his life but her own. Disobeying the Guild means death. Now she must figure out how to keep them both alive and not piles of smoldering ash.


Name -. The Lost Royals
Genre - Historical Fiction
Link -

Life at Thourmount is all Ophelia had ever known. She was one among the hundred of maids employed at the castle, where she easily faded into the background. But her luck changes when one of her endeavours lead her right into the hands of a mischievous young man. He was a comet heading to the very center of her universe and she did not know what will happen when it finally collided.

Fate is tested when the past is pulled to light, alarming secrets are revealed, lives are lost and Ophelia is tangled in a web of lies and deception.

I hope you enjoy! Take care!

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New Project (24)

A story about a fictional town in the old west, romance, and outlaws!

Winifred Smithson and her uncle, Joseph, take over her father’s home and profession after he passes away one winter. With her uncle being more suited in monetary affairs, it leaves the weight of keeping a roof over their heads on Winfred’s shoulders in a town that attracts criminals like flies to honey. Yet, when one Elijah Fredrick comes walking up their path after seeing Joseph’s offer for help in exchange for board, it leaves her with many questions after recognizing him from a previous encounter.

However, the most pressing one is if he was one of the many flies that lingered about the town.


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“How dare you betray my trust , Nefertari ?. How could you do this to me? After all I’ve done for you…”

“Sese ,Please listen to me”

“Shut up!!! , Just shut up. You have lost your right to call me that. From now on you mean NOTHING to me.”

This is the story of one of the world’s greatest monarch , Ramses II and his eternal love Nefertari…

What will happen when these two love birds will be thrown into a venomous pit of misunderstanding caused by a third individual, who also happens to be a past lover? What will happen when Ramses assumes that Nefertari is pregnant with another man’s baby?

PLEASE READ AND VOTE :slight_smile:


Finally, the armies of the Hittites have been subdued, but at a great cost to both sides.
Egypt could not take back the fortress city of Kadesh, key to defending their golden land and their vassal states, but in the eyes of the Pharaoh, they won something much greater; peace.
After a century of war, it was a much-welcomed outcome for both Egypt and Hattusa.

The great Hittite general, Hattusili, offers his daughter, the young princess Malawashina, as a bride for Pharaoh to seal their treaty once and for all.
But, is the treaty the only reason he chooses to send his most precious daughter away from their homeland, away from his heart?

How will life fare for her in the distant land of Egypt, where she will ultimately be sent into the clutches of Pharaoh’s harem?
Claws will be hidden beneath the facade of pleasantries and charm. Will the rules set in place to assure harmony within the palace be enough to protect her from the ruthlessness of her fellow wives as they vie for Pharaoh’s favour and affections?

Within Pharaoh’s harem, only one flower can bloom…
WARNING: This story will contain sexual content not suitable for young readers. There will also be scenes or implied scenes that may be triggers for some readers (rape, murder, bullying…)
Also, this story is a complete work of fiction. I DO include some actual historical events, or my interpretations thereof (for the sake of fiction) and some of the characters ARE real historical characters, but the story itself is completely mine.'s-lotus

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The County of Holland 1345. Count William dies without producing an heir. His widow, Joan of Brabant and his uncle, John of Beaumont try to keep the County in balance while searching for a worthy successor both the lords and the rising cities of Holland will accept. But at the Imperial Court in Bavaria, William’s sister, Empress Margaret has her own plans for the County of Holland.


Some who are familiar with the history of Western Europe may have heard about the Dutch Revolt in the 16th century, but it is much less known that before this event the Netherlands already shared a history of strife and faction wars. One such conflict, that has been carried over several generations, was that between the factions known as the Cods and the Hooks in the medieval County of Holland.

This historical fiction tells the story of its leading actors, their search for power, respect, wealth or just peace and quiet.

It will take you into the 14th century Low Countries. Experience the rise of the cities, the counter of the nobility, the growing of central power, the first battles of the Hundred Years War, The Black Death and the complicated politics of the Holy Roman Empire.
Holland stands as a midget among giants and must prey from the powerful in order not to get trampled.

Blurb: A young soldier is stranded in the Veitnamese jungle. It is here he will regain his humanity.

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This novel was freshly updated with fun games. The first music sheet was also published and you can play the video to hear the tune. Thanks :slight_smile:

Final Book Cover Kildare

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Maroon and Blue Corporate people Walking Business Book Cover (1)

Title: Sweepings of the Street

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: London, England, 1816, during the British Industrial Revolution

Keywords: Industrial Revolution, England, chimney sweep, factory, family, loss, love, friendship, loyalty, poverty, secrets, lies, hope

Audience: young adult (13+)


“I resolve to do everything I can to help my family.”

This is the promise that twelve-year-old Sarah Lee makes. In the spring of 1816, Sarah’s family is uprooted from their home in the English countryside and thrown into a factory in newly industrial London. Six months later, an injury at work leaves Sarah’s father out of work and her family desperate for money. Against the wishes of her older brother Thomas, Sarah disguises herself and enters a dangerous new job.

Sarah soon learns that life in London is not as simple—or as easy—as it seems. She meets Jamie, a sullen, aggressive boy who helps her to adjust to the new conditions. But Jamie has dark secrets of his own, and his reluctance to trust people clashes with Sarah’s desire to know his history. As the city creeps towards winter, Sarah descends into a spiral of lies and secrets that threaten to put her in grave danger if her identity is discovered. And when tragedy strikes Sarah’s family, the staggering changes in her life may be enough to break her.

“What a remarkable feat and a wonderfully complex, atmospheric, mature and heartfelt story.” - an anonymous reader

Content Warning: physical violence/abuse, suicide mentions, foul language

Cover created using All characters and writing belong to me, @harrypotternerd1024.


During the Korean War, a South Korean girl is sent on an undercover mission to the North Korean territories to find and exploit a weakness in one of the North’s military leaders - but her own feelings for him threaten to upend her original mission.


“He’s the devil in disguise.”

That was the kind of man that everyone thought he was. Thousands of lives had been ended in his hands, families torn apart, homes consumed by flames-they feared him, they hated him, and they wanted him dead.

“He has no weaknesses.”

That was what they told her when they sent her to his side. Her mission? To uncover a single crack beneath the seemingly perfect facade of the devil, so that they could deal him the critical blow.

She thought she had prepared herself for everything that was to be expected.

She didn’t expect him.

Author’s note:
Appreciate any feedback on the story! xx

The Huxley Letters: Writings of a Victorian Lady and Airship Captain

WINNER (1ST PLACE) - General Fiction, The Ruby Awards Spring 2020

The noble-born Lady Clara Huxley, trapped in a miserable marriage, longs to escape through travel. Through her various voyages on the airship Aurora with her loyal crew, new worlds are opened up to her in more ways than one. However, some things still anchor her to her tragic past.

Clara confides in an American acquaintance through a series of letters, detailing both her global travels, and her life’s journey.

A Steampunk adventure/romance story, told in an epistolary style.

“This book has a fresh and rarely seen approach to storytelling which is letter writing. With every letter I read, I was drawn in by Lady Huxley’s tale of passionate romance and exciting adventure” - @Berrylove91

Currently writing the sequel - The Morland Expedition!

Feedback always appreciated!


This is the saga of Penthesilea–Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This 3-part novel features the ancient Amazon culture—once thought only to be a myth.

Yet out of the mists of time evidence emerges that this dynamic society of all females did in fact exist. So powerful was their commitment to the nature and independence of women, that their queen—the wise and agile Penthesilea, using a secret covenant shared by later powerful women—travels across time to fulfill a dynamic wish.

<img src= ">

Read “Volume One” here:’s-wish

Read “Volume Two” here:’s-wish-vol-2

Read “Volume Three” here:’s-wish-vol-3

Penthesilea’s Wish (VOL. 1, 2, 3) [HISTORICAL FICTION] (B014361XIO) Vol.2 (B018PTXI4W) Vol.3 (B01AZMYKIU)


This is the saga of Penthesilea–Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This 3-part novel features the ancient Amazon culture–once thought only to be a myth.
Yet out of the mists of time evidence emerges that this dynamic society of all females did in fact exist. So powerful was their commitment to the nature and independence of women, that their queen—the wise and agile Penthesilea, using a secret covenant shared by later powerful women–travels across time to fulfill a dynamic wish.

Read this novel here:’s-wish


In the 2nd book of the “Penthesilea’s Wish” trilogy, the saga of the legendary queen of the Amazons is revealed. It traces the parallel plots of her life and that of a contemporary young woman living in San Francisco today. Daniela Collins while on a Greek island is made privy to the remarkable secret which began so long ago. It promises to even the playing field between the sexes forever.

Read “Volume Two” here:’s-wish-vol-2


In this concluding volume of the “Penthesilea’s Wish” trilogy, the young and beautiful Amazon queen, Penthesilea, is about to meet destiny in her own historic moment, while modern-day Daniela is mobilized to release the great secret to women everywhere.

Read “Volume Three” here:’s-wish-vol-3

Hi everyone! I’d like to share my historical fiction story (it’s in Italian). The title is “Karin Low - Story of a Fugitive” (in Italian " Karin Low - Storia di una Fuggitiva").

Here’s the plot…
“Karin was only ten years old when, suddenly, the world seemed to turn against her: her parents ended up prisoners of the pirate Edward Low, who had an unfinished business with Karin’s father. Since then her only goal was to survive as she could until, one day, her life took a sudden turn…”.

…Here’s the cover…

…And here’s the link to read it :dizzy: :rainbow:

P.S.: The story is set in the 1700s.
P.P.S.: Edward Ned Low is a real-life character.

I hope you enjoy it!