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Gao Yun’s heart has always belonged to one person: her childhood friend Long Bi. But when their native home of Goguryeo is destroyed by the Tang Empire, the pair becomes separated. Five years later, the two of them meet again in the Tang capital of Luoyang, but Gao Yun quickly discovers that Long Bi is not the person he used to be. He is hiding something secret, something dark.

Enter Yang Shiming, the arrogant and handsome young general who is a favorite of the powerful Wu Zetian, China’s first and only female emperor. He falls in love with Gao Yun at first sight, and he is willingly do whatever it takes to make her his, even if she doesn’t share his feelings.

As Gao Yun becomes entangled in a bitter political struggle for power, she must make a choice: will she continue to give her heart to Long Bi as she had always done, or will she instead turn to Yang Shiming for comfort and protection?


Power is not without a price. And that is Cordelia’s destiny.

Duke William is madly in love with the princess, but one day could change everything.


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Link to the 1st sequel, MISSING. Link to 2nd sequel, BACK IN ACTION. Link to the 3rd, WATCHING FRITZ



A 25 year-old modern day woman woke up from a car accident to find herself in the body of a 16 year-old Manchu girl living in the 18th century Qing Dynasty. In her new life, she became deeply entangled in the princes’ battle for the throne, and found herself falling in love with them.




In sleepy seaside Star’s Crossing, 1860, hopeless romantic Mare Atwood falls madly in love with her childhood correspondent. There’s only one catch–she doesn’t know who he is. When the beaus of Star’s Crossing return from boarding school to begin introductions to society, Mare must determine which of three devoted and decidedly different suitors is her true love.

But time is running out for these young lovers, and Mare fears there is more at play in these courting games than simple romance. If she cannot find her writer soon, she may be forced into an engagement–and marriage–with an imposter.

Torn between three potential matches, Mare navigates the tricky social waters of courtship, tradition, and her own future–determined to decide the fate of all, at the risk of her romance ending in tragedy.

**New chapters every Friday! Things are just heating up, so please stop by for a read. Cheers! :slight_smile:'s-crossing


Blood of my Blood

It’s year 1718 in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Rose McIver grew up standing in the shadow of her older brother Duncan, the next laird of Clan McIver. His sudden death at the hands of british soldiers, sends her family into panic. They must marry Rose before the untimely death of her ill father, Alistair. Against her will, Rose is betrothed to James MacLachlan, a man just as brave and faithful as his name. She will have to put her pride aside to ensure the survival of her clan, and her dignity to marry a man she doesn’t love.

Read Blood of my Blood here


<img src= width=300 />

*Notable Royalty

Hello there~

This is my first book! Take a sneak peek at it, you won’t regret it.

Story Description

In this story I take History in my hands, and rewrite it, making some drastic changes. There’ll be conflicts raging and alliances evolving, between empires which you would’ve never even thought of. All because of one thing. Marriage.

" I Princess Eliza, the fourth child of Queen Désirée, potentate ruler of France, am ready to sail through the ocean to arrange my marriage with Thimothy, the new King of England." I looked from the confident me in the mirror at Dalton and inhaled sharply holding it in. He tilted his head slightly as I did so, and pointed his ears, which were unusually big for a purebred Wolfdog. I let out a desperate sigh while lowering myself down next to him. He immediately settled his head in my lap and I shoved my hands in his soft, fluffy white fur.

“Who am I kidding…I’m not even ready to wear that new corset, which mother bought me on her last visit to Italy.” I stroke his fur along his back. " You know which one I’m talking about right? The fancy one with the frills."

“How is the princess bearing whit the big news?”

“She’s talking to her dog…”

“Oh lord…”

I heard two elder women chattering before they swung open my door and walked in with a bright smile on their face.

“Your ship is ready for boarding my sweet honey bee, are you?” My mothers modulated voice coming from the hallway filled my room, and also my head.


I seem to cant post any images in any group


royal%20betrayal He stood slowly then walked towards her , Josoline’s breath hitched. He needed to kiss her, to touch her. Forget Ethan and his boyish ways and forget mother because he wanted her in all the wrong ways.

" Why are you approaching me so slowly ?"She asked nervously looking away from him shyly. Her lips got dry all of a sudden, She licked them . His eyes followed her tongue, from the day he had seen her in the stables he had wanted to do nothing but kiss those desirable lips.


Hello! This is my first time writing a historical fiction story and I was hoping for any advice and feedback you could give me! Only one chapter is posted at the moment, but please head over and give it a quick read if you can! Thank you!

(Because this is my first time in the Wattpad Community since it updated it won’t let me post a pic or link, but please do go check it out on my profile!)

Elizbeth Anne Humphrey wants a husband. Her expectations are not outlandish; all she asks is that he be reasonably handsome, reasonably wealthy and completely kind. Her brothers have offered their assistance, and it has given her hope that perhaps there is a man out there who might want her for a wife. But alas, the first man she meets after recommitting to the battle against spinsterhood is reasonably handsome, reasonably naked and completely soaked through and stranded on their front steps. He also has a head-wound and no memory of who he is, but Elizabeth Humphrey has larger mysteries to solve; namely, the mystery of who she might marry.


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“No guy will ever be close to you like this, or I swear that will kill him.” He said with rage clearly flashing in his eyes.
I knew he was angry because I went to meet Jason in the morning today. I did not know what to do to make him feel better so I just did what I thought of first, I tugged on his collar and pulled him down to meet my lips. This is the best way to make him forget about this, I thought.
He broke the kiss but he still kept his hand on my waist and kept me really close to him. It was so close that I could feel his minty breath on my face.
“Just because I kissed you back right now doesn’t mean I forgive you.” I just gave him a cheeky grin and he pulled me off my feet.
"You belong to me, only me. All of you are for me. " Oh My ! I had definitely awoken the beast and it was my duty to tame him too. I just politely nodded and then we headed towards our room.

On one side of this Empire lived the ruthless and the most feared yet the cause of the drool on the faces of all the girls, was King Zack Markson Aisle and on the other side lived a little dreamer, a person who longed to be free . Known as the town’s weird girl ,Princess Zarina’s only wish was to go beyond her boundaries and know the reason for her existence. The little princess fell in love with this heartless bastard at first sight but unfortunately the King wanted to marry her beautiful sister Alena. Alena was also happy with marrying the king but this left poor Zee’s heartbroken. A series of event took place then and King Zack ended up marrying Princess Zarina.
Zarina had become the cause of King Zack’s misery and he swore that he will make her life a living hell.
But fate had something else planned for these two intertwined souls.
The secrets that lurked within the old brick walls of the palace will come out but this will surely bring the two much closer .
A story of two people with different hearts but with the same heartbeat.
Please do check out my book , its full of love, laughs and drama.


Ally never wanted to be a princess, but she was born to this role, she never wanted this title. She wanted to see the world, instead she is stuck in the castle like a bird in a cage.
She is the second to the line in of succession to the English throne.
Will she do what it takes to help her country, and be the princess that her parents always expected her to be? Will she be able to find love while she is trying to overcome her enemies?



What if a major deity at the end of his career decided to dictate his life, especially the sensational parts, to a modern-day scribe? My 20 chapter novel is completed and I’m posting chapters as I continue to edit and would LOVE to get your feedback!

‘Zeus: The Autobiography’ is a parody of celebrity autobiographies, a reflection on family and gender, and a satire of godlike proportions.

Zeus starts his tale with the beginning of existence, culminating in the earth and the sky in a celestial love scene. The godly Titans emerge, followed by the Olympian gods including Zeus, youngest of the Olympians. Zeus describes how these early gods battled for power, established rule over the world, and created mortals. Then Zeus tells of his first devastating romance and heartbreak, parenthood, family rivalries, and the melodrama of immortals struggling with spouses while conducting affairs with immortals and mortals. Zeus also shares his personal stories with mortal heroes, Greek history, Roman history, and the emergence of Christianity.




This is the saga of Penthesilea–Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This 3-part novel features the ancient Amazon culture–once thought only to be a myth.

Yet out of the mists of time evidence emerges that this dynamic society of all females did in fact exist. So powerful was their commitment to the nature and independence of women, that their queen—the wise and agile Penthesilea, using a secret covenant shared by later powerful women–travels across time to fulfill a dynamic wish.

Read "Volume One" here:'s-wish



<img src= ">

In the 2nd book of the “Penthesilea’s Wish” trilogy, the saga of the legendary queen of the Amazons is revealed. It traces the parallel plots of her life and that of a contemporary young woman living in San Francisco today. Daniela Collins while on a Greek island is made privy to the remarkable secret which began so long ago. It promises to even the playing field between the sexes forever.

Read "Volume Two" here:'s-wish-vol-2


In this concluding volume of the “Penthesilea’s Wish” trilogy, the young and beautiful Amazon queen, Penthesilea, is about to meet destiny in her own historic moment, while modern-day Daniela is mobilized to release the great secret to women everywhere.


src= ">

Read "Volume Three" here:'s-wish-vol-3


A Victorian-era romance novel!




Há muito tempo atrás em um reino antigo chamado Flor de luz havia 5 jovens muito talentosos, o sonho deles era de se tornar samurais de seu reino, para isso eles treinaram intensamente até que um dia eles foram reconhecidos pelo rei, mas ser um samurai não era algo fácil, os 5 tiveram que enfrentar inúmeros obstáculos principalmente ao ficarem na encruzilhada do amor e do dever quando um reino conhecido como as 4 trevas da noite declarou guerra contra vários reinos inclusive Flor de luz fazendo com que os 5 tivessem que trilhar uma difícil jornada até poderem encontrar seu caminho de flores.