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SWAT is prepared for every scenario, except for when the dead walk.

In the early morning hours of Day Zero, Brandon Shelton and the rest of his SWAT team respond to a routine call on the University of Texas campus. As the situation goes from bad to worse, they struggle to survive the day against the growing horde of zombies.

Dead America: Ground Zero is a lead in to the Dead Texas and Dead America series.

New Chapter Every Friday!


Behold Tales of the Twisted, a series of creepy, sinister, and macabre tales to make your spine tingle. Right now, the first and only story so far, “The Psychologist,” is a terrifying tale about the evil that has the ability to reside in the human mind. As this anthology continues to develop, you will encounter a variety of dark stories with unexpected twists and scary endings.

Prepare to be afraid.


“Your father wrote words that drip.”

Vivian Castile seems to have it all. A famous author, he has money, popularity, a loving family, and extraordinary talent. But bad things are happening. Disturbing, terrifying things. His family cannot figure out what it is. But Vivian knows very well.

He knows it’s been twenty years. He knows what he did. The time is coming. The question is, is he willing to do what he must do?

Or will he let his family suffer?

On Wattpad, this book has the terrifying tale “Dujer the Reaper.” A teenage girl wishes to take a walk by the local train station. But it is said that exactly one year ago, a young boy met a grisly fate by the hands of the maniacal and mysterious killer, Dujer the Reaper. She thinks that she is mature enough to take a nighttime stroll. What she does not realize is that something beyond her darkest imagination is coming for her.


When the world is turned upside down for Nevaeh Maybell and her family, she must do anything and everything to survive for herself and her family. Faith is tested and so is her trust, limits are pushed, and death is lurking around every corner.

Narcel Bellamy is an army soldier that most people wouldn’t make mad, or mess with. He is a trained killer, and a trained fighter; until faith turned his life upside down. Will it be, or will it not be?

The day of reckoning came early this year.

This story is 100% a tale of my imagination.


The recently-orphaned Choi twins, Annalise and Ariel, try to find their independence after losing their wealth, parents and home. But some bonds cannot be broken and some things shall never be run away from.

Set in beautiful Gyeongju, South Korea, secrets are unearthed shattering the tranquility of the town. People are having visions, visions of things that cannot be described, visions that have dire consequences for some.

What exactly haunts the town? And what do the Chois have to do with it?

Dog Days | Read Here

On the day her life was supposed to begin, everything started to fall apart.

Eighteen-year-old Arryn Lycaster just graduated high school. With aspirations of becoming a veterinarian and a supportive boyfriend, she’s ready to take the next step forward in life. Danger, however, lurks around the corner when a mutated form of the rabies virus swiftly spreads across the nation. Everything the virus infects turns to mindless, flesh-hungry creatures known as Rabids.

Finding herself thrown in the middle of the apocalypse, Arryn must band together with other survivors. But not everyone can be trusted when rumors of a traitor hang in the midst.

She quickly finds that some people don’t need to be bitten to have their humanity stripped from them.

All they need is a push.


:smiling_imp::skull_and_crossbones: Some dates are magic…others are hell. See what happens when a curious teen accidentally casts a love spell on a nasty entity. :smiling_imp::skull_and_crossbones:

Read it on Wattpad. Comment if you want to see it on screen!

Hey guys, this is my story: Inside the Hollow


Seven years after Iesha’s disappearance, a mysterious letter addressed to Akari reveals the hidden horror and danger that has been unleashed into the world, known as the Hollow.

After being unintentionally pulled into this forbidden world, Akari and her friends, Ax, Shabina, and Xena, seek to escape the unimaginable realm of the Hollow.

While doing so, they discover the painful, devastating truth behind Thana, the creator of the Hollow.

But is Thana the true monster of this story? Or is there a worser evil lurking within?
You can read it here:

I’m also up for feedback and read-for-read deals. Thank you so much for reading this!

Hi, thanks for this post! Please find my Chillers & Thrillers: Short Horror Stories, which are updated every week -

Dear reader, beware beware,

For you are in for a horrific scare,

One that’ll give you a dreadful fright,

So much so, that you’ll not sleep at night,

So think before you read this book and engage,

And know that with your nightmares you’ll dearly pay,

You’ll quiver and tremble and look everywhere,

For monsters and more that lurk here and there,

And remember, such frights will appear every week,

When this book will be updated and tweaked,

So follow this profile if you think you’re brave,

And open this book and read and read away,

But remember reader – beware beware!

Only read this book if you truly dare…

H.S Rehman

username: @kirstylouise95
title: The man with no face

Description: Sarah is left all alone when a masked murderer is killing everyone she knows. She needs to find out who it is before her time is up, but can she keep not only herself but her daughter alive.

Hi guys, ive wrote 15 chapters now and getting some good feedback and some good views! It is not to everyones taste but it has some plots and unexpected twists in, and its based on true life events that have taken place in my life or someone that i know.
If you could find the time to read and comment that would be highly appreciated.
Im not a professional writer so please excuse any grammar errors or wrong useage of words, i will be spending the next few days proofing the chapters and editing them before updating my next chapter… Will looking forward to reading through some of your books.
Thank you

A pale man wanders a decrepit Earth full of hideous monsters.

Share Your Story – Horror – Dead Family Dayđź’€-dead-family-day-đź’€


Many frustrated Americans couldn’t inherit their relatives’ wealth. After two nuclear bombs detonated in Seattle and San Francisco, people in the blast radius should have died. However, they defied science and did not completely die. Heirs of the dead became furious with a Supreme Court ruling that descendants could not discharge the wills of the “apparently dead” if the person was only “partially dead” (the so-called “partials”). Politicians came up with a solution for the outraged citizens: They passed a law that murder of partials was not illegal, and that would allow descendants to enter the two nuclear containment areas to kill off their partially dead relatives.

Catherine, the top administrator of the two devastated cities, is firmly set against this new law. Can she hinder its implementation, while also preventing the dead from escaping?

The story can be found here: Dead Family Day

your past is here, your death is near.

what will you do when something you thought was a myth stands before your eyes?

You should read "Secrets Never Stay Buried " on #wattpad #horror




Every year, it was the same boring birthday, this year wasn’t any different.
I wished for something exciting to happen, anything to burn the dullness of my average school life.
Be careful what you wish for.
A twisted fun is about to begin and it’s deadly.

The world was not what it once was. And only night welcomed the world. Homes were no longer havens. But a place where death was an open door. Now the sleepers roamed the world, and the rumor of a boy with no name accompanied by a sleeper, who goes by the name of S, created a supposed haven.

But is it really? Should one hope the rumors were true? Or was it like the other rumors veiled it as, a world full of sleepers and about a boy, who smiled as he danced and laughed madly under the moonlight? His eyes would glow a vibrant green in the night, and it’d suck the soul from you and made you his puppet. Would he pull the strings of fate to the right direction or will he also make the world his puppet and he the master?

Welcome to Drop Dead New Year! Where the world is a twisted adventure.


Short story | Completed

A fameless painter touches the realms of madness when he makes the mistake of using drugs to improve his art.

Short Story | Completed

A psychologist tries to help a young woman to overcome her fear of mirrors.

Short Story | Completed

Deep in Siberia a small village is attacked by an unknown force. The expedition sent to look for survivors finds something more horrifying than anything imaginable.

Mystery Novel | Completed

I have collected reports on strange happenings and published a book about them in Germany. As I want my knowledge to spread, I have now translated the whole collection into English. Can you unravel its mysteries?

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