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The Bones of Our House

When Anna leaves her husband and moves with their two daughters to a small town in southern Canada, she tells herself she is doing it so that they can all start over, begin anew. She closes her eyes to her eldest daughter’s anger, to the sadness in the eyes of the younger. She can even tell herself that she still recognizes the face in the mirror. What Anna can’t ignore, however, is the way her house creaks in the night, the voice in its foundations whispering to her from a place of darkness and waiting. As Anna becomes convinced that her ex is stalking their family, her daughters become convinced that a more sinister power is at play.

Since it’s October again, and I’m trying to do better at promotion… Fancy a short, creepy read of isolation and paranoia, in which an unnamed narrator slowly loses themselves to the nightmare of their environment?

I present: The Quiet Sea


No one lives on the island anymore. And yet, plagued by a lack of sleep and an unshakable feeling of wrongness, its last visitor begins to question whether they’re really alone.

Happy October, Wattpad! :jack_o_lantern:

How about a little haunted house story (with a twist)?

Click here to read!

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The Gifted are those in possession of supernatural powers, but their lives are far from peachy: there’s a cult of people who hunt down and devour them, along with an ancient entity nicknamed Death who is on a mission to rule the world.

Jack Parker and Maya Park, two different Gifted who were mysteriously brought together, are on the run. Anna van Danne, an ambitious cult leader on a manhunt, is running in circles trying to find Jack, the most powerful of his kind in the entire world. Death is getting closer to her goal, and the cult grows stronger every day.

How can anyone ever be safe?

Click here to read.


So the Frigid Tides
A Story for No One

A lonely, cold, tired man lives comfortably in Bettles, Alaska, a county known for having the smallest population in the state. A sign reading ‘Population: 51’ has long been outdated, with a recent census declaring the population to be a total of nine residents. But during one tumultuous night, Bettles is greeted with a new resident, the mysterious Blue Man, who brings tidings of misfortune for those who dare to listen.

(Work in Progress)
Started: August 2019
Release Schedule: Monday / Wednesday / Friday

TAGS: existential horror, creepy, male protagonist, psychological, short chapters, work in progress


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The devil is hunting, looking for the weak ones that fall into his enormous arms. Wait in the dark to let your guard down. He wants me to give up, give myself up and stop fighting. A simple oversight can cost me dearly. “That” attacks the weakest, or maybe the strongest, I don’t know. Try to take away everything I have one by one. He won’t leave until he has what he is looking for. What do you look for? What do you want? Those questions are the same ones that I asked myself and were answered with a whisper to my ear with a horrible voice, which said: “YOUR SOUL” …

NOTE: the novel is in Spanish, but eventually it will be in English too

An English jury is called to hear a murder trial in which everyone involved - even the victim - is neither innocent nor sane. Faceless demons, shifting realities and scandalous secrets all culminate in a slew of deaths. But what really happened? Is the cause supernatural, or is there something more maniacal afoot?

~~ Wattys Shortlist 2018 ~~

In a desperate attempt to save his soul before he dies, southern aristocrat William Virgil Hollingsmore writes the world a cautionary letter on the last of his twelve days in a personalized Hell. In it, through the haze of his own mental deterioration, he chronicles the horrors and agony that befell him at the hands of Satan, as well as the sad events leading up to this unfortunate climax.


The thought of a world still infused with mysticism, with spirits and secret societies seems so fantastical, so classically romantic, that our macabre sensibilities almost beg to explore it. That is, until one should discover that we live in just such a world - then the daydream becomes a nightmare. Lydia Landrum was plunged into this nightmare at an early age when, in the course of exploring her own clairvoyant abilities, she stumbled upon a dark reality: not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with a soul. It seems, moreover, that soullessness has given rise to an entire industry, very profitable and dominated by an organization known as the Hunters. Reaching out to others who lack what they lack, the Hunters kill at random, harvesting the souls of their innocent victims to be sold as surrogates. Now that Lydia knows their secret, she must end them before they end her.

Horror / Short Stories Series.

This is a collection of short stories about a 16-year-old boy named Jay Trent and his many supernatural adventures. In each story, he uncovers a dangerous world of horror and violence, magic and secrets, a world of dreams and nightmares. Along the way, he discovers strange things about his family, his friends, his world and himself.

Note: In the spirit of challenging myself to write short stories, I’ll be taking short story writing challenges and prompts and posting what I come up with in this collection, starting with the title story, “Behind the Mirror.”


Pale Reflections
“When you look in the mirror… Who looks back?”
From Luna’s Journal:
“I’m not sure what’s real anymore. I’m not even sure if I’m real. I look in the mirror now and then, but I always feel like someone else is looking back. I don’t look in mirrors anymore.”
Luna Desmond suffers from blackouts, debilitating migraines and hears disembodied voices. As if that wasn’t bad enough, new clothes and writing from mysterious people start showing up-and it’s not from her roommate Ally either. As her blackouts worsen and the voices get louder, Luna develops severe anxiety. She decides she needs help before her sanity collapses.
Can Luna save herself before it’s too late?

Psychological Horror
Story will touch on physical abuse, sexual assault, and emotional neglect
Some chapters will have clear trigger warnings
Psychology in terms of mental illness, specifically Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, psychosis, and severe anxiety/depression
((Research conducted, consulted with DID sufferers))

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A collection of short stories about the terrifying and downright bone-chilling. If you’re not wearing pants, I suggest you put them on and prepare to have them scared off of you.

New stories will be released weekly-it’s spooky season, baby!

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The people of Williamstown wake one morning to find that nothing exists outside the boundaries of their township. This story is told in glimpses, given to you in no chronological order, as the town spirals into a waking nightmare of desperation and madness.

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The Dream / Perpetual Winter

Philosophical / Psychological: A four-part short story about a physician interviewing a man who’s been experiencing unsettling nightmares concerning death.

Hace mucho tiempo me dijeron que las cosas que me sucedían día a día, debían ser contadas a otras personas…
Sin embargo hay un problema, cada vez que les contaba estas cosas a alguien, de manera personal, esta persona comenzaba a vivir experiencias similares en el área paranormal…

Long ago they told me that things that happened to me every day should be told to other people…
However, there is a problem, every time I say these things to someone, personally, this person began to live similar experiences in the paranormal area…

Never trust a psychopath. Eventually he’ll get to you, too.


Hey everyone! I just finished my first short story. It’s a cosmic horror story inspired by my love for the king of cosmic horror himself, H.P. Lovecraft. There are mystery elements as well. I would appreciate y’all reading it and giving me any feedback you have to offer, good or bad.

It’s called “The Sea Speaks Plain”. I’m not sure how to link it or post a picture, but you could click my name to get to my account I think. Here is a description:

Biologist, Miranda Lakely, finds herself puzzled when she comes across a sample of aquatic vegetation seemingly not of earthly origin. What should have been the discovery of her lifetime quickly turns into a horrific fight for survival against a mysterious cult and the secrets they wish to keep hidden from the outside world.

Love, demons, magic, eternity…
The Seventh Date
A lovelorn girl toys with witchcraft and accidentally attracts a vicious entity…

Aerie is new in town and well on her way to being as popular as her beauty-queen cousin. She’s made friends, nailed her look, and has already gone on six dates with one of the hottest guys in school.

But when Aerie’s heart is shattered, she tinkers with the dark powers of the universe and is thrust down a path where love and hate fuse into something monstrous. And as a violent entity begins its fierce pursuit of Aerie and her friends, Aerie must discover her true intent in order to confront the darkness that threatens to consume her heart and soul.

Based on my short story published in Dark Moon Digest, issue 22.

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SWAT is prepared for every scenario, except for when the dead walk.

In the early morning hours of Day Zero, Brandon Shelton and the rest of his SWAT team respond to a routine call on the University of Texas campus. As the situation goes from bad to worse, they struggle to survive the day against the growing horde of zombies.

Dead America: Ground Zero is a lead in to the Dead Texas and Dead America series.


Sample chapter from my new short story :smiley: :smiley:
A young knights promotion is turned into a living nightmare when he is sent to the infamous First Gate. Posted deep beneath the world of Aeden he will face horrors older than the world he has left behind.


Each 50 word chapter is based on a prompt word provided by Inktober 2019 Writer Edition. Bite sized dark horror every day til Halloween. Enjoy, ya ghouls!