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Hello everyone! I would be very thankful if you check my story :heart:



Horror // Thriller // Novel

She didn't want to remember, ever. She just wanted to forget. Forget the past ten years ever happened.

An undercover operation to catch a very dangerous man goes terribly wrong. Instead of catching and locking him up, special agent Amy Jensen is the one who loses her freedom. Will she ever be able to escape the horrible nightmare that her life has become?


book []

Audrey Matthews moved to Blackwater Springs, a town so small it’s not even on the map, with her husband looking for a new beginning. At first, the town seems perfect for the couple. The people are friendly, and the house is something out of Audrey’s dreams.
But not everything in the Springs is as it seems.
Will Audrey be able to face her demons? Or will the town be the death of her?


Hey everyone, new here and wanting to share my stories :slight_smile:
First chapter is an introduction, second and onwards will be more like short supernatural/horror/monster-y stories in a diary/journal format.'s-journal-of-the-bizarre

Edward is a somewhat odd fellow that seems to see and experience things most cannot start to understand. He had no outlet for the ghastly things and thoughts he experiences in his daily life until his dear friend Elizabeth nudged him towards keeping a journal with the recounting of his experiences. Reluctantly, he agreed.
These are excerpts from Edward’s diary.

Hope you like it and any feedback is more than welcome! :heart:



“Hate manifests itself in many different ways, Logan.” It moved closer, onto its knees in front of him, still clutching his wrists. It moved to his face, settling just inches from him, the empty, black sockets of its eyes boring hot into his. “The stronger it gets, the more alive it becomes.”



Una Trilogia Horror-Fantasy Coinvolgente, Sconcertante, Visionaria e di Grande Impatto Emotivo!!
Per Lettori Italiani
Buona lettura!


Alle meine Horror-Geschichten findet ihr hier: Leseliste Meine Horror-Geschichten

Ich habe 5 Geschichten - vier Kurzgeschichten und einen kürzlich begonnenen Roman zu bewerben.


Das Horrorhaus

“Doch dieses Haus… es hatte so einen seltsamen, beunruhigenden Schimmer über sich liegen, war in Mystik getunkt wie ein Eis in Schokolade. Umhüllend. Allerfassend. Erstickend.”

Link: Das Horrorhaus

Mystery Island

Link: Mystery Island
Meine Stärke liegt bei der Geschichte selbst, nicht dem Klappentext, Lasst euch also lieber von dieser Geschichte überzeugen, als von einem kurzen Text, der euch am Ende noch spoilert. :wink:

Für die, die gerne grob wissen möchten worum es geht:
Diese Kurzgeschichte handelt von den grausamen Erfahrungen, die der Forscher Frank auf einer mysteriösen Insel machen mussten.
Nicht alle sollten mit ihrem Leben davonkommen.

Helena ermittelt

Link: Helena ermittelt

“Ich zuckte zusammen und wagte es gar nicht, meinen Kopf zu heben. Mein ganzer Körper zitterte heftig und die Blätter, die ich grade noch las, fielen mir aus den Händen.
Noch bevor ich ihm ausweichen konnte, packte er meine Schultern fest mit seinen Pranken von Händen und schubste mich gegen die Wand.
“Wagen Sie es bloß nicht, irgendwem davon zu erzählen, verstanden?”, knurrte er mich an. Ich starrte taub nach vorne. Den Schmerz in meinen Schultern von seinem festen Griff und dem Stoß spürte ich nicht, ich war wie gelähmt.”

Crime time

Link:Crime Time

“Sie riss an den Ketten, die sie auf dem Boden hielten und schrie so laut sie konnte. „Sei still!”, knurrte der Mann sie an. „Bitte. Was wollen Sie? Geld?", schluchzte sie. „Nein", raunte der Mann zurück, „darum geht es mir nicht. Es geht darum, was sie getan haben." „Wer sind „sie"? Was meinen Sie?", fragte das Mädchen verängstigt. Der Mann grinste sie teuflisch an, seine verfaulten Zähne zeigten sich, dann lehnte er sich zu ihrem Ohr und flüsterte ihr die Antworten zu, seinen verwesenden Atem in ihre Nase atmend. Ihre Augen weiteten sich. Nie hatte sie gedacht, dass es so enden würde."

Der Roman: Das Haus, das Seelen fraß

Link: Das Haus, das Seelen fraß

"Doch dieses Haus… es hatte so einen seltsamen, beunruhigenden Schimmer über sich liegen, war in Mystik getunkt wie ein Eis in Schokolade. Umhüllend. Allerfassend. Erstickend."

Diese Geschichte verwebt einige meiner Kurzgeschichten (in einer ausführlicheren Fassung) zu einem Roman zusammen.



A tale of supernatural horror set on the Isle of Man. Foreign exchange student Ellen finds herself embroiled in mystery and danger!

A short story.




After going through horrible experimentation and falling into a deep slumber, Mika wakes a few hundred years in the future with no place to call home a no memories of his past. after getting caught by some of people of this unknown time he escapes and gets taken in by a maid of a noble family. Little does he know that his new found peace will be shattered unknowingly by these same people and he will have to fight for what little happiness he has left on this world.


Breaking Eden (Highest ranking in Mystery/thriller is #2 and has over 70K reads!)

Main blurb

Declan Payne isn’t your average multimillionaire CEO. He’s the owner of Pleasure in Payne, one of the worlds most profitable sex toy manufacturers. But underneath his poised, well mannered facade lies a sinister beast waiting to be released. And the moment he spots Eden the need to own her, in every way imaginable, consumes him. He’ll stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Eden Burrows is a featured dancer at Harvey’s and couldn’t be happier. Only her days in the spotlight are numbered when she crosses paths with the stranger in room 6. What starts off as a routine job ends in betrayal and her imprisonment. Held against her will, Eden must over come her fear and fight to escape because dying is not an option.

This is not a cliché stalker/kidnapper story.

The Hilstead Experiment

Short Blurb: Three prisoners escape an experiment involving human subjects.

Long Blurb:

On the night of August 5th, 1986, Kariss and two fellow prisoners break free of the island compound, intent on exposing its secrets. To escape, meant freedom. To be caught, meant death. They escape to freedom, but quickly learn that something is lurking beyond the compound walls, waiting for them to enter the Greenlands.

This fast paced novella is filled with thrilling twists and turns that’ll keep the reader on the edge of their seat right to the very end. With mysterious humanoid like beings harboring paranormal abilities and action scenes where no one is truly safe, 1986 quickly becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

Genres this falls under: Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Horror, and Adventure.

The Carriers

One sentence synopsis: Tainted meat turns a small farming town into a parasitic zombie war zone only a vegetarian can handle.

Long Blurb:

Ally Carson reluctantly returns home after receiving a panicked call about her parents death. Two days later she’s standing in a town she swore she’d never come back to. What Ally doesn’t realize is she just entered into a parasitic war zone where the dead will soon out number the living. The warning on the welcome sign should have been a red flag. Don’t eat the meat. Don’t drink the water. Don’t get sick. Thank God she’s a vegetarian.

Genres this falls under: Horror, Humor, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, and paranormal.


Willow Grove, Keslador - childhood home to a trio that would go down in history. Among this trio was a psychologically disturbed young man named Thomas Wellington, who only thought of roses and their splendor, and cared not for any other flower. Within these pages, quite a few people endlessly interfere with Thomas’ obsessive life to the point where he decides that he can no longer observe the object of his affection without taking any action.

The disgusting happenings in this town always did become the topic of rumor across all of Edela, so what’s a few more?






Hi! I just want to promote my story GONE. It’s a story about the zombie apocalypse. Here’s the introduction;

"SORRY FOR THE INTERRUPTION. WE ARE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES." were written on the tv screen in bold letters.

"Come on! I’m watching football!" I exclaimed, then I threw a piece of popcorn on the screen, and as if on cue, another set of words popped up, saying, "THIS BROADCAST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE PRESIDENT."

’The President? Surprising’ I thought to myself.

The screen flashed, and now, the President of the US himself is on screen.

"Citizens of America. We are very sorry, but we can’t keep it all from you anymore. A virus has spread all throughout the country. We, the government, will try to contain it, but I will have to declare martial law. Everyone who will be spotted outside their homes by tomorrow will be captured, or in worst case scenario, be shot down and killed without question. We didn’t want to do this, but if we don’t… I’m afraid that everything that we have worked for since the beginning of time… will come to an end. Lock your doors. Stay inside your homes. Prepare yourselves. May God bless us all."

And with that… the broadcast ended.




That’s it! Please try to have a look at it. I’ll appreciate everything.

Here’s the link:


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