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Daniel is last chair violist at Dragon West Performance Academy. Only the most elite performers in the country are allowed into this school, but he’s struggling to remain one of them. With a strict orchestra teacher yelling at him for every note and a mysterious murderer on the loose leaving victims in a bass case, focusing on his technique has gotten a whole lot more difficult. All that he can hope for is that he’ll live to see another day.

Riley Hayes and Eli Pierce, brought together by harsh circumstances, must travel with a group of unlikely survivors and face a brutal expedition across the US in a dangerous post-pandemic world.

A struggling writer in a long-distance relationship plans to fly across the country where his fiancée awaits him. He’s in for a few surprises, however, as someone or something interrupts his plans.

This journal-entry series often blends Horror with Comedy and the author has quite a mouth so please, do be warned.

Featured on Wattpad Editor’s Choice

For over thirty years, the rural town of Norwell has lived in fear of the Shrike, the grisly serial killer who preys on children who wander alone into the woods. Their bodies are found weeks later, mounted on trees far from where they disappeared. Willow Sinclair knows the town’s fear all too well-she found the body of the last victim when she was only twelve years old. Now sixteen, the experience still haunts her waking and dreaming life.

When on a field trip at the recommendation of her therapist, Willow and her friend, Mark, uncover an unsettling journal recalling a first-hand encounter with the Shrike, propelling the two into a terrifying world of secrets that must remain buried, mounting mysteries that no one can answer, and increasing danger the more they uncover.

Everything they thought and believed about the Shrike is wrong, and worse, HE now knows they’re aware of his secrets. The race is on for Willow and Mark to find the answers that can save them before HE can catch up to them.

Read the story here

The Dream / Perpetual Winter

Philosophical / Psychological: A four-part short story about a physician interviewing a man who’s been experiencing unsettling nightmares concerning death.

Vanishing Act

Catherine White is an average teenager with a deep seeded distaste for human interaction, and an even stronger distaste for most of the people she is forced to call family. Her life begins to fall apart when she discovers one of the few family members she holds close has been dead for ten years-and she’s the only one who seems to understand how impossible that is.

Join Catherine as she does her best to reconcile the bizarre events polluting her life and begins to uncover a sinister secret about the town she calls home in the process.


This is an original ongoing story I’ve been writing, I’m on chapter 7. I have been a tad busy with school but will try to update more frequently once I’ve finished some final projects. I hope you enjoy this story and thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Read “Spirits” here!

You don’t have to be a kid to be kidnapped.

When Robert Stanecastle is snatched away from his wife and newborn son in 1981, the town of Kieravailne gives him up for dead.

Can Vieo, a German witch from World War II who is still fighting her own war, save him and piece his young family back together?

Wade through the blood and deceit to find out.

:spider_web: THE FACE IN THE HOUSE :spider_web:

Rose White’s little old house is filled floor-to-ceiling with books, newspapers, and other fragments of a life spent shut in from the outside world. She lived as a stranger to her family, who knew her only as a reclusive, lonely old woman. Only her great-granddaughter, Teddy White, knew that the woman was anything but lonely in that strange old house. At just ten years old, Teddy witnessed an impossible, terrifying magic there—one that changed her life forever.

Nearly a decade after a twisted weekend visit, Teddy returns to grandma’s house, unsure she can trust her own memory of the place. As she struggles with her newfound independence, she dives deep into the escape, and companionship, the house provides. For the first time she can remember, Teddy feels the warmth of love and security with her makeshift family—But there’s a dark presence growing in the house that threatens to take it all away.

I’m always happy to share the love by reading your stories in return! :black_heart:
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Short Story | Completed

A psychologist tries to help a young woman to overcome her fear of mirrors.

Short story | Completed

A fameless painter touches the realms of madness when he makes the mistake of using drugs to improve his art.

Short Story | Completed

Deep in Siberia a small village is attacked by an unknown force. The expedition sent to look for survivors finds something more horrifying than anything imaginable.

Mystery Novel | Completed

I have collected reports on strange happenings and published a book about them in Germany. As I want my knowledge to spread, I have now translated the whole collection into English. Can you unravel its mysteries?

Friends Philip, Sophia, Shawn, Alexandra, John and Cassandra are looking forward to their three week vacation in Louisiana at a first class hotel. What they didn’t count on was the distraction halfway through their trip which sent seeking shelter in an abandoned cabin.

Follow them in their quest for survival as they find out too late that it is their confessions that are getting them killed.

Chapter 16 is done and uploaded.

:sparkling_heart: Happy Reading


Una Trilogia Horror-Fantasy sulla figura del Quarto Cavaliere dell’Apocalisse, del Nuovo Testamento Biblico, attualmente in fase di stesura. Il giovane Alex De Paolis è ignaro di quello che si sta sincronizzando attorno a lui, mentre dorme nel suo letto immerso in un sonno profondo e agitato, nella sua casa in montagna. In una tempestosa notte di Ferragosto, mentre due noti criminali della Marsica Abruzzese, stanno salendo con il loro furgone bianco la ripida strada che conduce su a Marano de’ Marsi. Le rapine sono il loro pane quotidiano, e questa notte hanno in programma i preziosi dell’Abbazia Benedettina Maranese. Ma questa sarà una notte dove tutto quello che era destinato e predetto si sarebbe avverato; una notte dove Alex si dannerà a vita suo malgrado, per la gioa di alcuni e il terrore di altri. La trama è suddivisa in tre libri, ognuno con la propria impronta ed atmosfera: Libro Primo Genesis, Libro Secondo Exodus, Libro Terzo Apocalypse. Molti sono i temi trattati nel romanzo, tutti attuali e molto in voga. Una trama vasta e che comprende più generi contemporaneamente. Il protagonista si ritroverà immerso in una vera selva oscura Dantesca e immischiato in una furiosa lotta Biblica tra le forze del bene e le forze del male; la quale sfocierà alla fine in un apocalittico conflitto mondiale. Gli Angeli Caduti del Vecchio Testamento sono tra noi da sempre, esattamente come le Schiere Angeliche della Grande Fratellanza Bianca. Anch’essi fanno parte delle forze della Natura che agiscono sul pianeta. Interagiscono da una dimensione parallela attraverso gli esseri viventi e la loro indole energetica. E come l’amore della Natura per i suoi ecosistemi, è l’unica cosa in grado di bilanciare la furia cieca e distruttiva delle sue forze quando vengono scatenate; sarà l’amore per una donna ad impedire ad Alex, di trascinare il Mondo nel baratro della sua distruzione totale. Coinvolgente, Sconcertante, Visionario, e di Grande Impatto Emotivo.

(Per Lettori Italiani)

© AldoDiClemente2018

1 - orrore 18/10/2018

Please, check out my ongoing compilation called ‘Nocturne’.

Please check out my ghoul-story Best Served Cold!

Best Served Cold

3 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story

LouiseLiz24601 By LouiseLiz24601 Ongoing - Updated 20 hours ago

Evangeline “Eve” Hart is a legal assistant whose life takes a horrible turn when she discovers her employer, William Wolfe, is a flesh-eating monster. As Eve becomes his prisoner, she must taste the flavor of undreamed horrors and grapple with the torments of solitude and confinement. But Eve’s captivity turns out to be both a psychological descent and a quest for identity. In this world of nightmares, where her boss and abductor is half-monster half-gourmet cook, Eve will discover she, too, can be whatever she wishes. And she may find revenge is a dish sometimes best served cold indeed.

  • blooddrinking

  • bloodthirsty

  • cannibalism

  • cave

  • confinement

  • creepystories

  • dark

  • dead

  • desire

  • dreams

  • eve

  • family

  • fantasy

  • food

  • forcedrelationship

  • ghoul

  • horror

  • horror-thriller

  • mentalhealth

  • monsters

  • psychological

  • rebel

  • scary

  • temptation

  • undead


A Home For Monsters


Manic depressive Benjamin Lowe is given new life after being adopted into a cult of supernaturally gifted killers. Under the direction of their enigmatic leader, Benjamin takes part in a murder spree stretching across the state of Massachusetts. “Why are you here?”


The Hole (Short Story)

WARNING: I would not recommend reading this story if you are easily subject to fits of anxiety.

No monsters

No paranormal

No violence

Just terror



The Gatekeeper (Short Story)

When a single mother and her two children decide to move into an old funeral home, they quickly discover that the former owner has unleashed something sinister.

A Lovecraftian horror!


Everette would do anything for Brevity, even after the several years he was away. He came back to try to find who attacked her, an attack that put her in a coma. The police kept saying it was a bear, even though the marks on her body, the scars, and the damage don’t point to being attacked by one. Everette would do anything for Brevity. They were best friends throughout childhood and teenhood. If she was the only reason why he came back… what was his hometown hiding from him? Why was everyone dismissive?


Synopsis :
It started with nightmares.
When Nabla begins having severely disturbing dreams, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. But when his two friends turn out to be more than human, a battle bigger than humanity breaks out and Nabla is forced to figure out his origins and how they relate to the eternal conflict between heaven and hell.

Link: Reficul - First sin