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Featured on Wattpad Editor’s Choice

For over thirty years, the rural town of Norwell has lived in fear of the Shrike, the grisly serial killer who preys on children who wander alone into the woods. Their bodies are found weeks later, mounted on trees far from where they disappeared. Willow Sinclair knows the town’s fear all too well-she found the body of the last victim when she was only twelve years old. Now sixteen, the experience still haunts her waking and dreaming life.

When on a field trip at the recommendation of her therapist, Willow and her friend, Mark, uncover an unsettling journal recalling a first-hand encounter with the Shrike, propelling the two into a terrifying world of secrets that must remain buried, mounting mysteries that no one can answer, and increasing danger the more they uncover.

Everything they thought and believed about the Shrike is wrong, and worse, HE now knows they’re aware of his secrets. The race is on for Willow and Mark to find the answers that can save them before HE can catch up to them.

Read the story here

The Unturned (Supported by Lyhme Gaming!)
This is a collection of notes, radio logs, files, taken both before, during and after the infection began. It’s up to your interpretation on what really happened, and to piece them all together.

On 7/8/1947, extraterrestrial life was discovered in Roswell.
On 5/28/2014, the world fell into chaos
On 7/7/2017, those not infected rose up

You’re… not turned

We made top 10 in Science! Thanks for the support everyone!

It’s just a completed one length chapter short story.


Full blurb:
Everyone knows monsters lurk in the dark. They hide under your bed, in your head, and in your closet. But, what if they aren’t afraid of light either? Instead, they are attracted to a taste of light. For in the dark, they can’t hunt, what they can’t see.

They crawl over me, sink their fangs into my skin, their eyes follow me everywhere at any time.


The Hole (Short Story)

WARNING: I would not recommend reading this story if you are easily subject to fits of anxiety.

No monsters

No paranormal

No violence

Just terror



The Gatekeeper (Short Story)

When a single mother and her two children decide to move into an old funeral home, they quickly discover that the former owner has unleashed something sinister.

A Lovecraftian horror!


(Updates daily and long chapters :smile:)
We all find ways to escape from the harsh world we call our home. Two young outcasts find each other after having the same bullies in common. You’d literally have to tear them apart to separate them, but that’s just what they did. But how could people be so cruel? You’d be surprised at what people could do, from simple shoving to not so simple homicide. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, don’t blackmail someone five feet away from a cliff…

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Check out my 1st Micro Story “Gallows” , you can find it in my profile.

Short Story | Completed

A psychologist tries to help a young woman to overcome her fear of mirrors.

Short story | Completed

A fameless painter touches the realms of madness when he makes the mistake of using drugs to improve his art.

Short Story | Completed

Deep in Siberia a small village is attacked by an unknown force. The expedition sent to look for survivors finds something more horrifying than anything imaginable.

Mystery Novel | Completed

I have collected reports on strange happenings and published a book about them in Germany. As I want my knowledge to spread, I have now translated the whole collection into English. Can you unravel its mysteries?

The Daughter of Death

This is a beginning of a series of one-shots I’m planning for the future, focused around death and the afterlife.
In this particular one-shot a man called Derek Hamilton dies due to a lung cancer and encounters the Death’s Daughter, although too scared to die he manages to come back to life, but not without consequences…

NOBODY escapes Death and NOBODY has control over their life besides Death.
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Una Trilogia Horror-Fantasy, sulla figura del Quarto Cavaliere dell’Apocalisse, attualmente in fase di stesura.
Il giovane Alex è ignaro di quello che si sta sincronizzando attorno a lui, mentre dorme nel suo letto, immerso in un sonno profondo e agitato nella sua casa in montagna. In una tempestosa notte di Ferragosto, mentre due noti criminali della Marsica Abruzzese, stanno salendo con il loro furgone bianco, la ripida strada che conduce su a Marano de’ Marsi. Le rapine sono il loro pane quotidiano, e questa notte hanno in programma i preziosi dell’Abbazia Benedettina Maranese. Ma questa sarà una notte, dove tutto quello che era destinato e predetto si sarebbe avverato; una notte dove Alex si dannerà a vita suo malgrado, per la gioa di alcuni e il terrore di altri…
La trama è suddivisa in tre libri, ognuno con la propria impronta ed atmosfera: Libro Primo Genesis, Libro Secondo Exodus, Libro Terzo Apocalypse. Molti sono i temi trattati nel romanzo, tutti attuali e molto in voga. Una trama vasta e che comprende più generi contemporaneamente. Il protagonista, si ritroverà immerso in una vera Selva Oscura Dantesca, e invischiato in una furiosa lotta Biblica tra le forze del Bene e le forze del Male; la quale sfocierà alla fine in un’Apocalittico Conflitto Mondiale.
Gli Angeli Caduti del Vecchio Testamento sono tra noi da sempre, esattamente come le Schiere Angeliche della Grande Fratellanza Bianca. Anch’essi fanno parte delle forze della Natura che agiscono sul pianeta. Interagiscono da una dimensione parallela, attraverso gli esseri viventi e la loro indole energetica. E come l’amore della Natura per i suoi ecosistemi, è l’unica cosa in grado di bilanciare, la furia cieca e distruttiva delle sue forze quando vengono scatenate; sarà l’amore per una donna ad impedire ad Alex, di trascinare il Mondo nel baratro della sua distruzione totale.
Coinvolgente, Sconcertante, Visionario, e di Grande Impatto Emotivo.

© AldoDiClemente2018

(Per Lettori Italiani)

1 - orrore 18/10/18

The Carriers (Featured Story) (now has over 9.6K reads!)

Link to Story:

One sentence synopsis: Tainted meat turns a small farming town into a parasitic zombie war zone only a vegetarian can handle.

Full Blurb:

Ally Carson reluctantly returns home after receiving a panicked call about her parents death. Two days later she’s standing in a town she swore she’d never come back to. What Ally doesn’t realize is she just entered into a parasitic war zone where the dead will soon out number the living. The warning on the welcome sign should have been a red flag. Don’t eat the meat. Don’t drink the water. Don’t get sick. Thank God she’s a vegetarian.

Whisperer Out of Time

Lovecraftian / Gothic: A Lovecraftian tale concerning a man suffering from a strange, straining illness. Ongoing.



If you like The Walking Dead, check out my book, Dog Days.
Click here for Link: HERE
On the day her life was supposed to begin, everything started to fall apart.

Eighteen-year-old Arryn Lycaster just graduated high school. With aspirations of becoming a veterinarian and a supportive boyfriend, she’s ready to take the next step forward in life. Danger, however, lurks around the corner when a mutated form of the rabies virus swiftly spreads across the nation. Everything the virus infects turns to mindless, flesh-hungry creatures known as Rabids.

Finding herself thrown in the middle of the apocalypse, Arryn must band together with other survivors. But not everyone can be trusted when rumors of a traitor hang in the midst.

She quickly finds that some people don’t need to be bitten to have their humanity stripped from them.

All they need is a push.

“After Ada’s brother’s doctor sends him to a mental facility for a more accurate special care, she visits her brothers new hospital but is lost on the way in one of the deep dark basements of the building where she embarks a frightening experience seeing rusted jail cells, the smell of flesh and dried blood, skeletons and half cut-open species or worse humans, and the cause for it were deadly spirits that no hospital staff has ever dared to see. The secrets of the hospital will unravel…”

It’s on my profile and it’s called “Ada’s Night” since I couldn’t upload the link.